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Chapter 55 – Spreading the net

"Why would you do that?"

Evidently, Huang Mang used his Wu Yuan inside his body to try holding on His eyes were wide open as he looked at the thin faced man with distrust and puzzlement.

"Why can't I do it?"

The thin faced man was also very proud of himself, holding a bright blade step by step he approached Huang Mang. His face was grim letting out a sinister laugh, "Heihei, to wealth people would do a lot of things. Commander, when you die, do not blame this brother for doing it."

His mouth said brother, however with the lade on his hand he did not have the slightest mercy in attacking Huang Mang's chest.

Due to the poison, Huang Mang was unable to resist, only being able to roll on the ground avoiding the fatal blow. However because of those actions, his forehead oozed more sweat and his lips became more green. Black blood started to drip from the corner of his mouth.

"I have been blind, I have mistakenly taken a wolf for a brother!"

Huang Mang's eyes had remorse. They gave their trust, but in return they got betrayal. How can he receive such a punishment?


The thin faced man ruthlessly harrumphed and with Wu Yuan moved the blade.

Looking at him, it was clear he was not letting it go!


The long blade was like a meteor, Huang Mang closed his eyes with remorse waiting for his death.

He was powerless to resist.


A muffled sound echoed then a sound of a heavy object falling can be heard.

"It's you!"

Huang Mang heard the thin faced man yell panic-stricken, he opened his eyes to see that housekeeper Fei was standing in front of him.

"Housekeeper Fei."

Huang Mang looked with amazement.

"Speak, who sent you to do this?"

Housekeeper Fei with a livid face asked the thin faced man.

"Heihei, you'll find out soon!"

The thin faced man laughed evilly, on his eyes flashed unwillingness dragging his body quickly into the wilderness.

"Housekeeper Fei, stop chasing!"

Rushing over Feng Hao yelled at housekeeper who attempted to chase.

Sweeping his eyes, Feng Hao saw the situation in his eyes. These people, they were affected by the same poison which caused his heart to calm down.

"Housekeeper Fei, I, Huang Mang failed my mission!"

Due to being emotionally moved, Huang Mang once again coughed out black blood causing his face to become white.

"It's no use saying anything now!"

The old man's eyebrows tightly clustered, "Those people will be coming soon."

Looking at the scene in front of him, his face trashed.

No wonder there were no disturbance and robbing on the way, they used our trust to do such a thing with ease. Furthermore, they actually succeeded.

"Ai! … I have been blind ah!"

Huang Mang's face was aggrieved, "We will surely die, sadly we dragged miss Fei with us ah!"

Fortunately, housekeeper Fei the past few days started eating together with Feng Hao, allowing them not be be affected by the poison. Otherwise, at this time the thin faced man would be able to deal with hundreds of people alone. This poison was quite powerful, with no Medicine Master the poison is sure to kill them.

"This poison, I can remove!"

Letting go off Fei er's little hand, Feng Hao slowly walked over softly speaking.

"You can remove it?"

Housekeeper Fei and Huang Mang turned at the same time, they were somewhat surprised at the handsome young man in front of them.


Feng Hao lightly smiled, speak: "That's because, I am a Medicine Master!"

"You are a Medicine Master?!"

Both of their eyes dilated.

Feng Hao did not speak. Slowly walking over to Huang Mang, mobilizing the void dan above the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, medicine essence burst out entering the body of Huang Mang.

Then Huang Mang's complexion turned to normal visible to the naked eye. It was only a matter of time before it returned to a rosy hue.

"Cough cough!"

Opening his mouth, Huang Mang spit out stench matter several times until he stood up.

"Sure enough!"

Moving the Wu Yuan in his body, Huang Mang was incomparably surprised.

"A genuine Medicine Master?"

Housekeeper Fei dumbfoundedly looked at Feng Hao. Evidently, he did not anticipate that this youth was unexpectedly such a talent. In addition, looking at the situation this youth's rank was at the minimum middle step yellow ranked Medicine Master or higher. Regarding the restoration speed, he feared that it even reached the high step!

"Many thanks lord Medicine Master!"

Huang Mang directly kneeled in front of Feng Hao, his eyes were filled with sincerity.

"Commander Huang please get up."

Feng Hao hurriedly came forward to lift him up with his hands, turning around he said, "The current situation is not optimistic. Those people should come soon, without anything else I will begin detoxifying everyone."

"En, then I shall trouble the lord Medicine Master!"

Huang Mang face was excited.

Now is not the time to be polite. Waiting for a large number of bandits, with their current people they absolutely would have no way to resist.

As a result, Feng Hao began to cure people.

Fortunately, the amount of spirit medicine in his ring was sufficient. The poison was not at a high level so with Feng Hao's treatment the poisoned mercenaries all recovered. Hearing that it was done by the thin faced man, they were all incomparably angry.

"Firstly, don't be impulsive."

Feng Hao, Huang Mang and housekeeper Fei were all together discussing.

"I think, we should beat them at their own game!"

Then Feng Hao started to speak out his thoughts.

Due to the thin faced man not expecting Feng Hao to be a Medicine Master, so their people should not be too many.

"That is a wonderful plan!"

Huang Mang clapped his hands, across his face was a happy expression.

That's right, who would think that a little youth dressed in common clothes would be a Medicine Master? Medicine Master, it was a noble occupation. Even if a Medicine Master walked alone in the Hundred Thief Domain, not bandit would dare to block his path.

"En, that is feasible."

Housekeeper Fei also nodded his head. Although the poison on the mercenaries has been solved, his forehead being scrunched up still had some worries.

Thus, everyone did not move at all. The camp was left like it was before and they all lied down on the ground. The net has been spread, all that's left are the fish.

Yellow dust flew about, a figure stumbled on the sand running.

It was the thin faced man!

He seemed to know the terrain and went around a canyon. In there was two canyons creating a ravine, it looked to be hundreds of meters big and dark like the abyss.

"Who are you?"

He showed up and was found by two sentries stopping his way.

"Two elder brothers, I am Yuan Hua from the Yellow Wind Mercenaries. There is an urgent matter, please let it be known!"

The thin faced man Yuan Hua spoke with respect.

"Yellow Wind Mercenaries' Yuan Hua?"

The sentry glanced around him, "Wait here, I'll have a look!"

One of the sentries stayed to watch him as the other entered the cave. Soon, the sentry went out.

"The lord has allowed you to see him, quickly go see him!"

"Many thanks!"

Yuan Hua without hesitation went straight into the cave.

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