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Chapter 99 – Successfully refine

Everything went towards one direction, Feng Hao's Wu Yuan vortex absorbed cold energy like a rolling snowball quickly getting bigger. The ordinary Wu Yuan gradually converted to the ice attribute of the yi crystal energy.

At this period of time, the fiery red medicine dan above the Shen Nong Medicine Canon inside the body was being consumed quickly. Gradually, the cold energy was forced back. However as a result, the small flame above the Shen Nong Medicine Canon gently swayed, is seems that it would stop burning at any time.

With no suppression, the cold yi crystal energy became reckless and ragingly flowed inside the body. There was a small burst of coldness in Feng Hao's body, then everything froze. Even the body's blood flow slowed down.

"Not yet!"

Feng Hao's entire face became black and purple, his teeth repeatedly knocked against each other and his whole body also shook.

"Faster! Come on!"

Although the absorption of the Wu Yuan vortex inside the body was very fast, however due to the ice attribute yi crystal energy being too much, that fast absorption was nothing but a drop in the bucket, it was not enough.


The mind flashed with an idea, Feng Hao thought of the Yan Jue. Only a breakthrough can alleviate the situation at this time. Otherwise, if he fails to fuse completely, this cold energy can cause him to die several times.

Ice-cold stream of air collided inside the body, it was like a sharp blade scraping on the flesh directly causing pain to roll all over the body. The cold current also swept the bones and organs that resulted in intense pain in the spirit, Feng Hao directly gushed out a mouthful of blood.

The cold energy rolled over every inch of skin and flesh, and in an instant there were breaches on the body of Feng Hao allowing blood to spurt out dying his whole body red.

Teeth tightly clenched together, this burst of intense pain and blood loss caused Feng Hao to be dizzy for a moment, then it gradually subsided. Even so, he still did not give up operating Yan Jue.

In this time of life and death, the inexplicable heat energy came from the various corners of his body and the cracked open holes unexpectedly slowly closed!

Heat energy, although it seemed to be omnipotent, it was not infinite only being able to provide little support. After it was used up, those openings began to crack once again!

Looking at the series of changes Feng Hao went through, the corners of Old Fen's eyes jumped. On his eyes emerged a cluster of bright light as he looked at Feng Hao.

The old face rapidly changed, his pair of palms tightened and loosened multiple times, after a while the light on his eyes scattered.

"Unexpectedly it’s not enough!"

After Old Fen uttered a voice, he waved his hands and a small jade box appeared in front of Feng Hao from the ring on his right hand.

Opening the jade box, a crimson lotus seed flashed with red light quietly lying in the box. Faintly moving, a fiery red mist rose and entered Feng Hao's body.

With the addition of this medicine essence entering, the fiery red dan above the Shen Nong Medicine Canon in Feng Hao's body was like a fire poured with oil, it crazy burned up.


Feeling the changes in the body, Feng Hao was slightly stunned, then he immediately heard a warning in his ear from Old Fen, "Concentrate!"


He did not open his eyes, but his heart sighed with relief. Avoiding death, his heart started to calm down.

Currently, Feng Hao put all his mind on the Wu Yuan vortex. The vortex rotated and a clump of cold yi crystal energy was absorbed. Above the vortex a layer of mist gradually formed.


Along with the sound, Yan Jue evolved again!

"High grade yellow level!"

Feng Hao's heart was filled with ecstasy, this secret art within West Mist Country can already be considered very good!

Pain still continued, but it was now within the scope of tolerance. Feng Hao, at this time, had tremendous changes in the body!

His flesh there was nothing else to be said, as for his muscles, bones, and skin, they were affected in different degrees. So Feng Hao had quite the harvest, the pain was not for nothing. It laid a solid foundation for his future.

With the passage of time, the body's cold yi crystal energy were almost absorbed to completion. The fiery medicine dan directly overwhelmed and controlled the cold energy until it was refined.

At this moment, Feng Hao saw a strange scene.

Above the Wu Yuan vortex, a diamond shaped seed gradually formed. It had the appearance of the yi crystal without the slightest of difference.

"This, should be what master said, the yi core?"

Seeing the gradual formation of the bright core, Feng Hao's breath and heartbeat raced.

It finally worked!

Once the yi crystal was formed, the remaining cold energy poured inside the formed crystal and no longer needed to pass the Wu Yuan vortex.

"Oh right, Yan Jue!"

Seeing at the speed of the Wu Yuan vortex slowing down, Feng Hao remembered that Yan Jue has yet to evolve to the black level. Suddenly, he hurriedly tried to operate it to the extreme.

This opportunity if missed would need at least hundreds of pieces of wu crystal energy to let it evolve, so absolutely nothing should be wasted!

"Xi! Xi! Xi!"

These energy did not go through the Wu Yuan vortex so it did not evolve Yan Jue. Therefore, Feng Hao was now competing with the yi core for these energy.


The Wu Yuan vortex grew and so did the amount of Wu Yuan, it increased several times causing the secret art to reach the peak grade.


Along with the long sound, the Wu Yuan fiercely expanded and immediately enlarged, then in that moment Yan Jue evolved once again!

In this short period of time, Yan Jue from low grade yellow level directly evolved to low grade black level, it was a full level higher!

"Yi crystal, it is indeed a good thing!"

The joy in Feng Hao's heart was beyond words.

This time, it was a period of bitterness finishing and sweetness beginning!

The energy from the yi crystal was all finally absorbed, the yi core with satisfaction shook spreading out a mist enveloping Feng Hao's body.


Inside the cave, Old Fen looked at Feng Hao shrouded in a layer of mist with a sigh of heavy relief. His old face was filled with a gratified smile, he slightly nodded.

Faintly smiling, the old man whispered: "Really a scary little fellow ah, unexpectedly with a Martial Practitioner cultivation, he underwent inhuman pain of forging the body, really terrifying ah!"

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