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Chapter 101
CHAPTER 101 Take The Back Door


She’s only heard of Han Group’s real estate arm, but now, it seems like real estate isn’t so simple: shopping malls, hotels… it seems Han Group’s industry comprises of everything.

She looks around, and left of the century trade’s giant sign is a logo reading “Han Group”.

“How about that, my future wife? Isn’t our home bookstore very small?” Han Qilu proudly walks next to An Chuxia. “Come on, let’s go in. Oh, yes, I don’t have my card so I’m afraid we’ll have to go through the back door.”

“What do you mean?” An Chuxia asks, puzzled. If Han Qilu

has no money, how can they buy books? He doesn’t wait for her to ask. He grabs her wrist and tugs her into the bookstore.

An Chen Chuan follows behind them, rubbing his eyes. The air in front of him is heavy and it leaves him breathless. He feels sorry for himself now for asking An Chuxia to go out today and have the demon follow.

“Chenchuan, keep up.” An Chuxia doesn’t forget him, despite being pulled by Qilu. Surprised, An Chenchuan nods and keeps up.

“Welcome to… .” The glass doors in front of them open slowly. Qilu speaks loudly, sounding official. The store has

has air conditioning and walking inside is refreshing and comfortable.

An Chuxia still has her head down as Han Qilu takes them through the back door. He has since pulled out his cell phone in search of an address.

“What a handsome boy!” They enter the door and immediately attract a lot of attention.

Many eyes are stuck on Han Qilu. It doesn’t matter where he is, he is considered the most attractive and dazzling. This kind of recognition makes people really jealous. In An Chuxia’s case, she avoids that kind of jealousy because of him.

“Manager? I’m currently at the door. Come quickly and show us

show us around.” He immediately hangs up the phone and doesn’t wait for the end of the line to react.

An Chuxia turns her back on him disgusted. Show us around? Who does he think he is, the emperor?

Soon, the general manager runs out from the elevator. Behind him are uniformed staff. They all seem to be panting from hurrying to meet the young master.

“Master Han Qilu, it really is you!” The general manager takes out his handkerchief and wipes the sweat off his forehead. “Don’t you buy magazines on Sunday?”

It appears to be Han Qilu isn’t lying. An Chuxia glances at him. Every week, he Every week, he really buys racing magazines, and… bad comics! Good variation, really!

Han Qilu doesn’t immediately answer the general manager’s words but he arrogantly raises his wrist and looks at his Swarovski watch. “I’ll give you ten minutes. There will be two guests using the VIP room. It will be used for extracurricular high school counseling.”

The general manager nods repeatedly. “Yes Yes! You are going to your VIP room. How much staff do you need at your disposal?”

Han Qilu has since turned to the store without responding. The general manager gestures to his employees and a few reluctant women respond, ”Yes, manager!”


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