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Chapter 53 – Fei er

In the desolate valley, the wind blew and dust flew in the air. This caused the people to have a difficulty keeping their eyes open. Hundreds of of people were no currently moving forward under the dusty sky.

In the middle of the convoy, the curtain on the carriage was opened and a small head came out. Beautiful black hair fell and a round doll face appeared. The eyes were shining bright as it scanned everything in its surroundings full of curiosity.

"Young lady, come back in. the wind outside is strong."

It was the elder called housekeeper Fei who spoke with Huang Mang. At this time, his face was respectful as he referred to the around 5 to 6 year old girl.


The young lass uttered a reply and obediently shrunk back sitting down.

"Grandpa Fei, are we going home now?"

The young lass' voice was very sweet and soft, it was pleasing to hear.

"Yes ah, after the Hundred Thief Domain the young lady will be home."

The old man raised the corners of his mouth as he let out a smile, however in this smile was a hint of concern.

"I hope… everything will be fine."

He sighed at the bottom of his heart and a resolute light appeared on his eyes.

Due to the sand, the group became more and more slow. They have traveled a whole day, however they only covered about a hundred miles.

If there was nothing to guard and one traveled alone, the speed would be very fast. However as it is a caravan, it was like a snail.

At night, bonfires were lit and tents were erected. The fragrance of meat also filled the air.

Finding a place, Feng Hao created a bonfire and took out a magic beast leg. He placed it above the fire as it was slowly roasted.

The space ring was definitely a good thing. The magic beast meat that was placed inside did not lose the heat energy allowing Feng Hao not to waste anything.


A feeling of movement occurred behind and quickly Feng Hao turned around.

"That…. that…"

It was a delicate young lass adorned in decorative clothing. She was similar to a small angel that fell from the sky. However at this moment she was anxious and her eyes gleamed as she looked at Feng Hao's direction looking extremely adorable.


Seeing such a little girl, Feng Hao spoke slowly and restrained his expression into a smile, "What's up? Little sister are you hungry?"

He roasted a Martial Master stage magic beast meat and prepared some special spices, the fragrance was naturally thicker compared to the usual mercenary food.


The little girl's small hand stroke her own belly staring straight at the golden brown meat. Her small lips moved as she sweetly swallowed her saliva.

"Come here.'

Feng Hao smiled at her and waved his hands. The young lass hesitated a little, however seeing no malice from Feng Hao she slowly walked over.

"Come, eat."

Tearing a small piece of meat and skewering it, Feng Hao handed it over to the little girl's hands, "Careful it's hot."

"En, thank you big brother."

The lovable little girl said. Maybe it’s due to hunger, which caused her small mouth to eat up the meat all up quickly.


Feng Hao shook his head lightly, tearing a big chunk he began to chew.

After which, Feng Hao again tore another piece and gave it to the young girl. She caressed her small belly and comfortably squinted her eyes.

"You want more?"

Feng Hao pointed to the piece of meat on the grill and asked softly.

"Fei er is already full, thanks big brother."

The young girl patted her small belly and her pair of big bright eyes curved into a crescent, her voice was sweet and supple.


Feng Hao took out a clean handkerchief and handed it over to her, "Clean up, you look like a small cat."


The little girl was well-behaved.

"Fei er! Fei!"

A voice with worry rang out causing those who heard it to realize the person talking was panicked.

"Fei er?"

Feng Hao's eyebrows clustered and looked at the little girl, "Don't tell me it's her?'

Just now, he listened to the girl who called herself Fei er. Looking at her appearance and conduct, she definitely was not a child of a mercenary.

"It's the voice of grandpa Fei."

The little girl looked distracted then shouted, "Grandpa Fei, I am here."

Not long after, a figure urgently appeared.

He saw the old man who was called housekeeper Fei by Huang Mang. At this time, his face was full of worry and came to the little girl checking her up and down if something happened.

"Miss Fei er, how did you get here?"

"Fei er was hungry and came here."

The little girl then pointed to Feng Hao.

At this moment, the old man finally realized the existence of Feng Hao.

The boy was currently holding onto a piece of meat on his hand. Seeing the old man come, he also did not get up to greet.

For such a young boy to appear here, the old man's eyes narrowed and placed his body in front of the little girl guarding her. His face was full of vigilance as he asked Feng Hao, "Who are you?"

"Grandpa Fei, big brother is not a bad person, He even gave Fei er barbeque to eat."

The little girl pulled at the old man's clothing trying to calm him. However the old man's expression did not change, on the contrary both of his hands were covered now with Wu Yuan.

Martial Grand Master!

The old man housekeeper Fei was actually a strong warrior at the Martial Grand Master stage!

"Who am I?"

Feng Hao placed the meat down that was on his hands and casually wiped his mouth, "I am a temporary member of the Yellow Wind Mercenaries."

The identity of the old man was apparently not as simple as a caravan head. Seeing the little girl called Fei er, Feng Hao started to doubt his identity.

Looking at the tense appearance of the old man, Feng Hao's heart was moved.

"Perhaps the real purpose of this trip was not the goods, but for this little girl!"

Thinking of this, Feng Hao's heart shook.

This little girl's identity should be respectable. To use three caravans as a cover up, this means the road may not be as peaceful!

At this point, he even had the urge to turn back. It felt it was like a whirlpool, following the convoy would be a trap in itself.

"A temporary member? You have proof?"

The old man heard what he said and stared at him warily.

"There needs to be proof? She came to me to eat three pieces of meat, it that not enough proof?"

Feng Hao rolled his eyes and continued to grill the meat tearing a piece and chewing crazily.

His meaning was clear, if he really wanted to do something; with the amount of time, he would have already done it.

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