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Chapter 74 – Flight

"Previously, I thought that the medicine essence of the red lotus medicine king was too strong, but now it seems that it would no longer be enough to suppress the crystal, there is a need for more auxiliary medicines for support."

Old Fen's heavy voice was in Feng Hao's mind.

"Unable to suppress? More potent spirit medicine is needed?"

Feng Hao asked after pondering for a little.

"That's right. Since you already have the fiery dragon flower, you need a few more common grade spirit medicines. As for the specific amount, since I have yet to see the yi crystal, I have no way to determine the accurate amount. You first need to prepare, the more the better. After all, having a surplus is better, as being short will be a bad thing!"

After Old Fen spoke, he no longer made any sounds. Looking at the distant glacier-like plains, Feng Hao clustered his eyebrows and his mouth had a hint of bitterness.

"On this ice field, where can strong spirit medicine be found?"

From the ice city, Feng Hao was able to find a lot of spirit medicines in the city market, however not once did he see a strong spirit medicine. It can be seen then that in this icy region, it is extremely hard to find the existence of a strong medicine.

With bitterness in his mouth, he was helpless. After all, all he knew about this icy region was the things he vaguely heard from others.

"Old Hua."

Inclining to the side of his body, Feng Hao softly breathed out.

"What is it?"

Looking at the face of Feng Hao filled with bitterness, Hua Yuntian was puzzled. He did not understand why the young man had such a change on his face.

"Old Hua, to say it straight, I did not come here to just pick out cold attributed spirit medicines."

Feng Hao shook his head with a wry smile.

"That was not the reason?"

Hua Yuntian looked distracted and saw that Feng Hao did not appear to be joking. Slightly shrugging, he indifferently said, "Then go back."

"Go back?"

Feng Hao shook his head and said, "I want to go to more cities to find strong spirit medicines, then immediately come here!"

"Strong spirit medicine?"

Hua Yuntian clustered his eyebrows, his eyes narrowed, "Don't tell me that the lord wants to use harmonizing spirit medicines in order to refine a yi crystal?"

"Old Hua knows about the yi crystal?"

Hearing his small speech, Feng Hao's heart shook and looked on with surprise.


Hua Yuntian laughed and once again looked at the distant iceberg, "I have lived in this icy region for ten years. If I did not notice, then I should not be alive."

Smiling, he added, "If those words were correct, these ice ape's abnormal movement and the temperature drop, all must have something to do with that damnable yi crystal."


Hua Yuntian swept his eyes towards Feng Hao, "The lord has an ice constitution?"

He thought that Feng Hao hid his constitution that's why he was unable to notice it.


Feng Hao shook his head, "But I have a method to refine this piece of yi crystal!"

"Not an ice constitution but still able to refine the ice yi attribute yi crystal?"

Hua Yuntian stared with his round eyes, he looked startled.

An ordinary warrior did not have the ability to refine a yi crystal, and those attributed warriors can only refine a yi crystal of their attribute. If they tried a different attribute, the balance in their body would be broken and the result will be death. Regardless of cultivation, this was the common knowledge!

"Haha, regarding the refining of the yi crystal, Old Hua should not worry."

Feng Hao opened his mouth, then turned around to go towards their original path.

This was the sole benefit of the Void Wu constitution, whatever kind of yi crystal, it swallows everything regardless of attribute. Even if the attribute were to be different, it can assimilate everything.


Hua Yuntian saw that Feng Hao appeared to be full of confidence. He froze and stood there before spitting out, "This boy, is he a monster?"

Only being a monster can explain this.

Shaking his head, he stopped thinking about it and followed.

Feng Hao was the only one that can save him. His life was directly on Feng Hao's hands. If something were to happen to him, then everything would have been for naught. Even if he just continued to suppress the poison with cold attributed spirit medicines, in the end he would still die to the heat poison.

After leaving the glacier area, Feng Hao did not know what direction to go. He could only look at Hua Yuntian.


Hua Yuntian smiled, "What kind of spirit medicine does the lord need?"

"A potent one, it all has to be strong. Also, the more there is the better!"

Feng Hao just repeated the words Old Fen said originally.

Hua Yuntian was distracted for a moment, then he immediately smiled, "If that is the case, it is then possible. In this area there is the CI County, there are around five cities. Lord, we can now go towards the south, what do you think?"

"These five cities surely ought to be connected?"

Feng Hao pondered for a while, "Good, Old Hua lead the way!"


Hua Yuntian nodded, : "If that's the case, things will take too long. I will take you for a ride."

As his words fell, a breath of terrifying force erupted from his body.

Chi! Chi!

A pair of red and white wings spread out from his back. This was an ability of a strong Martial Spirit warrior. Once one had grasp of controlling the Wu Yuan in condensing, one can create wings to fly.

In the Heaven Martial Continent, if one wanted to fly, they can only become a strong Martial Spirit warrior before they can attempt to fly a short distance. After reaching Martial Ancestor, they can then used the Wu Yuan on the land to condense a pair of wings behind their back. This enables them to leave the earth unfettered, gliding in the sky.

Flight, it was a temptation that no man can disregard. To able to reach this level, a lot of warriors fought valiantly to reach the hard to achieve Martial Spirit stage. And all their efforts were done that so one day, they can fly in the sky.

Looking at the pair of red and white wings, one can see that Hua Yuntian was a metal attribute warrior. With this attribute, he can attack with fierceness.


Looking at the shock and envy on Feng Hao's eyes, Hua Yuntian became proud, "Let's go!"

He dragged Feng Hao by the arm. The pair of wings began to flap and his whole body rose up, and in a moment they were in the clouds.

"This is genuine flight!"

Looking at the scene under him, Feng Hao was excited. Now he knew why people worshiped strength. If you were to ask people, all would want to have the ability to fly freely in the sky, overlooking the vicissitudes of life.

"Haha, this is just a matter of time for the lord!"

Hua Yuntian chuckled and on his eyes was a trace of complex emotion.

This youth was too unpredictable. He did not know if this was good or bad for the kingdom. After being with this young man the past few days, he felt a deep friendship. That is why he was willing to do things quickly.


Feng Hao tightened his fist and his eyes became firm.

Over a year has already passed. There were only two more years before he would face an ice attribute Martial Spirit warrior!

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