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Chapter 47 – Leaving

Even after killing hundreds of people, the black robed men's faces never changed. It seems as if they were born just to kill.

They were messengers of death!

Looking at the things that happened, near or far everyone did not come back to their senses in a long time. The black robed men were ruthless. It will be deeply imprinted on their souls and they will never forget.

After everything, the black robed men all appeared behind Yan Qing. They all stood in a neat row not making the slightest of sound. As before their complexion were still cold acting as if nothing important has happened.

They in fact have always been in the dark to protect Yan Qing's safety. Otherwise with only her strength, then she would have not safely traversed the magic beast mountain range.


The middle aged man was still hunched over breathing out his words.

"I understand!"

Yan Qing casually replied and turned around. Looking at the blood that was flowing from Feng Hao's mouth, her bright ice-cold eyes had a hint of sadness.

In fact, she already vaguely knew that these people were present, they just never showed themselves. Now that they appeared, it means that she has to go back.

"Miss should be rest assured, he only lost consciousness."

The middle aged man casually glanced at Feng Hao and softly spoke.

"Lost consciousness?"

Yan Qing's worried heart calmed down. However looking at the youth whose eyebrows were still deeply wrinkled, her heart slightly tightened. Her breathing also quickened.

She did not know why this youth caused her to have such varying emotions so easily. This feeling for the first time, she was not accustomed to it, it was very uncomfortable. Thinking of the fact that she has to leave, her heart was very reluctant.

"Miss, your task has been completed. It is time to go back, the patriarch has urged many times.

The middle aged man once again reminded.


Yan Qing replied lightly once again having a deep look at the youths handsome face. Taking a deep breath, hr expression immediately changed. Turning around, her face has been restored to being cold as if nothing happened.

Sweeping her surroundings, everyone around did not dare stare at her face to face. It's as if she was a crane in a flock of chicken, she was aloof and remote.

"Let's go."

She did not look back. Taking a light step, she went towards the city gate. A line of black robed men started to follow fearing another accident might happen.

It was not that she did not want to look back, however she was afraid if she did, she would not be able to leave.

Feng Hao was the only person who dared talking to her eye to eye, daring to say whatever he thought. Additionally, the boy readily took the sword attack for her, Yan Qing knew that she would never forget that scene in her life.

However with the identity gap, Yan Qing knew that her clan would not allow her to be with Feng Hao. Unless Feng Hao could stand at the peak in the future, only then would there be a possibility.


The middle aged breathed a sigh of relief, his gaze wen towards Feng Chen beside him, "When he awakes, tell him to forget everything that happened in the magic beast mountain range. Treat is as if he never met the miss. There would be no benefit if he gets obsessed, it better to leave it be for your clan and mine's.

Finishing talking, his body flashed twice and he disappeared. The demon-like speed caused everyone to tremble.

"Coerce to forget?"

Feng Chen has a wry smile arriving at Feng Hao's body. Looking at youth's face with paper like paleness, he had a tight frown and in his heart he heavily sighed.

Feng Hao's personality can be understood. For him to take the blade for Yan Qing, one can see what he was thinking.

However, the black robed men and the middle aged man shocked Feng Chen even more.

Although he expected Yan Qing was extraordinary, he did not expect it to be so frightening.

To have Martial Grand Masters as mere escort, the middle aged man is unfathomable. Thinking about it, the clan they were from was certainly not simple. Such forced compared to the Feng Clan, only two of the guards are enough to wipe them out. That is how big the gap is between them.

"This silly boy."

Feng Chen heavily sighed and shook his head. He picked up Feng Hao and went towards the Feng residence.

"Elders, arrange the men to clean up the Hu and Yang Clan remnants. They must be exterminated!"

Feng Lie gave a series of orders. The Feng Clan elite immediately moved up dividing into two groups. Each group was headed by two Martial Master stage elders as they moved different directions. Not too long after the sounds of screaming for mercy sounded out.

Hu Li, Yang Chong, all the clan elders and hundreds of clan elites died in the hands of the black robed men. With that, they were unable to resist the assault of the Feng Clan.

After this day, two clans are to be completely eradicated. Now there is only two big clans in Magnolia City, the Feng and Wan Clan!

The Hu and Yang clan collaborated to take on the Feng Clan. After having such a result, all the forced in Magnolia collective sighed. Then when the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps appeared they were surprised. However when the black robed came, that was the real shock to them. Everyone started to discuss the real background of Yan Qing.

However no matter how much they guessed, they could not think of any clan in the kingdom that could have such strength.

A character at the Martial Grand Master stage just being escorts, this thinking caused one's scalp to numb. There was no chance to resist.

They were thinking of what kind of reaction the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps will have. A few days later the king of West Mist Country came out with explosive news. All the forces in West Mist Country shook.

The Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps were extinguished. All five thousand men were killed with no one left alive. Several thousands of skulls were orderly placed in front of the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps and Commander Han Lang also did not escape.

There was no noise, no shouts, not even a blood curdling scream. One of the big three mercenary groups in West Mist Country, the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps no longer existed. They were silently destroyed and there were no signs of resistance. It was only when the stink reached the streets did people discovered the truth.

No one knew exactly what force did the act and why. At this time, the other two big mercenary groups dealt with their affairs lowkey. For fear that they may provoke the wrong person.

When the news reached Magnolia City, the Feng Clan up and down were relieved. After this change, the Hu and Yang Clan estates and businesses all went to the Feng Clan. No one dare defy them swallowing everything and becoming big. Even the Wan Clan was silent not daring to say a word. Some small forces went to the Feng CLan and became they subordinate forces.

This is an event that no one expected. After the catastrophe, the Feng Clan bathed in fire, re-birthed anew and soared in the sky.

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