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Chapter 54 – Poison!

Sweeping his gaze across Feng Hao and determining that there was nothing dangerous about him, the old man pulled the little girl back to the convoy. Resting for the night, the next day as light shone the group once again started to move. They were like a snail crawling across the wilderness.

Due to the incident last night, Feng Hao became even more alert.

He felt that there was going to be an accident along the way, which became even stronger after meeting the girl.

On the third day, not a sliver of robbers were seen. Not a single figure appeared, it was as if all the bandit gangs in the Hundred Thief Domain disappeared.

"They are absolutely frightened, they do not dare come out!"

Although the mercenaries and the convoy in total had about 500 people, however compared to the Hundred Thief Domain which had hundreds of gangs in the area, they were small in comparison. Granted they may have all combined which would be a problem if they were blocked, however they did not appear at all. This caused Feng Hao to be even more uneasy of the situation.

"This is not a good thing!"

Feng Hao's eyebrows crowded as he gave another look at the luxurious carriage.

These past few days, each time when its supper, the little girl would come running asking for food. Feng Hao naturally did not let her get hungry. Gradually, this matter became the usual and they somewhat became closer.

Of course, regarding the identity of the little girl, Feng Hao was naturally not too bold to ask. There are somethings better left unknown.

"Ai! One can only hope."

Currently with Feng Hao's Martial Practitioner stage strength, he could not really do anything. Now that they have traveled a few thousand miles, at this time, even if he tried he could no longer go back as it was impossible.

He felt that after this tranquility, the group will face a storm. If a lot of people will survive, it was difficult to say!

"It would be nice to have that robe."

Feng Hao displayed a forced smile.

Thinking of himself as a black ranked Medicine Master, it can be said that in the whole West Mist Country he would be a respectable person. If he died because he did not have a Medicine Master's robe and die a tragic death under the blade of a bandit, that would be truly unfair.

As the sun set, the burning sun ignited the horizon. The convoy once again stopped and the mercenaries quickly set up their bonfires to prepare for supper.

At this time, Feng Hao was somewhat lucky. When he was in the magic beast mountain range, he was able to acquire a lot of meat. Also, before he left Magnolia City he prepared enough spices in his ring.

The Martial Master stage magic beast flesh were still fresh, naturally compared to those what the mercenaries had it was much better. Every time he ate, within Feng Hao's body heat energy gathered and spread throughout his flesh. Only a small amount would then go cleanse his essence dan.

After a few months of the heat energy cleansing, Feng Hao felt that a breakthrough on his essence dan was imminent. However, it nevertheless was difficult. Regardless of how much heat energy was tossed at it, the barrier did not budge.

To breakthrough from high quality to transcendent, Feng Hao had a lot of expectations. He wanted to see how much this transcendent dan will improve his strength many times.

"Brother Hao!"

Hearing a sweet and supple voice, Feng Hao knew that the little girl Fei er has arrived. And soon, with a smile hanging his face he turned his head to see Fei er float over like a small butterfly.

"Sit down and wait, it's almost ready."

Feng Hao pointed to a clean hide beside him and motioned for her to sit down.


Fei er who was well-behaved nodded. She bent her legs slightly and sat on the animal skin staring at the meat being roasted.

While preparing the spices, the little girl looked like a small angel. However such a small person ate tons of meat which caused Feng Hao to feel it to be unimaginable.

"Here Fei er, take it!"

Feng Hao tore the best part of the meat, skewering it and handed it over to Fei er.

"Thank you older brother Hao."

Taking the roasted meat, Fei er quickly ate causing her small mouth to be greasy.

""Here, housekeeper Fei!"

Once again tearing out a piece, Feng Hao did not turn his back and just threw it.

"Many thanks!"

This housekeeper Fei, when it came to Fei er always stayed close to protect her. Although the little girl was allowed to get food from Feng Hao everyday, the old man would just stand from the distance.

Feng Hao did not say anything. Picking up the roasted meat and not blowing it cold, he directly took a bite and ate ferociously.




Screaming and howling, some chaotic sounds spread throughout the convoy.

"Oh no, there is a mishap!"

The old man's complexion changed throwing away the meat, "Protect my clan's miss!" He yelled at Feng Hao as he immediately flew away.

Feng Hao's face quickly changed putting out the fire. Pulling the little hands of Fei er he stood up.


In front of the stunned old man, hundreds of the Yellow Wind Mercenaries were all down on the ground. Their faces showed pain and they were holding their stomachs, it was clear that they were infected.

"What the hell is going on here?"

The old man with a livid face quickly swept his gaze towards the convoy.

Feng Hao with Fei er behind his back arrived slowly. Seeing the mercenaries and their purple lips, this was a typical symptom of poisoning!


Feng Hao's heart shook, "Who poisoned them?"

There's poison, that mean there must be a Poison Master!

The profession of Poison Master cannot be said to be only scary, it was the most feared by every person. There was a rumor that there was a kingdom who offended high level Poison Master, the result was the king and ten of thousands of people were poisoned to death. That person then just left and until now has still not been found.

Therefore, the famous Poison Masters of Heaven Martial Continent were followed by a sea of blood.

Of course, the Medicine Master was the bane of a Poison Master.

"Fortunately, it is not a high level poison."

Examining the people, Feng Hao softly spoke. Mobilizing the void dan above the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, medicine essence exited his palm towards the body of a mercenary.

After a while, the mercenary spit out things with a bad stench multiple times until his face became rosy again.


Huang Mang was on the ground whose lip appeared to be purple was trembling. He was shaking all over. He pointed at one man who was smiling evilly.

This thin faced man was a deputy head of the Yellow Wind Mercenaries who was in charge of the logistics and the food. This thin faced man followed the Yellow Wind Mercenaries for a long time gaining their trust. Who knew that at this time he poured poison harming the whole Yellow Wind Mercenaries.

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