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Chapter 49 – Shortage of money once again

Feng Hao stumbled out of the study of Feng Chen. With Yan Qing leaving, Feng Hao's heart felt like it lost something, something was missing in general. This feeling was very strange.

Along they way, the words of Feng Chen said echoed in his mind.

"Forget her? Like it never happened?"

Thinking about the description of what happened that day and the destruction of the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps after, Feng Hap knew that the middle aged man had something to do with it.

His strength, based on the things said by Feng Chen should at least be at the Martial Ancestor stage!

Martial Ancestor, in the whole West Mist Country can be counted in one hand. It is exactly that Martial Ancestor who called Yan Qing miss, this means that the Yan Clan had incredible strength.

"In the end, my strength is too low?'

Feng Hao clenched his fist and tightly bit his lower lips. This let a salty fish taste in his mouth due to the blood. Then in his pupils gradually condensed a light.

A strong warrior gets respect, only the strong get respected.


Wu Yuan surged as tidal waves of strength condense at both of his fists. His clothes lifted and his long hair floated in the air.


With a cry, he raised his fists and hit the ground.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The two fists continually fell on the ground. Everytime the fist went down, the earth would split and would smash a pit. Until his forearm could reach the soil, Feng Hao gasped and stopped. He collapsed on the ground and did not get up for a long time.

Yan Qing, a young girl who was only a few months older than him could already resist against a Martial Grand Master. How about himself?


Feng Hao let out a self deprecating laugh and slowly stood.

The world was big, it is not something that he can imagine. Perhaps in West Mist Country the authority of a Martial Ancestor is the highest, however outside it can be the lowest existence.

This is absolutely possible, this can be seen in the middle aged man's identity.


Feng Hao's eyes became determined.

Wanting to have the top strength, the first factor is having a top quality secret art. Feng Hao at this time did not meet this condition.

The no grade Yan Jue, poor amounts of Wu Yuan, he basically could not waste it. If he wanted to reach the fifth gravity of the Racing Thunder Fist, he was afraid all of his Wu Yuan was not enough.

Having little amounts of Wu Yuan have decisive effects.

But to fight over wu crystals, at this time he did not have that strength.

"It seems that I must leave the Feng Clan."

Feng Hao already tasted the benefits of cultivating in the magic beast mountain range, he was aware of the importance of external pressure. Also, there was the benefits of magic beast flesh, his heart was moved.

"In the long run, the essence dan will reach the transcendent level. With the help of the Mad Transformation Art, his strength would increase multiple levels.

Thinking of the transcendent essence dan, his heart inexplicably became a bit passionate.

Transcendent essence dan, it is more than triple the preceding levels. In this way his ceiling in getting stronger would be much higher!

In the case of being a Medicine Master and having a transcendent essence dan through the Mad transformation Art, then at that time facing a Martial Grand Master would not be an issue.

Thinking about his, he went back.

"Hao er."

Seeing Feng Hao return, Feng Chen could not help but worry.

"Father be rest assured when it comes to that matter, i will behave appropriately."

Even having a Martial Ancestor as a guard, this point Feng hao understood.

If a Martial Practitioner was able to find the Yan Clan, they would not pay any attention to him. So it is better to have absolute strength first before trying to look for them.

"That's good."

Seeing the serious appearance of Feng Hao, Feng Chen put the matter to rest.

"Father, I want to go out and gain experience."

Feng Hao directly said his purpose.

"Go out and gain experience?"

The eyebrows of Feng Chen knitted.

"Father be rest assured, I have the ability to protect myself."

Feng Hao clenched his fist and with the use of essence dan Wu Yuan gushed out.

"Late step Martial Practitioner?!"

Feng Chen's eyes nearly fell out.

This kid a few days ago and refined a piece of wu crystal allowing him to reach the middle step Martial Practitioner. After being in a coma, how could he have been promoted? This speed, it goes against the heavens!

"It's not a promotion, it's because of this."

In his hands, Feng Hao handed the Mad Transformation Art to Feng Chen.

"Mad Transformation Art?"

Feng Chen seemed to not know what it was, so he turned it over.

Reading the first sentence, he was moved then his body trembled.

"My essence dan has reached the high grade."

Feng Hao opened his mouth to explain.

"No wonder, it triples the strength."

Feng Chen in a flash understood, with what was written the high grade dan was one in a million but Feng Hao reached it.

"Father, condensing an essence dan is very risky. This matter of the Mad Transformation Art should be decided by you and you will take charge of it.

Feng Hao earnestly spoke. He himself condensed and essence dan and knew the risk it had. Before taking it out, he was afraid that Feng Chen would try to condense an essence dan. But now, time has passed. With good preparation, condensing an essence dan for the Martial Grand Master Feng Chen should be not too difficult.

"Be at ease!"

This caused the face of Feng Chen to light up. With this Mad Transformation Art, the strength of the Feng Clan would raise multiple times; "Since you decided to go out and gain experience, I would not keep you. But you must be careful not to burn out. It is important to enhance strength, however remember not to overdo it."

He knew that to a certain degree his son was stubborn. In cultivating martial arts, he pushed himself hard. However cultivating at home and outside is absolutely different.

"Father be at ease."

Being in the magic beast mountain range for a few months, Feng Hao naturally knew of the dangers in the journey.

"Right, it would be best if you went to Red Sun City as these is a Medicine Master Guild present there. As a Medicine Master, how can you not possess a Medicine Master robe? With the status of an official Medicine Master, it would be more convenient when traveling outside."

Feng Chen explained.

"Medicine Master Guild?"

Feng Hao vaguely recalled hearing about it.

The Medicine Master Guild was not only a power in the West Mist Country, rather it is present within the whole Heaven Martial Continent that has the purpose of serving Medicine masters.


Feng Hao thought about it and promised to go.

Indeed, if he had the Medicine Master robe on his body, naturally many would be more humble and not find trouble.

"Going outside, take this money."

Feng Chen opened a drawer taking out a ring. Crashing sounds echoed as a large pile of gold appeared which should be at least reach more than tens of thousands.

Looking at these gold coins, Feng Hao thought about himself and the large amount of spirit medicines at the Elegant Auction Pavilion that he has yet to take.

To condense the medicine dan even more with the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, a lot of spirit medicines are necessary.

However, the amount of money Feng Chen came out with was clearly not enough.

"How do I get money?"

Unconsciously, Feng Hao once again questioned this matter.

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