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Chapter 78 – Ci City's Xue Clan

Everyone present was silent. All their eyes concentrated on the delicate young man that adorned an exquisite Medicine Master robe. After Hua Yuntian made that one move, everyone knew that the situation was immediately reversed.

The Xue Clan seems to be out of luck!

To offend such a strong person is definitely a misfortune for any clan!

"You! …How dare you?"

The Xue Clan's housekeeper, the shrewd monkey looking old man, seems to have not expected that in this county; someone would dare defy the county city's City Master from the Xue Clan.

It was known that the position of City Master of the county city had the ability to mobilize the thirty thousand soldiers of the whole Ci County. It was a force big enough to crush anything it went against.


A white light flashed that went straight through his thigh, blood flowed out from the hole.

"Lo, Lord! Spare my life!"

The complexion of his face turned pale as a zombie. Sweat permeated throughout his body. In just a moment, the red robe that he wore appeared to be splashed with water.

Under the sun in the sky, he surrendered. He understood, the old man before him had a cultivation that has long passed the middle step Martial Spirit Xue Yu who was the Xue Clan Master. It was clear that these people did not put the Xue Clan in their eyes!

"Answer my question, where is she?"

Feng Hao leaned his head then suddenly smiled, he asked with a soft voice.

Hearing those words, the monkey looking old man was stumped. Looking at those eyes that were black like ink, indifferently filled with coldness, he hurriedly nodded and spoke up due to fear; "In the Xue residence, in the Ci City Xue residence!"

"Oh…why would she be in the Xue residence?"

Feng Hao chuckled, his face full with of smiles. Although it looked genial under the blazing sun, this look brought coldness with it.

"It's young master Xue. When Xue Hun was passing by Ancient Xi City, he encountered that little girl and violently kidnapped her!"

He's already stiff.

"Oh, Xue Hun? Violently kidnap?"

Feng Hao's eyes flashed with a touch of coldness, "So is she being mistreated?"

"No, absolutely not. Young master Xue instructed me to invite Patriarch Qiong to go to the wedding. Face is extremely important for the Xue Clan!

The shrewd monkey looking old man hurriedly explained.

"Very good!"

Feng Hao abruptly stopped smiling, his face looking like a block of ice. He directly turned around and walked away. The Xue Clan housekeeper was shrouded in a white mist and let out a blood curdling scream. His body was directly smashed into pieces.

After the Xue Clan housekeeper was killed, the atmosphere of the scene suddenly became quiet.

"You want to go to Ci City?"

Old Hua behind Feng Hao softly whispered; "From Ancient Xi City to Ci City, it would take perhaps about half a month or so on foot. If we are to fly, it would take a bit more than a day to reach the city."

Slightly nodding, Feng Hao turned his head to see the worried face of Qiong Ding.

"Grandpa, I'll go trample Ci City's Xue Clan."

Although the housekeeper of the Xue Clan said that Qiong Ling was fine, Feng Hao was still worried. He still felt the same as before.

"Go to the Xue Clan?"

Hearing what was said, Qiong Ding frowned. He cast a glance at Hua Yuntian, and only then did he slightly nod giving a reminder: "Be careful, the Xue Clan is after all the master of Ci City. Under their command is thirty thousand soldiers, do not push them too far."

"Be at ease."

Smiling while he nodded, Feng Hao turned around and went beside Hua Yuntian.


A pair of red and white wings appeared as Hua Yuntian flew to the skies bringing Feng Hao with him. As the two became farther and farther, the people from Ancient Xi City could not help but stare with round eyes.


Underneath them were the shocked Qiong Clan members, all smiling and waving their hands. Hua Yuntian's wings flapped, after which their figures turned small until they quickly disappeared on the edge of the sky.

Ci City, it was the county city of the Ci County. It was located on the south western region of West Mist Country, one of the biggest counties in the kingdom. There were three big clan's with Martial Spirit stage experts. However, the most powerful of which, is naturally Feng Hao's target, the Xue Clan!

Due to the fact the the Xue Clan have successfully taken the city master position of Ci City for decades, the county gradually formed under their monopoly. In Ci City, nearly seventy percent of the businesses belonged to the Xue Clam. In addition, every year they would get a wu crystal. It was said that this allowed them to have a stockpile of wu crystals giving them two Martial Spirit experts. With the addition of the Xue Clan Master Xue Yu, in total the clan had three strong Martial Spirit experts solidifying their position.

Therefore, with such unbridled development, the Xue Clan became the undisputed leaders of the county. If the other two clan's were not there to hinder them, the Xue Clan's sphere of influence would have already expanded to more cities.

But even so, in the recent years, by relying on the three Martial Spirits, they were able to maintain their hold over the two clans; they were able to take the most powerful position.

After a day and night of flying, Feng Hao gradually was getting closer to Ci City. When the silver moon on the sky was replaced by the hot sun, a rather large outline of a city finally appeared on his sight. Under the blazing sunlight, the vast city far away looked like an ancient beast.

Feng Hao and another figure landed on the ground a few hundred meters from the city. After resting for a while, the two people began to slowly walk towards Ci City.

With a strong Martial Ancestor who had the surname of the royal family, Feng Hao did not know the meaning of fear regarding the Xue Clan.

Having the Medicine Master robe, the city guards on the entrance naturally did not block their way. Under the eyes of the soldiers, the two people walked through the dark and deep city wall passage. After entering Ci City, immediately a very noisy sound began filling the ears of the two.

Looking around, the impressive interior of the city appeared on Feng Hao's sight. Standing on the exit of the wall passage and looking at the crowded streets, he saw rather luxurious shops and huge amounts of people. Feng Hao could not help but gasp with admiration. This amount of traffic and flourishing, it already exceeded the Red Sun County's Red Sun City by a lot.

Standing on the street, Feng Hao rubbed his temples taking in the painful noise entering his ears. It was hard to conceal that his eyes were full of exhaustion. He turned to Hua Yuntian and with a pale face said: "Old Hua, let's first find a place to detoxify you and rest. After then, we can inquire information about the Xue Clam. How does that sound?"

He clearly knew that the Xue Clan people were still waiting for the Qiong Clan's arrival. So for the time being, Qiong Ling should still be okay.

"En, that works."

Hearing those words, Hua Yuntian nodded slightly. After a few days of no detoxification, he felt the heat poison in his body stir. Also, after continuous days of journeying, even for a Martial ancestor like him, it was unbearable.

Seeing Hua Yuntian nod his head, Feng Hao led the way on the street. He then followed a crowd of people moving forward.

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