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Chapter 98 – Fusion

"I must hold on ah!"

Looking at the youth's already distorted and delicate face, Old Fen became a bit nervous as his eyes were full of worry.

"It is too early?"

Listening to the tragic howl coming from the boy's mouth, the old man could not help but regret.

Yes, even if the medicine attribute of the red lotus medicine king could counteract the erosion from the ice attribute; however, this kind of pain, how can a Martial Practitioner withstand it?

"Careless, Ai."

The old man sighed, currently he was helpless.

The cold bone biting current passed through the arm, Feng Hao felt as if his arm froze into ice. His whole body slightly trembled, above his head sparkling and translucent ice threads lingered.

The cold current rushed inside the body, then through the meridians it began to flow in all directions. All of the meridians and bones that was passed by this cold current was covered in a milky ice layer.


His entire face trembled, appearing very ferocious a loud howl came from his mouth. The voice was also somewhat husky.

In his body, half was like an inferno, while the other half was like the cold glaciers. One side ice cold, one side hot, he was directly hovering over the line between life and death. This caused him to think that he was extremely close to losing his consciousness.

However, Feng Hao knew that he could not be in a coma. Once he stops mobilizing Yan Jue, the consequences would be disastrous!

He could only endure the bursts of tearing pain in his body. Closing his trembling eyes, he gradually sank his mind into the body.

At this time, everything in the body had almost reached its highest intensity. The two sides were in a stalemate unable to determine the victor, as a result, Feng Hao's body suffered.

As the flow entering his arm increased, the blaze also increased causing his body to be like a stove. Two huge energies, his body became a battlefield. The mercilesless fight created immense pain directly causing Feng Hao's body to constantly cramp. All his muscles tightened, the veins were like meat worms constantly wriggling, and his pale face appeared to have no blood.

Enduring the pain, Feng Hao desperately made a decision. He attempted to control the intruding yi crystal energy.

With his unrelenting effort, the existing void wu vortex that was above the almost frozen Wu Yuan vortex finally took action. Although it was close to solidifying, Feng Hao definitely felt it move!

After then, Feng Hao put all his energy on making the Wu Yuan vortex move. He began to attempt making it move then make it have contact with a wisp of cold yi crystal energy.

Although it was just the first contact, Feng Hao already had a big headache. This ice attribute yi crystal energy was extremely cold, with just a touch, the Wu Yuan directly froze unable to move.

Failing to gain control, Feng Hao did not give up. Enduring the severe pain, he made it his mission to unrelentingly operate the Wu Yuan vortex. Once it had some movement, he would try to fuse a wisp of yi crystal energy.

First failure.

Second failure.

Third failure.

He no longer knew how many times he failed, trying so much times nearly numbed Feng Hao. His heart fiercely beat and he quickly stabilized his mind, currently, he made a joyful discovery. That small wisp of cold yi crystal energy inadvertently was sucked in by the Wu Yuan vortex.

Aware of the situation, Feng Hao's spirit immediately rose.

Assimilating the wisp successfully, Yan Jue suddenly had some improvement. The Wu Yuan vortex also became more loose, this was a good sign!

His mind focused on the operating Yan Jue, he noticed that there were some changed in the Wu Yuan vortex. This was Feng Hao's goal, now that a wisp was integrated, he can clearly feel that it became smoother.


The vortex rotated and a strong attracting force formed, it directly focused on the wisps of cold energy. Failed once, failed twice, if that was not enough then it shall be three times!

With Feng Hao's insistence, a second wisp of yi crystal energy was successfully fused!

Time passed, and with success, there was resulting power. It seems that the pain in the body already could not be felt. In Feng Hao's mind, every time he was successful he was pleasantly surprised.

When a full small group of yi crystal energy was fused, Feng Hao felt that his own Wu Yuan now carried some ice attribute. And this time, Yan Jue finally evolved!

Middle grade yellow level!

The evolution of Yan Jue gave Feng Hao full confidence. This once no level secret art will inevitably attain the heaven level. When that time comes, he would be standing at the peak!

This was fully reflected in the might present on the yi crystal's energy, only such a small group of wisps and it already reached the energy of hundreds of wu crystals!

Once the secret art was evolved, it was much easier to run because it already merged with some ice attribute wisps, it became much easier to fuse.

Looking at his body filled with wisps of cold energy, Feng Hao took a deep breath. His face twitched a few times. Forcibly enduring the pain all over his body causing it to shake, he clenched his teeth and gradually guided the Wu Yuan vortex to swallow, fuse, and expand its foundation.

After fusing with more yi crystal energy, the revolving Wu Yuan vortex undoubtedly became smoother and the fast rate of evolution could be felt.

The situation was very good, as more time passed, the Wu Yuan vortex directly reinstated to its usual operating speed. Absorbing more, it undoubtedly became faster, but due to the pain it gradually slowed down.

Not long after, the yi crystal in his palm has been completely refined, Feng Hao was now able to concentrate in fusing.

Seeing this scene, Old Fen standing at the side let out a sigh of relief. For the first time his eyes revealed a hint of admiration.

He lived his life standing at the peak, what kind of freak geniuses has he not seen? However, with Feng Hao's Martial Practitioner cultivation, he successfully refined this rather handful yi crystal, this thoroughly shocked him.

"This boy."

The mouth of the old man revealed an imperceptible smile. If before it could be said that he just wanted to pass the inheritance to Feng Hao, now, he wanted to see this little boy succeed.

Control the Void Wu!

This was the world's most unpredictable physique. Only a person from the first generation controlled the void wu. With the power of the void wu, one can dominate the world and life could not resist under one’s hands.

After then, the dozens of void wu physique successors were unable to take control of it, they all died with regret.

"Can he really do it?"

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