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Chapter 73 – The abnormal ice apes

Heavy snow drifted around the region, there were tens of thousands miles filled with glaciers. Between the heaven and earth, the vast expanse was pure white. No one knew how this piece of earth came to be as such. Ever since West Mist Country was founded, this frozen land already existed.

Furthermore, with the size of the glaciers, it spanned across four kingdoms. West Mist Country was just at one of the sides of this tens of thousands miles of ice. In fact, it can be said that this territory did not truly belong to one country. Just like the magic beast mountain range, who would dare claim such a vast area as their own territory?

The area was jointly managed by the four kingdoms and there was not too big of a dispute. After all, whether it was the ice field or the magic beast mountain range, it was filled with magic beasts. In reality, it can be said that these areas are in fact truly are the domain of magic beasts!

Magic beasts are the real owners of the ice field and magic beast mountain range!

In an old medicine store, there was a small figure with an old man sitting opposite of him.

"Old sir."

"Don't call me old sir, you can refer to me as Old Hua!"

Hua Yuntian appeared to be exceedingly friendly.

"En, Old Hua."

Feng Hao directly said, "Then shall we start the detoxification?"


Hua Yuntian had a happy expression as he stretched out his hand in front of Feng Hao.

Putting up two of his fingers, Feng Hao closed his eyes. His face became serious and in his heart there was a movement. The fire dan above the Shen Nong Medicine Canon shook as the red hot lavlike medicine essence flowed through his arm, then through his fingers entering the body of Hua Yuntian.


As the medicine essence entered the body, Hua Yuntian emitted a groan. His originally pale face showed a bit of blush.

The lavlike medicine essence emulated a fire dragon, entering Hua Yuntian's body it surged like a wave. His body heated up and became red. Slowly, as the cold attribute medicine essence in his body began to disappear, the heat poison immediately appeared.

However, waiting for it was the fire dragon that relentlessly burned everything away. In just a moment, the poison was burn into nothing, disappearing without a trace.

Half an hour later…

"How is it?"

Hua Yuntian opened his eyes to see that Feng Hao looked at him with a smiling expression.


He slightly moved his body, and in a sudden it became stiff. His face was filled with surprise, "Just once and already eliminated so much?"

He quickly became aware that within his body, a lot of the poison was eliminated.


Feng Hao laughed and shook his head, "Most of the poison exposed is already eliminated. Just a few more times and the exposed poison can be eradicated, however…"

"I understand!"

Hua Yuntian gestured with his hand, "Time is not a problem, all that matters is removing the heat poison!"

At this time, he felt that some of the heat poison was not only suppressed, but completely removed. He did not expect that this young man really had the ability to remove the intractable heat poison.

The cold wind like a razor blade swept on the glaciers, however in this cold biting wind there were two figures slowly approaching. As the cold wind got closer to the two people, after reaching a few meters away it would be dispersed. Like a torrent hitting a rock, no matter how fierce the wind, they were not affected in the slightest.

Feng Hao merely performed the operation once and he already got the full trust of Hua Yuntian. He understood that this youth can indeed cure him of his poison!

One year, one can say that it was not long, nor was it short. However, for a Martial Ancestor like him, this did not matter at all. After being together the past few days, Hua Yuntian felt that this youth was a mystery and in the end he could not get a lot of information.

This 13 year old youth was unexpectedly a black ranked Medicine Master. Moreover, it was at the high level. Such a person had a standing of a ruler, and the status was at the apex. Who would have thought that he grew from such a remote city.

"Incomparable genius!"

The old man could not help but produce a strong interest towards the Feng Clan in Magnolia City.

Along the journey, the two went straight towards the depths of the ice field. On this road, they have encountered a number of attacks from ice apes, most of which had the strength from Martial Practitioner, all the way to Martial Grand Master, If Hua Yuntian was not present, with Feng Hao's strength he would have been long buried into the ground early.

The deeper they went in, the more the ice apes became commonplace. Currently, they already have gone through dozens of waves.


Striking an ice ape on the head dead, Hua Yuntian's eyebrows clustered. He looked deeper into the depths, his eyes focused. For a long time he looked forward until he withdrew his gaze.

"Old Hua, what's going on?"

Taking another ice ape into his ring, Feng Hao looked at the same direction Hua Yuntian was looking at and asked.

"It's nothing."

Hua Yuntian shook his head. These past few days, with Feng Hao's help, his face gradually restored to its former state. He no longer looked morbid and his strength was regained to the apex Martial Spirit.

"It's just that, these ice apes seem a little abnormal."

He tugged his eyebrows and again looked at the icy depths with puzzledness.


Hearing what was said, Feng Hao remembered what the soldier from Ice City said back then, "I heard that currently, the ice apes were acting weirdly."

"It's not due to the yi crystal is it?"

Following the gaze of Hua Yuntian, Feng Hao saw that far away in the sky, there was a mountain. Due to its magnificent size, under the sun's light it appeared to be bright and dazzling, just like a crystal.

This was at the deepest part of the ice field. Unlike other mountains, this was a pure iceberg. The entire mountain was condensed ice crystals emitting a biting chill causing the region to be affected. It can be said that this iceberg was the origin of the ice field.

"The weather is getting colder as well."

Hua Yuntian patted away the snow on his shoulder casually saying those words.

"Getting colder?"

Feng Hao's heart was moved and his eyes narrowed.

"Boy, that yi crystal must be evolving!!"

Old Fen’s voice directly rang in his mind.


Feng Hao was startled, in his heart he was unhappy and asked in a sentence, "Master, then what is the possibility of me refining it?"

Due to Old Fen's scolding a while back, Feng Hao understood his current physique. He could only refine a low level one, now that it reached a higher level, refining it can cause him to die.

"This… the ability of the red lotus medicine king could still handle it. However, the harmonizing spirit medicine must be changed!"

Old Fen pondered for a little and spoke.


Feng Hao looked distracted.

"That's right. With the current situation, the disparity from before is greater by ten fold!"

Old Fen spoke without a hint of joking.

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