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Chapter 62 – Lord


This time, the originally quiet hall due to Feng Hao's words became noisy and full of people looking at him with ridicule.


The white haired old man coughed a few times and the hall gradually quieted down.

"Okay, you can now begin."


Feng Hao nodded and ignored all those strange gazes. Stretching his hand he placed it on the palm of the old man.

Only a black ranked Medicine Master had the ability to release and shape medicine essence.

Soon, the old man was suddenly startled and his pupils dilated. Shock was evident on his face as he looked th youth before him.

The change on the face of the old man, it aroused suspicion with the people around. Seeing the shocked eyes of the old man, their hearts shivered.

Under the stunned eyes of everyone, the old man stood up and earnestly spoke: "This lord, you already have surpassed me!" He spoke showing his respect.

A low level black ranked Medicine Master like him, compared to the youth in front of him was like a puddle to the ocean. It was clear that he was already passed several times in medicine essence.

This youth, at the minimum was a high level black ranked Medicine Master!

With the thought of this, the old man's breathing became hurried and the respect in his eyes towards the youth increased.

In the face of the strong, everyone in the world had to show respect. Even if the youth was just 13 years old, the old man still called him lord.

Hearing the old man's way of addressing, the whole hall became silent and they stared at the old man.

Who is this elder? He was the Red Sun City Medicine Master Guild President and a black ranked Medicine Master, Xi Yan!

However now, he called such a young 13 year old youth as a lord, how can they accept it? Moreover, everyone knew that the title of 'lord' was given to the strong!

Jiu Lin and the old man beside her who stayed looked like they saw a ghost.

"President this is not needed."

Feng Hao also did not expect such a big response, he promptly winked, "What are you saying, I already passed being a high level yellow ranked Medicine Master?"


Xi Yan was stunned, then he quickly saw the wink of Feng Hao and his heart was moved, "Yes, passed being a high level yellow ranked! Haha!"

Although he said it a such, it was already obvious to most that the youth has already surpassed the early step of the black rank. In West Mist Country, a mid level black ranked Medicine Master did not only have a high status, they were at the same level of royalty!


Coming back to their sense, they all sucked in cold air.

Listening to their words, Feng Hao could only wryly smile. However this was not an issue, since he will soon leave Red Sun City.


At this time, Xi Yan did not know how to address the person before him.

"Call me Feng Hao."

Feng Hao smiled and softly said.

"Good! Haha! Little friend Feng Hao, come and follow me upstairs to talk!"

Xi Yan's face lit up, he led the way for Feng Hao towards the staircase.

After the two left, the hall was quiet. Some of them dropped their heads and clustered their eyebrows in thinking. Jiu Lin across her whole face looked dull, standing there she did not move and murmured: "How can it be? How is it possible? Right, it surely is bogus and he cheated the President!"

She was about to rush up the stairs, but the old man pulled her aside to a stop, "Stop messing around, let's go!"

Saying this, the old man grabbed her arm towards the exit.

On the second floor, there were rows of shelves that were neatly arrange. Sweeping his eyes, Feng Hao estimated that there were no less than a thousand books in this place.

"Altogether there are 2,356 books here!"

Likely guessing what Feng Hao was thinking, the white haired old man Xi Yan proudly spoke.

"More than 2,300 books?!"

Feng Hao smacked his lips. He went over and took a book, turning it over he saw strains of different kinds of spirit medicines. There was a picture and description, the book was very detailed.

"Hu! These books are priceless."

Closing the book, Feng Hao said, "This youngster admires it!"

He cupped his hands to Xi Yan.


With the things he said and his actions, there was no hint of joke. Xi Yan could not help but be vexed, he immediately asked: "Little friend Feng Hao, is this your first time in a Medicine Master Guild?"

"That's right!"

Feng Hao honestly nodded.

"It's no wonder then, hehe."

Xi Yan chuckled then pointed at the shelves, "These books were not sorted out by the Red Sun City Medicine Master Guild, it was done in endless years time by the Medicine Master Guild in the Heaven Martial Continent. These books are arranged as such in every branch of the Medicine Master Guild allowing Medicine Masters to better identify the various kinds of spirit medicines."

"So it's like that."

Feng Hao breathed in softly.

With these thousands of books documenting hundreds of thousands of spirit medicine, how can one person have the ability to do all of it?

"Come. let's go up."

Xi Yan pointed to the staircase and stepped upward.

Reaching the top of the stairs, everything before his eyes caused Feng Hao to deeply breath in cool air, his pupils dilated.

There were many layers of shelves, and on the shelves were countless kinds of spirit medicines. The fragrance turned into a mist curling above the spirit medicines causing Feng Hao to deeply breathe.

"Old Xi, why did you bring someone else up?"

There was an old man taking care of the spirit medicines, seeing the two come up he saw Feng Hao and asked.

The old man was the vice president of the Red Sun City Medicine Master Guild, He Ping.

"Hehe. old He, little friend Feng Hao is not an outsider ah."

Xi Yan laughed and stroked his white beard, "Also, do not underestimate little friend Feng Hao. When it comes to age, even we are much older than him; regarding status, we have to respect him as a lord."


He Ping was startled, looking at Xi Yan who was not joking at the least, his mind trembled.

He was staring with a shocked gaze, Feng Hao felt uncomfortable. Fortunately, he saw that he had an embarrassed expression and brought him into a room.


Sitting down, there were three people, two old and one young. They chatted for a long time, Feng Hao now had a deeper admiration with the two old men's knowledge. He asked questions on growing different kinds of spirit medicines and then the two would give detailed answers allowing him to benefit. And In turn, the two old men would also ask him about mixtures of different spirit medicines, he would then answer them in accordance to what was recorded in the Shen Nong Medicine Canon causing their eyes to lit up.

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