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Chapter 48 – Sadness

On the bed, Feng Hao's complexion was as white as paper. With his eyes closed and tightly wrinkled eyebrows, sweat would drop from his forehead as if he was in a nightmare.


Qiong Su was sitting on the bedside looking at the youth. Quietly breathing, her pair of eyes were red and on her hand was a wet towel. Pinching it dry carefully, she then wiped the sweat from the youth's forehead.

"Don't worry too much, Hao er is just unconscious. In a few days he will wake up naturally."

Feng Chen stood at the side softly comforting.


Wiping Feng Hao's tightly wrinkled eyebrows, Qiong Su's eyes once again became red and teared up. She could not stop herself.


Also thinking about Yan Qing leaving, Feng Chen could not help but sigh.

Night fell and dark clouds swallowed the bright full moon. Soon the whole heaven and earth was plunge into darkness.

In the room, the ring on Feng Hao's left hand exuded an array of light. His body was bathed in the bright light repairing his wounds. It was only until the morning came did the light come back inside the ring not leaving any trace.

Early in the morning, Qiong Su came then Feng Chen paid a visit when it was noon.


On the bed, Feng Hao's body moved slightly, then he slowly opened his eyes.


When he first woke up, there was an acute pain on his back that caused him to clench his teeth.

With no hesitation, Feng Hao directly raised his upper body and mobilized the Shen Nong Medicine Canon above the void dan. The cool medicine spread relieving the pain of his wounds a lot. After not much time, he would return to tip top shape.


Opening his mouth, he spit out turbid gas and his body felt refreshed.

At this time, memories started flooding into his mind.

"Not good!"

He jumped down the bed and went out the door. He found that everything in the courtyard has not changed, causing his heart to slightly calm down. His eyebrows knitted as he could not help but be puzzled.

According to the things that happened before he went unconscious, the Feng Clan should not be intact anymore.

"What the hell happened after that?'

Thinking for a bit, he took steps towards Feng Chen's study. However, he still still worried about Yan Qing.

Imperceptibly, he always felt that this matter should have something to do with her. That is because in addition to her mysterious identity, no one could stop the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps.

"Hao er, you are awake!"

Sitting behind the desk Feng Chen saw Feng Hao come in. He directly put down the things on hand and stood up looking at Feng Hao with happiness.

According to his estimate, with the injuries Feng Hao suffered, it should have at least taken ten days before he woke up. However, in only four days, Feng Hao did not only wake up, he was moving freely. This made him feel a little strange.

"En, your son has made father worry."

Feng Hao nodded and slightly bowed his head.

"Come, don't stand and sit down!"

Feng Chen nevertheless thought of his well being.

"Father, I already have healed."

Feng Hao stretched out his hand, legs and made some movements. His whole body issued sounds of snaps motioning that he is already alright.

"This… How could that be!"

Feng Chen looked at his son with an open mouth that an egg can be fit in.

He checked Feng Hao's wounds this morning, he was still in a bloody fragile state. There were still no signs of scabs, how did so much change in a span of a few hours?

He went over and lifted Feng Hao's clothes.

Where there was a wound, not even a scar was left, this was not normal. If he did not see it with his own eyes, Feng Chen would not think that it would be possible.


In front of all this, Feng Chen was shocked that he could not complete his words.

After a long time, he finally calmed down quietly. Looking at the youth standing in front of his body, he slowly spoke, "How on earth did you do it?"

This matter, it was too inconceivable. In his heart, a faint thought was taking root.

"I am a Medicine Master!"

Feng Hao confessed as this was the only explanation. He felt that at the beginning the identity of Medicine Master should have been hidden. However after thinking it over, he felt that making it public is more beneficial. Like in the case of the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps, if they knew his clan had a Medicine Master, maybe they would have thought it over before thinking of taking the job.

Although it was attractive, living was more important. Especially in the case of mercenaries who live and die by the blade, they could not bare offending a Medicine Master.

"As expected!"

A shiver of excitement appeared in Feng Chen's heart causing him to be tremble, opening laughing, "Good! Good, haha…"

Looking at his son in front of him, his eyes became a little hazy.

Not only having such high talent, but also a Medicine Master, he could already foresee Feng Hao's future achievements. Mediocre? That is nothing but a joke!

At this time, he finally believed Feng Hao's situation. No wonder his body was a bottomless pit, everyone indeed wronged him.

What does a Medicine Master represent? The former Feng Clan Head no longer knew, he just understood that the Feng Clan will rise!

From Feng Hao, he saw the Feng Clan's future hope!

Looking at the excited expression of his father, Feng Hao felt a fulfilling emotion.

In this world the strong were respected. Cultivation and nothing else, for the clan, for the family, only then can one stand straight to speak!


"Do you want to ask about Yan Qing?"

Seeing that Feng Hao had a worried look, Feng Chen's eyebrows clustered.

Yan Clan, although he has not hear of such a family, but looking at the strength of the black robed men one can see that they were not simple.

"She's fine!"

Feng Chen exclaimed.


Feng Hao let out a long sigh laying down his thoughts, "Then she?"

Feng Hao did not know why, but he was impulsive and eager about Yan Qing.

"She's gone."

Walking towards his desk, Feng Chen faced his back to Feng Hao. He could not bare see his sad eyes.


Feng Hao was stumped, a bad feeling rose in his heart.

"Hao er, forget everything about her."

Turning his head, Feng Chen with his distressed looked at the stupefied face of Feng Hso trying to persuade him

"Forget her?"

Listening to this, Feng Hao staggered and tightly pulled at Feng Chen's arm, "Father, what happened after? Why did Yan Qing leave like this?"


Such a thing, the whole Magnolia City knew what happened. Feng Chen sighed and did not conceal anything. He also added the words of the middle aged man, he said everything.

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