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Chapter 96 – Preparing to refine

Inside a slightly damp cave, Feng Hao sat on a pile of hides breathing up and down. Because the yi crystal was going to be refined, although he was already completely prepared, he did not dare to be careless in the slightest bit.

The period for adjusting nearly lasted an hour or so. Feng Hao slowly opened his eyes, deeply exhaling turbid gas from his body he sighed. Shaking his head, he had a wry smile, "Although Yan Jue has evolved to the yellow level due to refining wu crystals, it's still just at the low grade yellow level, not enough to support my consumption, AI…"

"Hehe, boy, you can be rest assured that this time, as long you can successfully refine the ice attribute yi crystal, I predict that your Yan Jue should successfully evolve to the black level. At that time, possessing a black level secret art should give you an advantage, having the ability to surpass other strong experts!"

Old Fen inside the ring comforting voice came out. He had already experienced it before, however it took a long time. Sometimes, he would be quite envious of Feng Hao's luck.

This kid, as a Martial Practitioner already had a king grade medicine king, what kind of luck was that?"

"Hopefully, I will do my best."

Feng Hao tightly pursed his lips as he chuckled, his pair of dark and deep eyes had stubbornness and resoluteness inside.

Regarding the energy inside the yi crystal, after seeing the scene in the ice field, Feng Hao knew its power. There was no longer a single doubt in his heart although he needed a lot of wu crystal to evolve, Feng Hao believed that this piece of ice attribute yi crystal can absolutely reach the energy of hundreds of wu crystals combined. Otherwise, this piece would not be worthy of being called a yi crystal that can cause many experts of the Heaven Martial Continent to bow.

"Alright, prepare the spirit medicines first!"

Speaking of the matter, Old Fen's voice became very serious.


Feng Hao nodded, with a wave of his hand thousands of faint red flashing spirit medicines were suspended before him, this included the rare treasure fiery dragon grass.

Fiery dragon grass, this was the best quality rare treasure spirit medicine. However, there was no fiery dragon fruit, otherwise it would perform just like an ordinary medicine king. Looking at the fiery dragon grass, Feng Hao's corner of the mouth could not help but rise.

This was a great opportunity. If he did not meet the fierce flame beast, it would have been in vain to miss it!

As for these thousands of plants of spirit medicines, he collected it from dozens of cities. Aside from running, he did not need to give much effort.


As he was thinking of this, Wu Yuan came from the ring on his left hand and shrouded all the thousands of spirit medicines. Feng Hao saw that the plants that was shrouded by the mist gradually wilted, then the Wu Yuan returned to the ring.

Currently, all the thousands of spirit medicines disappeared and what appeared in front of Feng Hao was a small red medicine liquid. It was very red like a blazing flame, and suspended there it emitted heat visible to the naked eye. At the same time, the whole cave became hot as a scalding medicine fragrance spread.

Just slightly taking a few breaths of the fragrance, Feng Hao felt his body's temperature raise high and his forehead seeped with traces of sweat.

"Take this medicine liquid first, it would enhance the red lotus medicine essence. Otherwise, with your strength, you will definitely freeze to death!"

Old Fen somewhat seriously explained.


Feng Hao smiled as he nodded, his strength was indeed too meager.

This heavy drop of red medicine liquid was directly forced towards the open mouth. The liquid slowly condensed as it entered the mouth.

It was like devouring flames, Feng Hao's face became red like fire, the liquid flowed in his throat, chest, then body until the fiery red medicine dan above the Shen Nong Medicine Canon slightly shook. The burning medicine liquid was absorbed just like in the past. After a long time, Feng Hao's face returned to normal.

Wiping the sweat on his face, he tightly clenched his hands causing the sweat on his palms to drip. Feng Hao swallowed a mouthful of saliva and whispered, "Master, what's next… what should I do?"

"You can now take out the yi crystal."

A bright light spread from the condensing into the image of Old Fen, his face incomparably serious.


Faintly nodding, Feng Hao took a deep breath. Turning over his palm, a thumb sizes diamond crystal floated in front of his eyes.

This was the coldest thing in the world, the whole object emitted a cold wind that was visible to the naked eye. In an instant, the temperature in the cave dropped so fast that the faint traces of dripping water on the corners of the cave directly froze into ice.

Cool air gushed out that even in the sitting place of Hua Yuntian, his neck could not help but tighten. He had to mobilize his Wu Yuan to resist, looking inside he lightly whispered, "Started refining?"

His eyes still had a hint of doubt, he clearly felt that Feng Hao did not have an ice attribute constitution. However, he still wanted to refine an ice attribute yi crystal, this was simply looking for death, but he was still full of confidence.

"If he successfully refines it, is there anything in this world that he cannot do?"

Hua Yuntian shook his head, he no longer paid any attention to the situation inside. He focused on the movements outside. This refining process absolutely cannot be disturbed. Although he has not experienced refining a yi crystal, he read some ancient texts regarding the matter.

This can almost freeze human blood, so much so that Feng Hao's body trembled. It was only until the heat flowed from red medicine dan on the Shen Nong Medicine Canon did he feel the heat in his body come back.

Taking a deep breath, his eyes stared at the cold and awe-inspiring piece of yi crystal. On his delicate face flashed a hint of gratification and bitterness.

A year ago, he learned that there exists a thing that can reverse his fate. Through Old Fen's words, he knew deep inside that looking for yi crystals was going to become the biggest mission in his life!

Only by continuously refining and fusing various types of yi crystals can he gradually acquire different kinds of attributes in order to evolve. Only by evolving Yan Jue can he preserve his life and set his foot on the summit of Heaven Martial Continent overlooking all living things!

In order to get this thumb sizes yi crystal, Feng Hao had to gamble his own life like a game. Luckily, he had Old Fen's help who had unattainable strength to take it.

This could be considered as his own victory.

Looking at he piece of yi crystal, Feng Hao's mouth gradually formed a smile. A moment later, a somewhat hoarse voice yelled out as howling laughter resounded from inside the cave.

Old Fen quietly stood there in the corner watching the youth vent his feelings. His eyes flashed with gratification and softness.

For more than a year he has accompanied Feng Hao, he witnessed his growth, witnessed his efforts, again and gain he witnessed this little boy try even if he was not a genius in order to cultivate and breakthrough.

Finally, after more than a year of effort, it bore fruit at this time!

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