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Chapter 100
Comic Books Kids Shouldn’t be Reading

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

Han Qilu backs up. As soon as An Chuxia is next to him, he reaches out and throws his arm around her neck. He leans over to her flush face and says, “As your future husband, I help by carrying your heavy backpack. The consequence is taking my shirt without being disgusted. Do you still claim I’m not your man?”

In fact, she only has four books: ordinary textbooks. Could he not have mentioned “heavy”? Perhaps, it is more important than clothes… but didn’t he offer?

She wants to lift her head but her eye catches a glimpse of An Chenchuan. His expression

is perplexing. She doesn’t know what to think of it.

She bows her head and forgets what she’s about to say. She doesn’t care about him. She takes Han Qilu’s arm and escapes his grip. “Fine, I’ll help you.”

Han Qilu’s satisfaction shows on his heavy eyebrows. “This is good.” His ambiguous mood has no end.

What kind of medicine did he digest? An Chuxia stares at him, hard. They’ve since arrived at the school gate and she is not familiar with places near Stein. She turns around and asks An Chenchuan, “Where’s the nearest bookstore? I don’t know what’s around here.”

She speaks a lot kinder to An Chenchuan compared to the ways she speaks to

to Qilu. That tone is the difference and An Chenchuan’s eyes slightlydim.

Squinting to look at the distance, Chenchuan scratches the back of his head and looks at Chuxia. “I’ve never bought books before so I don’t know where the bookstores are located. What should we do? Should we find someone and ask?”

It pains An Chuxia to nod in deferment. “I guess we have to.”

Han Qilu’s mood sours as he stands aside. Displeased, he takes a few steps and says, “You don’t need to ask someone. I know how to get to the bookstore.”

After hearing his words, An Chuxia quietly asks, “Do you really know where the bookstore is, Han Qilu? Every exam, zero

exam, zero test points… guy?”

Chenchuan waits for Han Qilu to blow up on An Chuxia. He tries to find a way to rectify the situation when Han Qilu states, “You can rely on zero-point guy. How could I forget where I get my racing magazines and some… comic books kids shouldn’t be reading.”

“You are disgusting!” An Chuxia stares at him. “Then take us. I hope aren’t lying.”

Han Qilu lifts his eyebrows to the right, telling An Chuxia where to go.

In five hundred meters, they arrive in A City B District. A City has two downtown areas: one is downtown A, one is downtown B. Downtown B and A have a common ground, that is… ground, that is… they have a black street.

Black Street harbors criminals the police would like to catch. However, their efforts have been fruitless. Because once the police take a half step into Black Street, they die… miserably.

Moreover, the police don’t seem to want to take the initiative to make the districts better. It is rumored some of the leaders control the police. Others say the police lead District B’s Black Street.

As for who the Hans are… of course, that’s something else.

“Han’s… books store?” She stares in surprise, looking at the huge four-storey shopping mall.

An Chuxia lists the names in Han Group’s Industry. God, Han Group is active to the very end.

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