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Chapter 97 – Absorbing in

Feng Hao's small face was filled with seriousness as he looked at the diamond-like yi crystal in the air. Although in his mind he has done everything to keep calm, his body still could not stop trembling.

"You should not underestimate this thumb sized object, although it does not weigh much, you should remember that tens of thousands of terrifying energy was condensed in this small yi crystal… If it completely erupted, the power would be so terrible…that is to say that even if it was a Martial Ancestor who faced the eruption, there is no doubt on the end…"

Old Fen looking at the mist filled ice attribute yi crystal, he stroke his chin softly saying: "That is death!"


Feng Hao's pupils dilated. In the ice field, once a Martial Spirit touched it, he was directly frozen on the spot. Thinking of this, it’s terrifying power was without boundary.

"Master, the following step, how's it going to be done?"

Forcefully calming himself, Feng Hao's slightly trembling voice asked.

"The preparation is done, the rest is left to the refining. Boy, all I can remind you is when you are refining, you must be prepared mentally. Even if it's painful, you have to endure. Once you lose consciousness, then you will never wake up again!"

The bright light that condensed emitting Old Fen showed his face to be full of seriousness as he explained.


After a long breath, Feng Hao silently nodded.


Feng Hao blinked and murmured.


Old Fen's eyebrows pricked as he looked at the astonished youth. With great effort he tried to calm his aged voice, however there were still signs of shaking.

Right now, Feng Hao was going to begin the most dangerous step of refining, which is to guide the yi crystal energies into his body then to assimilate the attribute in order to have the power of the yi crystal.

Hearing what was said, Feng Hao's body slightly shook. His dark eyes stared at the yi crystal shrouded by mist, in his eyes was a flicker of struggling.

Regardless of how firm Feng Hao's temperament, in the face of a life and death situation, it was unavoidable to have some fear in his heart.

This also could not be blamed on him, after all, the might of the yi crystal was seen by his own eyes. Now that it was going to enter his body, his heart fearing was inevitable.

With Feng Hao's silence, the inside of the cave gradually quieted down. The cold mist wandered inside as the sparkling and translucent ice object hung in the middle.


Once again exhaling a long breath, Feng Hao went towards the piece of yi crystal and slowly stretched out his hand. Making slight contact, it was very cold. It was as if his body was struck by lightning that immediately caused big tremors, in an instant his body became stiff.

Receiving the cold invasion, the red medicine dan above the Shen Nong Medicine Canon at this time emitted heat causing his whole body to emit a faint layer of red light.

Feeling the pain just a moment ago, looking at the mist filled yi crystal then his palm, Feng Hao's face could not help but twitch several times.

Looking at Feng Hao's slightly twitching palm, Old Fen gently sighed. His face did not show any disappointment because of the hesitating Feng Hao. He also experienced this when refining so he was very clear. At this moment, his state of mind was wavering.

Back then, he was already a Martial Spirit before he swallowed his first yi crystal. Even with complete preparation, he was tortured to hover between life and death, he nearly lost his life.

As for Feng Hao, currently he was only just a Martial Practitioner…

Looking at the struggling face of the youth in front of the yi crystal, the old man stood aside and remained silent. He did not say any comforting words. That is because refining the yi crystal was a great risk, if the mind was not firm, there was only death.

Therefore, looking at the hesitating and struggling Feng Hao, the old man did not open his mouth. He quietly waited for his decision. However, the old man believed that the youth before him would not let him down!

After some time of silence passing by, the quietly sitting body of the youth faintly shivered. Taking a long mouthful of cold air, he slightly raised his head exposing his immature face. Turning over he gave the silent old man a slight smile as he placed his palm on the yi crystal, softly saying: "Master, here I go!"

"En, believe in yourself, you will succeed!"

Hearing those words, Old Fen's face showed gratification as he gently smiled, he nodded his head when he whispered.

"Ah! I have always been very confident in myself."

A brilliant smile appeared on the youth's delicate face as his eyes flashed with decisiveness. His body bent as he went into a sitting position.

Only the yi crystal can change his talent, otherwise he would just be mediocre. He would rather die!

To the side the old man nodded. Feng Hao closed his eyes taking a deep breath.

Silently mobilizing Yan Jue, a suction force appeared in his body. The yi crystal on his palm spread a cold light as the cold yi crystal energy entered the arm flowing into the body.

At the same time, Feng Hao similar to being struck by a lightning bolt fiercely shook. His originally red face suddenly became pale. A layer of frost directly covered his whole body making him a person of ice crystals!

Blood nearly frozen, Feng Hao's whole person had no feeling, the breathing also stopped!

The cold energy rampaged through his body destroying all its function, vitality slowly pulled away. At this time, the fiery medicine dan being suppressed by the chill released its might!

Like a flame swaying in a forest under cold blizzard, it emitted warmth keeping the heart's temperature. Then, as time passed, as if the flame was doused in kerosene,  it to crazily burned forming a fierce blaze!

The ice crystals on the body abruptly melted starting from the chest, the neck, then towards the head.


Opening his mouth, Feng Hao issued out a cruel howl.

This kind of pain, hot and cold, in his body they were locked into a stalemate. Like a steel knife inch by inch cutting his muscles, tendons, flesh, bones and even the veins, he was suffering boundless pain!

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