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Chapter 63 – Colosseum

They chatted the whole day!

Feng Hao on the third floor chose more than three hundred kinds of common spirit medicines recorded in the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, then he acquired full body clothing at the high level yellow ranked Medicine Master robe. Xi Yan and He Ping personally escorted him out of the entrance.

This scene fell on the eyes of many people. Especially the attitudes of the two black ranked Medicine Masters, everyone was shocked.

Regarding the two old men's attitude, Feng Hao could only force a smile. Under the amazed gaze of everyone, he walked towards the city gate.

"Little brother Feng!"

A familiar voice echoed out causing Feng Hao to halt his footsteps. Turning, he saw housekeeper Fei walking over with a smile on his face.

"Housekeeper Fei, what's the matter?"

Looking at him walk over, Feng Hao remembered something in his heart.

There was the battle for the Red Sun City Master position.

To be honest, he did not want to be involved with the big forces in Red Sun City. All these three clans had at least one strong Martial Spirit warrior, offending them was not something Feng Hao wanted to be part of.

"Hehe, can I walk with you to talk!"

Sweeping his gaze around, housekeeper Fei with Feng Hao went to a luxurious restaurant. They entered a private room and sent the waiter away, then his expression became stern.

"Has little brother Feng heard about the City Master contention?"

Housekeeper Fei lowered his voice and stared at Feng Hao.


Feng Hao nodded slightly.

"Does little brother Feng know the benefit of being a City Master?"

After sipping his tea, housekeeper Fei asked.

"The benefit of being a City Master?"

Feng Hao shook his head. Only big cities has a position like a City Master. Magnolia City did not have such a person.

"The City Master is changed every three years, and their salary per year from the kingdom is one wu crystal and having the ability to command the 30,000 cavalry of Red Sun City!"

Housekeeper Fei slowly spoke.

"One wu crystal? 30,000 cavalry?!"

Feng Hao's heart shook.

30,000 cavalry, not only were they all at the Martial Practitioner stage or higher, they were also armed to the teeth!

"Ai, originally we did not want to disturb little brother Feng Hao about this matter. However, the Jiu Clan has a high level yellow ranked Medicine Master. If there are no accidents, it is sure that the City Master position will fall in the hands of the Jiu Clan.

Housekeeper Fei sighed, "Also according to what the clan master has speculated, the Poison Master was likely sent by the Jiu Clan!"


Feng Hao's heart shivered.

"Therefore, the main reason I went here is to invite little brother Feng to help. Of course, the Fei Clan will not ask for help giving no benefit. The clan master has said, as long as little brother Feng is willing, we are giving three pieces of wu crystals, do you understand?"

"Three pieces of wu crystals!"

Feng Hao's eyes shined brightly, this was the thing he lacked the most. Three pieces ah, although it's not enough to advance to the yellow level, it can ensure that his Void Wu would not spiral out of control.

"This City Master battle, how long till it starts?"

Time was the highest concern of Feng Hao.

"It begins tomorrow!"


This caused Feng Hao to be relieved. Just a day in exchange for three pieces of wu crystals was absolutely worth it!

There was no doubt that the City Master battle was the biggest event in Red Sun City. Although the main participants were the Fei, Jiu and Pu clan, the three biggest forces, a lot of smaller influences still joined. Of course these forces were not delusional to win, they just wanted to use the City Master battle in order to promote the fame of their clan.

In the end, regardless of what purpose, the Red Sun City Master battle was the biggest event in the region. From here would the younger generation start to stand out making a name for their family.

The time of the City Master battle was today, and the place it would be held is inside the Red Sun City Colosseum.

This colosseum, in terms of size was no smaller than a football field. Like a football field, the surroundings was filled with stands and seats. In the middle of the field was beast herd that had the strength between the 8th and 9th level Martial Apprentices, further in the hard were some Martial Practitioner level beasts.

In the middle of the beast herd, there was a high platform wherein the city seal was placed which all the influences were fighting for. Each side would be allowed to pick ten younger generation members to fight for the city seal.

It was early in the morning and the sun's first beam of sunshine covered Red Sun City. The atmosphere was no doubt boiling in the city. Now that there was a vast crowd in the colosseum together, the scene caused people's blood to boil.

"Is this were they vie over the position of City Master?"

Feng Hao stood on one side of the platform and looked at the enormous beast herd below with some surprise.

Around Feng Hao were the elite members of the Fei Clan. Naturally, the one that led them was Clan Master Fei Wenjie and clan elders. There were also nine younger generation members who were standing proud. Fei Wei and Fei Wu was amongst them.

"That's right."

Hearing Feng Hao's question, Fei Wenjie smiled and pointed at the middle of the platform, "That is the City Master's seal, the first who obtains it is the winner!"

Ten people, if they were stable in crossing the best herd then it would not be difficult. However they needed to be fast. With all these young juniors with middle step to high step Martial

Practitioner stage cultivations, crossing the herd will certainly require a lot of physical exertion. Thus if they took the time to rest, they would lose a lot of time. However if there was a Medicine Master, there would be no need for such concern!

Therefore, the Medicine Masters rank definitely had an effect on the situation!

Listening to what was said, Feng Hao saw the path and finally understood. It was now clear why the Fei Clan was willing to use three pieces of wu crystals to invite him over.

The Jiu Clan spent a lot of effort to cultivate a high level yellow ranked Medicine Master. As for the Fei Clan, they only had a low level yellow ranked Medicine Master in the younger generation, the disparity was huge.

"As a result, with little friend Feng, the City Master battle should be in the bag!"

Fei Wenjie had all these matters weighing on his shoulders, and he slowly tried to bridge the small gap of relationship with Feng Hao by flattering him.

"Right ah, the matter of us succeeding is on little brother Feng Hao."

One of the Fei Clan elders also spoke a flattering remark full of smiles.

Hearing what was said, Feng Hao shook his head slightly.

If it weren’t for the three pieces of wu crystals, to tell the truth, he would not have been involved in this matter. Seeing the forces around him with his eyes, he could only wryly smile in his heart.

It's time to offend a few people.

"Hehe, Fei Wenjie, I can't believe your Fei Clan would stoop so low to ask an outsider for help."

While they were talking, suddenly there was a voice filled with mockery not far away. Hearing this taunt, Fei Wenjie and his people wrinkle their eyebrows and became a little pale in complexion.

Feng Hao followed the direction of the voice and he saw a large group of people walking over. In light of the group coming over, the crowd would rapidly diffuse giving way showing their fear of these people.

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