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Chapter 56 – Chai Lang

Yellow sand surged and one would not be able see any figure hundreds of meters away. This is because of the terrain and the topography, which then allows the bandit gangs to thrive.

"Only housekeeper Fei was not poisoned?"

A hoarse voice was transmitted, causing Yuan Hua's body to tremble a few times.

There was a man covered by black robes, not allowing to see his appearance. Also, his age could not be discerned by the voice. However, Yuan Hua knew, that this person was a Poison Master. The poison he used, also came from this man!

People only knew his surname as he appeared less than a month ago. In that amount of time in the Hundred Thief Domain, he controlled dozens of gangs in his hands using his poisons!

"That is the case!”

Yuan Hua spoke and he couldn't even lift his head.

"You've done well, you have exceeded my expectation."

The black robed man turned, and under the black hood a pair of deep green eyes appeared which was terrifying.

"This is for you."

The black robed man threw him a bottle.

"My lord, didn't you promised to give me this antidote only when you finished the whole matter?"

Looking at the bottle, Yuan Hua's expression changed.


The black robed man laughed, "This matter, you are not done yet. Now, go take people and bring me back the little girl. Only then will I give you the complete antidote."


"Be rest assured, I will let you bring Chai Lang and his people. After you do this job, the antidote will be given to you!"

The black robed man gave a heavy pat on his shoulder.


Struggling for a while, Yuan Hua softly spoke then exited the cave entrance.

The poison flared up causing pain, if he did not try to do this he would die for sure! As a result, in order to get the antidote he betrayed his own brothers causing pain to the soul.


The interior of the cave was ringing with the black robed man's laughter, two eyes had a glint of light, "The antidote should not be wasted on this rubbish people!"

It was night, the world was covered by the darkness, only the little silvery moonlight shown down.

In the yellow hue wilderness, a large group of people were stationed. Some of the hundreds were standing and some were sitting, while their eyes burst out filled with rage.


A neutral voice spread out and the hundreds of people quickly fell down.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Dozens of figure appeared that were closing in, and a few more flashes they were in front of the group.

"This is it!"

Yuan Hua opened his mouth, and in his eyes flashed a complex emotion. However, it soon turned into a malicious glint instead.

"There's only one Martial Grand Master?"

It was a big cruel faced man, his whole head was disfigured by many scars. He was ranked at the top in the top ten of the Hundred Thief Domain, the was the gang leader Chai Lang!

"That's right!"

Yuan Hua nodded his head.

"Brothers, quickly finish this task so we can get the antidote!"

Chai Lang shouted as he walked over first.

Along the way, all the mercenaries of the Yellow Wind Mercenaries were littered on the ground. They were covered by a layer of dust and the dozens of people walking did not pay them any attention. They did not know, that as they passed the eyes of the mercenaries opened.

Together around a bonfire, their sitting was an old man and a youth who seemed to have no intention of resisting.

The horror they wanted to see on their faces did not appear in front of them. Instead, the youth looked at them with ridicule causing them to be baffled.

However, soon the ridicule in his eyes finally held meaning. Those fallen Yellow Wind Mercenaries all stood up holding their blades surrounding them.

"Haha, Old Yuan, you did a good job!"

The originally heavily wounded Huang Mang at this time strode over with a smile on his face. Looking at the shocked face of Yuan Hua, his heart was elated.

"Drawing out these bandits, we will remember the great merits of deputy head Yuan!"

Housekeeper Fei also stood up with a smile on his face.

"Damn it!"

Chai Lang's complexion immediately changed. He simply did not give Yuan Hua a chance to talk and took out a blade to chop him in half. He directly died on the spot tragically.

The faces of the dozens of people became ashen. Initially, they thought with the poison they would not be able to resist, but now they were surrounded.

"Speak, who sent you here!"

Housekeeper Fei's eyes flickered and Wu Yuan surged all over his body as he held onto his cold sword. Wu Yuan burst out three meters around his causing the ground to make a pit. The people looking at him started to tremble.

Evidently, this sword was not a common good.


Chai Lang was unmoved and his pair of eyes swept around.

"Chief Chai Lang, do you think you can still escape?"

Huang Mang's pair of eyes straight locked on him, "Take them down!"

Hundreds of mercenaries rushed and the dozens of people were unable to hold on causing Chai Lang to gain multiple injuries. His mouth started to release blood as hell fell on the ground paralyzed, it seems that he no longer had the strength to resist.

"Speak who is the boss and you will not die!"

Housekeeper Fei once again yelled.

Regarding these words, Chai Lang could not help but wryly smile.

"There is nothing you can do to make me speak, just kill me!"

Not completing the task, his comrades left dying around him. Also the poison started to flared up, he was miserable and dying. He would be better off death, at least then he would be released.

Each of the Chai Lang robbers were beaten up, however they were all the same. They did not say anything aside from begging for death!

"Housekeeper Fei, it seems like they won't say anything. The way I see it, we should just kill them."

Huang Mang turned around with a helpless face.

He also wondered, the bones of these robbers were not hard. How can they be so stubborn?

"That's the only way."

Housekeeper Fei sighed and nodded.


The voice was familiar to the Yellow Wind Mercenaries, it was Feng Hao.

"Lord Medicine Master!"

Regarding this young man, they held very high respect. His presence alone saved all of them.

Feng Hao nodded slightly and walked over towards Chai Lang. Huang Mang afraid something would happen followed his side.

Walking closely, Feng Hao was able to clearly see that the blood coming out was black in color.

"You are poisoned!"

Feng Hao squinted his eyes.

As his words came out, Chai Lang shivered directly blurting out, "How do you know?"

The words of Chai Lang was tantamount to confirming what Feng Hao said.

"Surely you were forced to do this too?"

Feng Hao did not answer him, instead he asked.


Chai Lang laughed, "Since you now all know, give my brothers and I the pleasure!"

He closed his eyes waiting for death.

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