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Chapter 75- Qiong Clan

On the night sky, a flash of light passed as the silver moon gradually fell.

Ci County is a big county just like the Red Sun County, within the region there are dozens of small and big cities. Feng Hao was now close to these several cities.

Two days has passed and Hua Yuntian has already brought him to two big cities wherein he was able to harvest a few spirit medicines. However, it was not enough. Fortunately, there was Hua Yuntian so Feng Hao did not need to worry about wasting too much time.

"Down below is the Ancient Xi City!"

In the sky, Hua Yuntian softly uttered a sentence.

"Ancient Xi City?"

Hearing those words, Feng Hao's eyes flashed as a memory emerged in his mind.

Ancient Xi City, when Feng Hao was small he has been here twice. This was due to the fact that his mother, Qiong Su, was a part of Ancient Xi City's Qiong Clan. In the past, this was the city wherein Feng Chen passed by and got to know Qiong Su. After which, they fell in love with each other and finally got blissfully married.

"To think that I would unexpectedly end up here."

Feng Hao whispered in a low voice, his eyes had a hint of excitement.

In his memory, Grandpa Qiong and the other clan members were quite good to him. During those days, he particularly had a good relationship with his grandfather.

They dived down and the two figures dropped on a tall mound. Hua Yuntian looked at the distant city and after taking a breath he slowly turned around. Looking at the excited face of Feng Hao, he asked: "What happened?"

"This city before us, I have been here twice."

Feng Hao smiled, "My mother's clan is Ancient Xi City's Qiong Clan!"


Hua Yuntian's eyebrow raised up then immediately his eyes had a hint of joy, "Then, we must go on and take a visit."

Since this was the case, he was now basically sure that Feng Hao was truly a person of West Mist Country!

"Haha, that's only natural."

Hearing what was said, Feng Hao smiled while he nodded.

"Then let us go."

Hua Yuntian smiled as he took a step towards Ancient Xi City.


Feng Hao nodded and followed.

This was a small city, naturally there was no need for an entrance fee. Of course, even if there was, with Feng Hao wearing a Medicine Master robe, he would not need to pay.

First of all, they went inside the city market and Feng Hao was able to find dozens of common spirit medicines. Although it was still not enough, it was still a good harvest.

"Haha, let us go Old Hua."

Hua Yuntian smiled from the back, he brushed off the dust on the Medicine Master robe. Leading Hua Yuntian through the many streets, Feng Hao slowly remembered the path to the familiar manor in his memory.

Turning a few more streets, Feng Hao lifted his head. At the end of the street, there was a huge manor, it was the Qiong Clan residence.

His eyes narrowed as he stared at the close door. Feng Hao's eyebrows wrinkled. He did not know why, but he felt that there was something wrong with the Qiong Clan.

Back then, there used to be a lot of lively people walking about. However, now the street was messy and the surrounding stores were closed early. There was only the blowing breeze giving a very desolate feeling.

"Something’s wrong ah… why is the Qiong Clan's entrance closed?"

Clustering his eyebrows, he whispered a sentence. Feng Hao then increased his walking speed.

Hua Yuntian noticed this, he casually swept around and he wrinkled his eyebrows. He did not speak, he tightly followed by Feng Hao's side.

On the way, Feng Hao's face was cold. Standing in front of the Qiong Clan mansion, there were a lot of big footprints on the ground causing Feng Hao's eyes to widen.

Taking a deep breath, Feng Hao walked to the door and stretched out his hand to knock.


Knocking for a long time, no one answered. On the contrary, there were some voices that was trembling causing Hua Yuntian to narrow his eyes.


The door abruptly opened with a small gap, an iron spear immediately came from the small gap stabbing out. It directly aimed for Feng Hao's throat with no hesitation.


With a gloomy face, Hua Yuntian pulled Feng Hao's body to the side and on his hand Wu Yuan emerged. Pulling the spear, there was a muffled groan as a figure was mercilessly pulled out. There were more people inside that quickly backed out until they were more than ten meters away from the street.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The few spears straight out immediately attacked. Seeing this, Hua Yuntian snorted and with his palm he directly smacked the door into dust. Dirt and dust flew everywhere as the people hiding inside were sent flying in.


A fierce sound broke out as a middle aged man holding a blade with thick Wu Yuan aimed a slice towards Hua Yuntian's head.

"Don’t' do it!'

Seeing this figure, Feng Hao with fright yelled.

Hearing his yell, Hua Yuntian scattered his killing intent and with two fingers caught the incoming blade. The blade was sandwiched between his fingers and the strong Wu Yuan did not even move his clothes.

His strong presence was clear to see.


Looking at the person holding the blade whose face was filled with a grim expression, Feng Hao uttered a doubtful voice.

Hearing Feng Hao's yell, the man noticed the existence of Feng Hao. In front of him was a youth wearing a Medicine Master robe. On his left chest was a badge with three veiny lines that was very conspicuous. Looking up, he saw a cheerful delicate face. Hearing the voice, the man could not help but have suspicion.

"I am Feng Hao ah, Hao er ah!"

Stepping forward and clutching the man's arm, Feng Hao excitedly explained.

"Feng Hao?"

The man was stunned as he looked at Feng Hao's familiar face. His originally grim face slowly turned into surprise, "You're Hao er? Little sister Qiong Su's child?"

"That is the case uncle."

Feng Hao quickly nodded his head.

He now has determined that this middle aged man was his mother's older brother, Qiong Song!

Seeing this scene, Hua Yuntian loosened his hold on the blade and stepped to the side. However, his pair of eyes still scanned the people in the courtyard with intent.

"Is it really you?"

Qiong Song threw the blade away and excitedly turned his head, "Dad, second brother, it's Hao er. Qiong Su's child has come!"

"Qiong Su's child?"

A vigorous white haired man, whose face looked old appeared from the crowd of people. Looking at the Medicine Master robe on Feng Hao, he was startled as he looked at the familiar face, "You really are Hao er?"

"Grandpa, it's really Hao er!"

Feng Hao's eyes started to mist as he jumped to the kind old man's bosom.

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