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Chapter 95 – Succeeding

A black figure flashed across the sky, a moment later, it abruptly stood still in the air above. Sweeping a quick glance below, it was already the magic beast mountain range. ancient trees verdant and lush, within beastly roars sprang about . Seeing a cave, the figure slowly went down.

"There's some left, there is no need to waste."

Old Fen's voice sounded out, all over Feng Hao's body Wu Yuan revolved and gradually it all gathered on his left hand entering the ancient ring. After all the Wu Yuan disappeared, Feng Hao's appearance was revealed under the black robe.

Under the black robe, a pair of dark and deep eyes gently blinked, Feng Hao faintly moved his head. Swinging his hands and feet, he no longer felt the vast power.

"Master, just a moment ago… what the hell was going on?"

Slightly twisting his neck, Feng Hao frowned as he softly asked the question. That Wu Yuan just then, why was there such a vast power, it was simply incredible.


Hearing the question, Old Fen laughed. A voice of matchless pride spoke, "That was very simple, the pure wu crystal energy was transformed into my own yi crystal energy. However, the wu crystal energy was too little so the power was not even half a layer of my strength. If there were hundreds or thousands of pieces of wu crystals, it still may be possible to release one strike of my peak strength."

"Thousands will allow a full strength strike?"

Such an astronomical number caused Feng Hao to roll his eyes, now he did not even have one piece left. Not only that, he also owed Hua Yuntian fifteen pieces, this caused his heart to be slightly bitter.

This move was nothing but really a luxury!

"Yi crystal energy?"

Thinking about this, Feng Hao's heart shook. He knew that Old Fen also cultivated Yan Jue, so it was highly possible that the amounts of kinds of yi crystal he refined was not simple.

"Heihei, refining through Yan Jue, although this yi crystal energy looks to be Wu Yuan with no attributes, however its might, heihei!… You already know."

Inside the ring Old Fen's proud laughter was transmitted. Regarding this, Old Fen was exceedingly satisfied. This provides a camouflage that in front of an opponent, one can act like a pig eating tiger ah.


Feng Hao naturally thought of this, immediately his breathing became hurried as his pair of eyes sparkled.

"En, this time, there remains a few more wu crystal energy that can be used two to three more times. Oh that's right, that fellow is coming. With him by your side, you can refine the yi crystal in the ring. If you are interrupted by a magic beast, that would be a bad turn of events!"

With the words of Old Fen, Feng Hao looked up to see Hua Yuntian in black robes urgently flying in the horizon. Quickly waving his hand, Hua Yuntian landed.

"Old Hua."

Putting the black robe aside, Feng Hao smiled as he looked at the old man.

Looking at this delicate and extremely young junior, Hua Yuntian's heart was filled with emotion. Feng Hao's performance in the ice field one can say thoroughly shocked his mind.

With just one blow, he directly knocked down five Martial Ancestors, a peak Martial Ancestor Ice Ape King, dozens of Martial Spirits, and hundreds of ice apes, what kind of power was that?

He could not believe that power came from this young man, however looking at this youth's smile, this was the truth!

Hua Yuntian wanted to ask, but his heart understood some things should not be asked. He can only close his mouth and swallow back his curiosity. Finally, the corners of his mouth formed a smile.

"Great master, you kept me in the dark bitterly ah."

Hua Yuntian shook his head also throwing the black robe aside.


Hearing what was said, Feng Hao could only smile guiltily. He also did not know of it at the beginning of the matter, he smiled, "Old Hua, this time it’s still thanks for your help regarding the wu crystals ah!"


Hua Yuntian eyes flashed, immediately the scenes replayed in his mind. As before, he still had his doubts.

Although he saw the eighteen wu crystal's energy, he knew that eighteen pieces of wu crystals were not enough to release the same power.

Setting this aside, Hua Yuntian handed back the jade box with the red lotus seed to Feng Hao. Being located in the cave mouth, he began to enter the cave.

After laying a few layers of animal hide on the wet ground, Feng Hao sat down and suppressed the excitement in his heart as he softly screamed, "Master?"

"Adjust your state first, then adjust it to your optimal condition!"

Old Fens voice was brimming with dignity.


Feng Hao nodded his head and took a deep breath. Closing his eyes, he began to adjust the Wu Yuan in his body.

At this time, the outside world fell into a commotion.

Two black robed men in the ice field under the sight of many strong experts took the legendary yi crystal. In the mouths of people, the black robed man was directly deified. Saying that one random blow can open the earth. One breath can blow away strong Martial Ancestors. And as for the Ice Ape King, it directly died under one finger.

This was because although not everyone believed the black robed man's feats, and the life and death of the Ice Ape King was yet to be confirmed, the deep pits on the iceberg proved that something really happened.

The black robed man palm was deeply imprinted in the hearts of everyone causing it to spread.

Martial Venerate, this was the only thing people could think of!

In fact, mentioning the yi crystal already attracted a lot of strong experts, however, the sudden appearance of the black robe man was too excessive.

In a manor, it was the same study but there were completely new cabinets, tables, and chairs.

After listening to the narration of a black robed man kneeling in front of the table, hearing about Feng Hao's exploits, the brush on the old man’s hands was directly broken.

"Black robes? Is he a man of my temple?"

The black robed old man asked in an urgent voice.

"Answering the elder, when a disciple who joined the temple was present, he said that the two men in black robed had no signs of our teachings."

As the black robed man spoke, he lifted the cuff of his sleeves to show snake like veins.

"Not from my temple?"

The black robed old man was stumped, immediately there was a layer of coldness on his face. His mouth opened, "Waste, such a small thing and still not having good results. What is the use of leaving you alive?"

The black robed old man raised his hand and a dark smoke came from his sleeves. The black robed man kneeling was shrouded in the mist emitting a mournful scream. The black mist dissipated, the black robed man left no traces. On the ground, only a mark of black blood was left.

"Who are you? Who dares go against my temple?!"

Roaring loudly, it spread for hundreds of miles like an angry howl form a ghost!

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