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Chapter 102
CHAPTER 102 Do Not Bear a Grudge  

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

“Young master Han Qilu.” The general manager walks to Han Qilu’s side. “Your girlfriend is also in your room.”

Han Qilu’s face suddenly turns gloomy. An Chuxia is also slightly surprised to hear the general manager’s words. Girlfriend. Is he referring to Mo Xinwei? She is not supposed to be there.

An Chuxia looks up at Qilu and speaks up. “Han Qilu, I don’t think we need much review material. I’ll pick a few of them.”

Although he knows An Chuxia is unhappy, Qilu smiles. “What? Jealous?”

Jealous? Why would she be jealous? She isn’t jealous of the qualifications, right?

Her mouth tugs in disdain. “I just don’t want to waste resources. Chenchuan, let’s go.”

She tugs on An Chenchuan’s clothes to leave. Han Qilu looks at her back as she takes off. He doesn’t catch up. Instead, he turns his head to the general manager and says, “Haven’t I said you can’t let that woman into my exclusive guest room?”

Although Han Qilu’s expression is flat, his cold voice makes the general manager break in cold sweat. He holds a handkerchief, trembling. He moves his lips. “I tried stopping her but Miss Mo Xinwei said I wouldn’t dare stop her.”

Han Qilu’s eyes shoot him a frosty

frosty gaze. He looks at the direction An Chuxia took and says, “I’ll handle this. However, follow the lady with the book… no, my orders. Don’t let her leave with that man.”

“Yes, yes.” The general manager hastens and trails An Chuxia’s direction. He knows the young master is really appalling. It is fortuitous he is only in once a week. If he came in daily, his heart won’t be able to take it.

A trace of a smile hangs on An Chenchuan’s face when An Chuxia tugged on him. Buying a study guide was a ruse. He just wants a chance to be with her alone, and

alone, and now, the opportunity has arrived.

“You said they sell our extracurricular counseling materials and resources?” An Chuxia asks as An Chenchuan pulls her. Turn left, turn right, turn left and left again. She’s getting dizzy. She can’t tell where everything is. She feels like she is headless… or that her brain is filled with flies.

An Chenchuan laughs at her adorable frown. “We can slow down. We have time.”

“Yes.” She smiles back in agreement. The general manager catches up with them, again, panting.

“You’re the manager, right?” An Chuxia asks, tilting her head.

The manager nods, putting on a smile despite being busy. “Miss, Master Han instructed me to instructed me to take you to find the information you need.”

Don’t speak his name!” An Chuxia doesn’t want to hear Qilu’s name and refuses to be helped. He didn’t catch up with them and the truth is, her heart is a little upset. She doesn’t need his good intentions!

Despite her refusal, the manager says calmly, “Miss, there is so much around. If you two need to find a book quickly, I can find it for you.” The man looks nauseated at the thought of leaving them to help themselves.

An Chuxia wonders if his psychology is based on the fact he’s over fifty years old.

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