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Chapter 77 – Old Hua moves

The Qiong residence met disaster that fell from the skies. In Ancient Xi City, those people who seemed to know of the matter just stood far away to watch. They did not dare go any closer.


Feng Hao simply ignored that old man and turned his head to Qiong Ding with doubt.


Qiong Ding lightly sighed, "It's that child Ling er."

After speaking, his eyes dimmed down and became full of remorse.

"Qiong Ling?"

Feng Hao was stumped, on his eyes a shadow emerged.

It was a little girl with a small runny nose who always followed him and called him older brother Hao. The most impressive thing about this young girl was her two pure eyes. There was no trace of blemish, it was like a clear spring in the mountains.

At that time, Feng Hao was only 8 years old. When the adults saw the small Ling er stick to him, they used to joke that they would give him Ling er to be his woman.

Thinking of these things, Feng Hao's mouth showed a bit of smile.

"Could it be that…Ling er was taken away?"

Thinking of the things the monkey like old man has said, the smile on his face quickly changed into anger. Turning his cheek he looked very ferocious.

"Did you take Ling er?"

A cold voice seeped out from his teeth causing the monkey like old man to step back.


Unexpectedly, the youth had such a scary face. His immediately suppressed the redness on his face and spoke with his big mouth, "With the way you speak, do you want to meddle with this matter?"

"Did you or did you not take her?!"

Feng Hao stepped forward and Wu Yuan rolled out from his body. Inside his body, the essence dan also shook and the third gravity of the Racing Thunder Fist condensed on his fists. Stepping forward, he asked with a stern voice.

His explosion of strength caused the eyelid's of the people around to shake.

Martial Master!

This youth was unexpectedly a Martial Master warrior!

Others did not know Feng Hao's age, however the Qiong Clan was clear; he was only 13 years old ah!

13 year old Martial Master! What kind of accomplishment is that?

Even Hua Yuntian was shocked of Feng Hao's eruption. This youth was such a young Martial Master. Not only that, he was also a high level black ranked Medicine Master…

The monkey faced old man's expression fell, his eyes had a flash of ruthlessness. He no longer paid any attention to Feng Hao and looked towards Qiong Ding: "Since Patriarch Qiong insists to not go, then do not blame me!" Turning around, he commanded the people behind him, "Let's go, Let us send Patriarch Qiong on his way!"

Feng Hao was a Medicine Master, so he did not dare offend him. However, for the Qiong Clan, he did not bat an eye to them.


Behind him, the group of guards moved as Wu Yuan burst out from their bodies. They walked towards the Qiong Clan surrounding them. This caused the Qiong Clan people to be nervous. They held onto their blades tightly, ready to fight desperately.


Feng Hao coldly looked at what was happening, he turned around and quietly went behind Hua Yuntian, "Old Hua, please."

"A small matter!"

Hua Yuntian who was standing by the road was long clear on what was happening.

His eyes narrowed slightly and inside his eyes was a strong force.

The status of a black ranked Medicine Master he was clear about. When he invited one before, he had to spend a lot of money even with his tremendous strength. Now that he was in this position, he naturally knew what to do.

A high level clan with big influence or a high level Medicine Master, he chose the latter immediately with no consideration.

Under the eyes of all these people, Hua Yuntian slowly took a step forward.


A vast momentum burst out from his body, it was like a vast ocean that has waves going up and down. His Wu Yuan was like a tide, it rippled towards the Xue Clan guards. Those who were hit were like weeds, they did not pose the slightest of resistance as they were directly sent flying. They fell far away with blood spraying out of their mouth. Everyone's eyes were full of shock as they looked at this elderly figure.

Without any movement, hundreds of people were defeated.

Hua Yuntian did not stop. He slowly stretched out his hand and his very thin palm that was almost like a skeleton appeared. This frightened the Xue Clan people as they saw him move, the withered palm emitted a fierce burst of light like the bright sun.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The golden Wu Yuan gushed out as he waved his arm to the sky, Wu Yuan swept everyone. A moment later, the only person left standing in front of the Qiong Clan residence was the monkey like old man who staring dumbly. The hundreds of Xue Clan guards all disappeared without a trace. The only thing left on the ground that proved that they were there in the first place was the blood.

Seeing such a monstrous scene, everyone's nerves were shocked.


Whether it was near or far, everyone felt the cool air. They stared at the old man standing straight with eyes brimming with astonishment.

Be it the people who came to watch, the Qiong Clan, or those who were far off in the distance, in their hearts they were clear. Under one stroke, the whole army of people were annihilated. That is to say, the old man before them only needs to raise his fingers and the whole Ancient Xi City would be razed to the ground.

"This boy!…"

Qiong Song and the other people could not help but feel lucky, Their eyes inadvertently looked at the Medicine Master robe, their eyes flashed with excitement.

It was this youth, he changed everything!


The only person remain on the scene, the shrewd looking Xue Clan housekeeper, had his eyes become round with shock as he stared. He was frightened of Hua Yuntian and his throat felt dry as he could not dare speak.

"In the end who is this person?"

It would have been good if he could just 'solved' the Qiong Clan issue, however, out of nowhere this youth came with this old man who killed wantonly. He already brought with him the elite of the Xue Clan, but he did not imagine that he would meet such a character like the elderly man.

Although Feng Hao was shocked too, his heart was already prepared to a certain point. He fully understood the terror of a Martial Ancestor can bring to such a place. Taking a deep breath, he slowly moved forward and in a moment he was before the monkey like old man. The corners of his mouth raised up as he smiled, "Where is she?"


His throat expanded, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva as his forehead was filled with sweat which rolled down his cheeks. Raising his head, he saw the youth who had a faint smile. His delicate face now brought a biting chill, his heart oozed coldness as if he was in an ice house.

At this moment, he felt that he was a breath away from death. Facing this, he was filled with dread.

He was clear, he could not make any movement. He knew that the frightly old man had locked onto his every action. The moment he dare make a move, his flesh would be crushed and nothing would be left but blood.

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