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Chapter 52 – Yellow Wind Mercenaries

The Yellow Wind Mercenaries started their selection on the street. As long as your strength reached the Martial Practitioner stage, you would be hired. At this moment, all the Yellow Wind Mercenaries cared about was getting a lot of people. That way, with their large amount of people no one would dare rob them.

Every mercenary that passed the test happily stood behind the black bearded man.

Feng Hao also joined in with the crowd.

This was an opportunity. It was not due to the money, Feng Hao did not really care about that. The most important thing is to be able to safely traverse the Hundred Thief Domain.


A figure flew and fell more than ten meters away with blood dripping on the corners of the mouth.

"Early step Martial Practitioner and you dare come? Aren't you afraid you won't be able to keep up with the group? Haha!"

The words came from a Yellow Wind Mercenary who was overseeing the selection process. Seeing that a lot of people wanted to join, naturally the requirement of strength in the application increased. The one who was thrown to the ground looked like he wanted to say something however he was glared at. Glancing around he was scared. He did not say anything and quickly pulled away from the crowd.

"Who else wants to sign up?"

There was a difference in strength within the Martial Practitioner stage. The important thing was to see the martial skills and secret art so that the Yellow Wind Mercenaries can ensure that they only pick high level Martial practitioners. They look at your posture, your martial skill to make sure that you were not weak.

Looking around, Feng Hao took a step forward.

"I've come to try!"

It was a youth around 12 years of age, his face still did not shed baby fat, he did not look strong at all. On the contrary, compared to all the mercenaries Feng Hao looked very weak.


The man was slightly stunned then immediately began to laugh, "Haha! Little baby, do you think we are playing house?"



Next to the mercenary sound of laughter spread and looked at him with ridicule.

"Little baby, you still can't join in with the fun. Go home and drink milk! Haha!"

The man burst out laughing again.


Feng Hao smirked and his eyes slightly narrowed, "Without trying, how do you know I can't do it?"

"Eh, so the little baby is very confident of his own strength, Haha!"

The man was still joking but Feng Hao was still calm and did not saying anything, "Thus, if you can receive three of my attacks, you pass. How about that?"

As a high level Martial Practitioner and having a yellow level martial skill, to deal with a weak youth would not be a glorious thing. Therefore, he said that three attacks is the agreement.

"What's the harm with doing ten?"

Feng Hao raised his eyebrow and said with provocation.


The man smiled and only looked at Feng Hao.

The youth before him was weak, however even in front of a high level Martial Practitioner his face unexpectedly did not have a trace of panic. In fact, it was the opposite. His face was filled with confidence instead.

"Then I shall test you!"

The man's eyes bulged as he lifted his fists, Wu Yuan surged and created a sound in the air. He then smashed towards Feng Hao's chest area.

As the first attack arrived, Feng Hao still did not move. It seemed like he was scared stil. Standing there, he did not move at all and one can see that the people around started to shake their heads.

Until the fist was finally reaching, Feng Hao lifted his arm with no urgency.


After the motion, the move startled the skies and fast a lightning twenty tides of force instantaneously burst out.


The two fists clashed together and a strong wind lifted the dust on the ground.


A figure staggered more than ten consecutive steps before being able to stabilize. Unexpectedly, it was the high level Martial Practitioner from the Yellow Wind Mercenaries.

Standing there, his face quickly turned red then white.


Such a result, all eyes went to one place. All their gazes towards Feng Hao were shock.

Just a youngster unexpectedly forced an experienced high level Martial Practitioner back. This is sufficient to show that his strength was not common.


The black bearded head of the Yellow Wind Mercenaries was close enough to see everything that happened. Suddenly his eyes became bright, obviously he was also shocked by Feng Hao's strength.

"This little brother, you are qualified."

Huang Mang walked over and talked with a soft voice.

"Thank you commander!"

Feng Hao cupped his fists and walked towards those who also passed.

"This child is not simple!"

Looking at Feng Hao's back, Huang Mang thought in his heart.

To be at that age and have such a cultivation is not so surprising comparing it to the whole world. However such a temperament was rare.

With such huge amounts of money, naturally a lot of people joined and were recruited. Not long after hundreds of people came with Huang Mang to an inn to rest the night. The next day at dawn, with the newly recruited temporary mercenaries, there were at least three hundred people standing on the street.

All the people under the command of Huang Mang went out of town to form three groups. Standing there were three groups of a hundred people waiting for the arrival of the caravan.

Not long after, when all the people were out of town, a white haired old man came out from a luxurious carriage.


Huang Mang laughed and greeted him.

"Housekeeper Fei, you personally came yourself?"

In the face of the gorgeously dressed old man, Huang Mang appeared very respectful. This let people see that the identity of this old man was not normal.

"Commander Huang Mang."

The old man nodded slightly towards him, "This time, I would have to trouble Commander Huang Mang."

"Housekeeper Fei, there is no need for such words. It is part of the job of my Yellow Wind mercenaries. Be rest assured. In order to ensure safety, I specially recruited hundreds of people. With this many people, those robbers would not dare stop us."

Huang Mang shook his beard and clapped his chest to show sincerity.

"If that is the case, as long as we safely make it to Red Sun City, the reward would naturally be big."

The old man stroked his beard and glanced around. There was a faint look of worry seen on his face.

"Many thanks housekeeper Fei!"

Huang Mang's complexion became happy.

"Let's set out to journey!"

After that, the old man went back inside the carriage.

"Team one, you will lead on the road. Team two and three, protect the wings. Set out!"

With Huang Mang's loud commands, the three teams scattered surrounding the caravan in the middle. Hundreds of people started to walk the desolate road.

"This trip, I'm afraid it’s not so simple."

Feng Hao looked at the worried face of housekeeper Fei, his eyebrows clustered. He could not help but be suspicious of the three groups.

"Is this really a caravan that would only delivery ordinary goods?"

Although the three groups of caravans seemed simple and no different from other caravans, Feng Hao felt something was wrong. He just could not say what it was.

"I can only hope."

Sweeping his gaze at Huang Mang, Feng Hao quietly followed the left wing.

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