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Chapter 46 – Paying respect to miss

The sound of the cold voice was spread to the whole audience, in an instant a dropping needle could be heard.

One young girl, she stood there emitting an aura which everyone felt.

"She is not simple!"

Even Peng Chan would not dare offend her lightly.

This temperament is a superior one, it was something that took one’s whole life to shape and cannot be recreated.

"May I ask what to call the miss?"

Peng Shan bowed his head, in the bottom of his heart he knew he cannot afford to offend such a person.

"With just you, you think you deserve to know?"

Yan Qing slightly lifted her head, sweeping her glance at him with great disdain. There was not the slightest fluctuation in the tone.


Immediately, the corners of Peng Chan's mouth rapidly twitched.

In the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps he was one of the three commanders, commanding thousands of people under him. In the West Mist Country, all big clans would act polite in front of him. However at this time, before him was a Martial Practitioner young girl who did not put him in her eyes at all.

In front of his men and the crowd, he could not just say nothing.

"Since the young lady refuses to say, then don't blame this Peng Shan for offending you!"

Peng Shan clenched his teeth and a flash of fierceness appeared in his eyes.

A life of a person, is nothing more than a breath in the grand scheme of things. If he retreated, then in the future is regiment would no longer command any prestige.

He had the position of commander, but there were many people eyeing his standing!

"Then, there's nothing else to say!"

He waved his hand and the group of dozen from the Wild Wolf Mercenary group started moving. Walking towards the Feng Clan, they had their swords out of their sheaths. Wu Yuan surged and shot out mercilessly.

The Feng Clan people's faces turned pale, Yan Qing also froze. She did not think a small Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps would dare take actions into their own hands. Such a cold attack, she forgot to dodge.

"Be careful!"

Feng Hao arrived in front of her to confront the arriving cold attack. Hitting his back was a tremendous force which caused the two of them to be sent flying falling in the middle.

With both sides impacting each other, a dozen Feng Clan members were hit causing them to fall.

"Cough cough!…"

Taking this heavy blow, Feng Hao quickly vomited a mouthful of blood rapidly turning his complexion white. "You… are you okay?"

"I'm alright."

Yan Qing looked at him nervously.

After replying, Feng Hao's mind went blank. His consciousness fell into darkness directly making faint.

"Hey, are you alright? Hey, don't scare me!"

Looking at the paper pale Feng Hao, Yan Qing immediately panicked. It was if if she lost a very important thing, her eyes became red and tears flooded out.

But no matter how much she tried, Feng Hao did not wake up.

Looking up, the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps of a dozen people were like a tiger in the center of a flock. They relentlessly slaughtered the Feng Clan younger generation as Feng Chen was repeatedly pushed back by Peng Shan.


A Martial Master stage mercenary broke through the line of defense. Holding onto a blade, he aimed towards Yan Qing smashing ruthlessly.

They understood that the girl must not be ordinary, perhaps she was really part of a big clan. Due to offending her, the only way is to root her out!

Looking at the young girl sitting there silly, the complexion of the man became ferocious and malevolent.

"Not good!"

It was too late for Feng Chen to get away and try to save her.


A shadow abruptly appeared in front of Yan Qing and stretched on hand to hold onto the incoming blade with two fingers. Holding the blade, the mercenary released strong Wu Yuan, however even the clothes did not budge.

There was a middle aged man who had a vigorous complexion and intimidating eyes. On his body was black clothing made from luxurious materials with a silver lightning symbol on his upper left chest.

He slightly moved and the blade on the mercenaries hand inch by inch twisted until it fell down broken. His palm faintly extended hitting the stomach of the Martial Master Mercenary. He looked with astonishment as the force caused him to vomit.


The mercenary did not have the slightest resistance. His body and chest was directly pierced as blood squirted out. His whole figure was sent flying more than tens of meters and as he fell on the ground he was no longer breathing.

Everyone was in shock, everyone sucked in a cold breath and looked at the direction of the Feng residence.

Suddenly a group of blacked robed figures appeared, carefully looking at them at their upper left chest was marked with the same silver lightning symbol.

They all had a grave expression, there was no fluctuation in complexion as if a cutting edge knife emitted a chilling feeling to people.

They were standing there and the whole audience did not dare make any movement. Even the peak Martial Grand Master Peng Shan was the same, he did not breath loudly.

That is because he did not even realize that these black robed men were there the whole time. Also, just looking at the middle aged man in the middle, he felt that he was freezing.


"Paying respect to the miss!"

Coming forward, the black robed middle aged man knelt down in front of Yan Qing.

"This old slave came late causing the young lady to be frightened!"

The middle aged man bowed his head and spoke with a humble tone. He did not dare look straight at the young lady.

Looking at the things that happened, Yan Qing's face became cold. Placing Feng Hao down, she slowly stood up.

"We let the young miss get frightened!"

The group of black robed men repeated the phrase.

Them all talking, it caused a monstrous wave towards the audience.

The identity of this maiden was indeed very not simple!

Looking at the spectators, Yan Qing did not say anything. Her cold eyes swept everyone and finally ended on the unconscious bloody body of Feng Hao. Seeing the youth, her eyebrows crowded and her heart became resolute.

"Kill, leave no one alive!"

A cold voice spread out from Yan Qing's mouth with no emotion.

Her words were like a proclamation of death. The group a black robed men stood up and each one released a murderous aura. Everyone's mind froze.

They were like messengers of death, as they swept the scene whether it was the Hu Clan, Yang Clan, the people of the Wild Wolf Mercenary, as the black robed men approached they offered not even the slightest of resistance. Suddenly, screams sounded everywhere. Soon after, the quiet was restored but with lifeless bodies lying on the ground.

When the black robed men killed, there was not slightest difficulty. In the bloody scene, the Feng Clan breathed in cool air.

In the distance, everyone held their breaths. No one dares to make the slightest noise.

Wan Shuo's body slightly trembled. These group of black robed men were too big of a shock. The peak Martial Grand Master Peng Shan unexpectedly gave no resistance. This one event in his life, he will never forget.

The rushing Ouyang Peng's body also froze. Looking at the incredible scene, he was the silver lightning symbol on the upper left chest of the black robed men causing his pupils to dilate.

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