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Chapter 76 – Bully intolerably

"Grandpa, this is…?"

After sobbing, Feng Hao's attention was placed on his uncle and his relatives. They appeared to be armed and their faces were full of indignation. Thinking about this situation, his heart fell.


Qiong Ding lightly sighed, his eyes dimmed and at this time all the people of the Qiong Clan had listless appearances.

"We met a mishap!

Looking at the gloomy Qiong Ding, Feng Hao went closer and clutched the old man's arm asking, "Grandpa, what happened?"

"It is hard to explain ah…"

The face of Qiong Ding was bitter and his eyebrows deeply wrinkled up.

"Dad, you should go inside and talk about it."

Qiong Song swept his eyes on the street and advised with his words.


Seemingly remembering something, Qiong Ding's fierce body paused, then he immediately replied.

As the group of people entered the long path in the courtyard, they went inside a hall.

"This person is…?"

After sitting down, Qiong Ding asked Feng Hao for the identity of Hua Yuntian beside him.

The shriveled ordinary face of the old man caused one to feel an incomparable deterrent force. One cannot directly look at him. He sat quietly beside Feng Hao like a wild beast ready to pounce. This caused others to feel a terrified emotion.

"Oh, this is Old Hua."

As his attention was brought to this topic, Feng Hao thought about it for a second as he gave a sidelong glance to the old man. His somewhat impetuous heart calmed down.

In Ancient Xi City, what can't a Martial Ancestor not solve?"

"Old Hua?"

Qiong Ding's heart shook.

This surname does not come from just anyone.

Then looking again at Feng Hao, he wore a gorgeous Medicine Master robe that caused this old man to be excited. Unexpectedly, he was a high level yellow ranked Medicine Master. He could not help but wonder what influence Feng Hao now commands.

Just as he wanted to speak, a very noisy voice came from outside the manor that caused Qiong Ding's face to change dramatically.


Feng Hao also did not just sit down. He slowly stood up and came to the side of Qiong Ding.

"They are coming!"

Qiong Song gnashed his teeth as his pair of eyes were filled with anger. As he was thinking of something, his whole body shook.

"Who is coming?"

Looking at their faint reactions, Feng Hao understood something. The abnormal actions from the Qiong Clan seems to be related to the noise outside. Pursing his smooth lips, his face had a fierce color…

"Let us go, let us see what it is!"

Hearing say so, Qiong Sing subconsciously glanced at Hua Yuntian. His heart was moved. With Feng Hao under his arm, they went towards the entrance.

At this time, the door of the Qiong Clan was broken due to it being destroyed by Hua Yuntian. Since it was still unrepaired, the entrance was open. Looking outside the open entrance, there were probably a hundred or more people wearing red colored satin behind a shrewd monkey looking old man. His face showed him harboring evil designs, it was clear he was not here to do something good.

"Today, I come from the Xue Clan to pay respect. I have come here to ask the Qiong Clan Patriarch to attend Young Master Xue's wedding. I hope that Patriarch Qiong will give us face!"

Although he cupped his hands and the words that came from his mouth was respectful, there was still a rebellious tone. His small eyes narrowed. Seeing that Qiong Ding and his people were coming out, his disdained was in full display with no intention of hiding it.

"Patriarch Qiong, since you have come out please give your reply!"

His words were serious, it was full of threat. This caused the Qiong Clan people's faces to be livid, they all stared angrily at him. It was as if their eyes were almost spitting fire.


Feng Hao swept his eyes on the monkey old man, in his eyes was a flash of coldness. However, it can be seen that he was still puzzled.

For a wedding, why was he so eager to ask them to go?

"Even if I die, I will not go!"

Qiong Ding's face had indignation, his body trembled as his voice was filled with matchless firmness.

"Is it?"

The monkey faced old man's eyes had a flash of disdain, his face had a false smile, "Patriarch Qiong, you have to think clearly. You are not the only one in the Qiong Clan, look, there are still many people."

The words were full of threat, the meaning was clear!


Qiong Ding staggered, his face shook, "Bullying, this is incessant bullying!"

"What bullying Patriarch Qiong ah. I see that you are very confused. The son of the Ci City Master has taken interest in the Qiong Clan maiden. She is to be taken as a concubine, this is a once in a lifetime blessing for your Qiong Clan. You must be grateful, this is the wrong reaction. Don't tell me that you think the Xue Clan Master's son is not enough for the maiden of your Qiong Clan?"

The monkey looking old man's small eyes stared with a cold smile on his face. His words were full of provocation. This caused the member of the Qiong Clan to shiver with anger. If Qiong Ding was not in front to stop them, they would have long rushed out.

"A bastard, what qualification does he have?"

A cold voice sounded out from the dreary scene. This caused the evil smiling face of the old man to instantaneously become stiff. His pair of small eyes had a flash of hostility.

Under the eyes of the worried Qiong Ding, Feng Hao smiled at him. He gently patted the old man's arm and stood in front of all the Qiong Clan people. With a smiling expression, he looked at the mad shrewd monkey looking old man.

"Haha, is what I said wrong?"

Feng Hao raised the corner of his mouth, his eyes directly stared at him.

With the faint laughter coming out, the pupils of the people behind the monkey old man shrunk. Looking ahead, they saw a youth with a delicate face filled with smiles wearing a fine Medicine Master robe. As the sunshine hit him, the young man's smile looked warm and genial.

The old man's eyes swept the face of the handsome youth who was smiling. Then, his pair of black eyes stopped then and there. However, he did not have a single trace of his smile, rather he looked very indifferently cold.

"Who are you? You dare meddle with my Xue Clan's business?"

Seeing that Feng Hao was adorned with a Medicine Master robe with three vein-like line, his eyelids jumped. The malicious words that he was about say was forcibly pressed back.

High level yellow ranked Medicine Master, such a small housekeeper like him cannot afford to offend such a person.

"The Xue Clan's business?"

His line of sight first came to the old man, then his eyes swept to the dozens of people behind him wearing red satin clothes. Feng Hao moved his gaze and immediately smiled at the monkey faced old man:

"Who is this Qiong Clan maiden that you spoke about?"

These people unexpectedly had several Martial Masters, then the others were all that at Martial Practitioner stage. This kind of force can easily annihilate the Qiong Clan with ease.

With Feng Hao's indifferrent stare, the old man could not help but feel his hair stand up. He had twist his body with some difficulty to see his subordinates behind him, only then did he slightly regain his nerves.

"Although you are a Medicine Master, this is not a matter you should be looking in to."

He tried his best to make himself look indifferent as he spoke.

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