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Chapter 61 – Medicine Master Assessment


The blue clothed woman immediately raised her head, she directly looked at Feng Hao with an amazed look. For a long time she did not come to her sense.


Feng Hao who was being stared at by her felt uncomfortable, he coughed.

"Gongzi is really young and promising ah!"

After gaining her senses, the blue clothed woman gave out a compliment and collected things in the counter. She then said to Feng Hao: "Gongzi, what rank of Medicine Master do you want to take the assessment for?"


Feng Hao clustered his eyebrows pondering for a moment, "Then it'll be high level yellow ranked."

Black ranked Medicine Master was too excessive in showing off. The high level yellow ranked was not too high, not too low. Certainly in the eyes of an ordinary person a yellow ranked Medicine Master was already high. Also, this was good enough for Feng Hao's plans.

"Yellow ranked high level?!"

The blue clothed woman covered her small mouth, "You are saying… you want to be appraised as a high level yellow ranked Medicine Master?"

The woman was stunned and attentively looked at Feng Hao. Before her was a very delicate face, wearing common clothes who looked about 12 years of age. Unexpectedly, he was a high level yellow ranked Medicine Master, she could not believe the truth!

"En, is there a problem?"

Faintly nodding, Feng Hao said.

"No… none."

Coming back to herself, the blue clothed woman hurriedly shook her head and in her eyes was a strong hint of respect: "Senior Feng Hao…"

"Just call me Feng Hao."

Shaking his head, Feng Hao interrupted with a smile.

"Hehe alright."

The blue clothed woman has been working in the Medicine Master Guild for a long time, so it was normal for her to see great standing people. Therefore, after hearing what Feng Hao said, she quickly omitted the term of addressing Feng Hao as senior. Smiling she said: "Please come with me."

She led the way with her slim curvy figure with her rear view for Feng Hao to see, she gently swayed her waist as she walked forward.

Walking for a period of time, the speed of the blue clothed woman slowed down. A moment later, they stopped in front of a big entrance which was guarded by four big figures.

Feng Hao's eyes swept over the four men, his heart was amazed. This was because he found out that these four were not any lower than the Martial master stage. Looking at them, it seems that one of them even reached the peak of the stage and being promoted to the Martial Grand Master stage was just in the corner.

"Eldest brother Ci Yun, this is young master Feng Hao. He is here to partake in the Medicine Master assessment.

The blue clothed woman smilingly handed over the form to the big peak Martial Master man.


Just sweeping his eyes on the content of the form, his face became surprised. He quickly moved his vision onto Feng Hao filled with shock.

A 13 year old high level yellow ranked Medicine Master!

At this time, the blue clothed woman also turned around and smiled at Feng Hao, "You can now enter. However, according to the rules only you can go in, we cannot casually go inside."

"En, many thanks!"

Smiling and nodding, Feng Hao cupped his hands to her and entered the entrance in front of the respectful eyes of the four men.

Before his eyes, the hall was similar to being outside. It was bright like the daylight and there were not a lot of people. On the hands of the people were books that they attentively read and sometimes they would take out a spirit medicine from their rings to eat.

Feng Hao's eyes swept everyone, he was surprised to find that more than ten of these people were at the yellow ranked Medicine Master or higher.

On the side of the big hall, there was a long table placed with high piles of work and books. There was a pale old man that was sitting behind the desk. This old man also wore a Medicine Master robe. On his chest was the medicine canon badge that had four white vein lines.

"Black ranked Medicine Master!"

Feng Hao's eyes slightly shook. Thinking of this old man's identity, he should be the Red Sun City Medicine Master Guild president or second in command.

Currently, the Jiu Clan young lady Jiu Lin, was standing in front and facing the old man.

"You can now start."

The old man smiled at Jiu Lin, softly speaking.


Calming her mind, Jiu Lin closed her eyes and stretched out her hands to the palm of the old man.

After a while, the old man's eyelids throb a bit.

"Not bad. Yellow ranked high level, only twenty medicines have reached the black level!"

The old man spoke immediately attracting the attention of everyone in the hall. They all looked at the silhouette of a beautiful figure with shock.

"This time the Jiu Clan has really spent a lot of money!"

"It looks like the City Master position of Red Sun City will fall in the hands of the Jiu Clan Master."

As the whispers came out, Jin Lin raised her chin and disdainfully scanned the hall. Sweeping her eyes, she saw Feng Hao standing at the entrance and her gaze settled at him.

"How did you get in? Who let you in?"

Her mouth asked loudly.

It seems that she was unwilling to believe that the youth who ignored her was also a Medicine Master.

Following her gaze, a lot of people looked at Feng Hao and their eyes held some doubt.

Regardless of the age, they still held suspicion.

"Why can't I come?"

Feng Hao slightly narrowed his eyes, showing his cold meaning.

Under the gaze of these eyes, Feng Hao's corner of the mouth bent and he walked towards the table.

Jiu Lin's mouth closed. She still wanted to say something, however the old man beside her pulled her aside. They did not leave, rather they stayed and watched the situation coldly.

Even if the Jiu Clan was a big influence in the city, this Medicine Master Guild was not a place she can be wild at.

"Little fella, you also came to take the Medicine Master assessment?"

Looking at the youth before him, the white haired old man was also a little puzzled.


Seeing Feng Hao nod, the old man's became even more amazed. He smile: "Little guy, what is your name and age?"

"Feng Hao, 13."

It was unclear what the old man was thinking, all Feng Hao can do was say things as they were.


Listening to Feng Hao's answer, not only was the old man surprised, everyone in the hall looked at him with amazement. Jiu Lin was the most obvious of all.

"Zeze, 13 years old? Little guy, what rank do you want to test for?"

The old man opened his mouth again asking.

"En, yellow ranked high level."

Feng Hao pondered and answered.

"Yellow ranked high level?"

Everyone's look had doubt, dressing up in such a shabby appearance, how can it be high level yellow ranked Medicine Master. In this way, how could he have gathered all the spirit medicines ah.

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