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Chapter 45 – Get lost




Magnolia City, near the entrance of the Feng residence nearly a thousand heaps of people were drowned in a melee. Not one has not yet reached the Martial Practitioner stage, Wu Yuan flashed everywhere causing a bloody sight. Arms and legs were broken all over the place and more than a dozen people have already died.

Feng Chen, who used the Racing Thunder Fist also displayed the second gravity of the martial skill. Hu Li and Yang Chong fought him not giving him the slightest chance to rest. Whether attacking or defending, they were in no panic.


A long silver whip exuded a sound on the empty air and every person that was hit fell. The thunder whip was like a snake, carefully harvesting the lives of those from the Hu and Yang Clan.

This one sided situation, a few people started to notice, people near and far attention was taken.

This budding maiden was like a real fairy, armed with sword that was emitting lights like luster of gems. And on the end of the sharp sword was a whip made up of lightning.

"Thunder attribute!"

Everyone's pupils widened.

It was a legendary attribute!


All around gasps of sucking cold air could be heard, looking at the girl their gazes were full of shock and awe.

"Who is she?"

Seeing such a face, everyone could not help but doubt. At this time, they finally saw a youth behind the young girl.

The delicate and pretty youth did not wear any extravagant clothing, his whole body was covered with common clothing. Standing there, he seemed unremarkable, however they all knew who he was.

The mediocre youth, Feng Hao!

"What is he doing?"

All the people were puzzled, why would Feng Hao just be standing behind the young girl and not do anything.

"Don't tell me he is afraid of death?"

When such a thought came out, everyone looked at him with their eyes showing a little contempt.

"Waste are waste, even if you have high talent, still a waste!"

They could not help but sneer at him in their heart.

Regarding these looks, Feng Hao turned a blind eye and did not take it to heart.

All these years, he had been accustomed to such looks. He did not want to explain anything.

With a killing god present in the side of the Feng Clan, Hu Li and Yang Chong were worried.

Their elite younger generation from their clans fell in the dozens, they were getting impatient with such an urgent matter.

"The brothers that were hired from the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps, at this time still not making a move, when will you guys show up?"

Hu Li took one chance to retreat in a distance transmitting out his voice.

When the people were being confused, a party of more than ten people appeared from the street. They all had a menacing aura around them, on their hands were swords that reflected the bright sunlight causing a cold atmosphere.

When these people appeared, the people on the side of the road made way.

"Those people are from the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps!"

All the people's heart shivered.

Within the dozen people, there was no one below the Martial Master stage. There were even two at the Martial Grand Master stage.

"Not good!"

Everyone from the Feng Clan had a big change in expression, Feng Lie and Feng Chen's faces turned ashen.


The people from the Hu and Yang Clan laughed, each and everyone of them were filled with pride. Even Hu Li and Yang Chong had to attack like they saw their ancestor and greeted with respect.

"Lord Peng, you had to trouble yourself."

Hu Li directly spoke with deference to the middle aged man standing in front of the dozen people.

This man was named Peng Shan, he had the cultivation of a high level Martial Grand Master. In the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps he was a commander, under him were thousands of mercenaries. In Magnolia City such strength is not comparable.

This time, no one knew how much of a price the Hu and Yang Clan had to pay in order to invite such a figure.


Peng Shan was indifferent, his footsteps did not stop as he walked towards the entrance to the Feng residence.

"The Hu Clan unexpectedly invited the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps to participate!"

"This time the Feng Clan is surely finished!"

In the distance, everyone was whispering. Wan Shuo looking at this scene deeply wrinkled his brows.

The fall of the Feng Clan was not a good thing for his Wan Clan.

Peng Shan's gaze swept everyone, then it stopped at the figures of Feng Chen and Yan Qing.

One was because of strength, the other was naturally because of beauty.

"Is this the Feng Clan?"

He asked loudly.

"Yes, Lord Peng."

Even the Martial Grand Master Hu Li who was beside him did not dare raise his head.


Peng Shan snorted with disdain, "Are the things ready?"

"The lord should be relieved, everything has been prepared at an earlier time."

Hu Li repeated with a guarantee.

Peng Shan no longer asked, to him with the Hu Clan's ability they would not dare play any tricks. Afterwards, then then took a stride towards Feng Chen.

"If you kill yourself, I will leave your corpse intact!"

His eyes narrowed slightly, his gaze locked onto Feng Chen. He spoke with an extremely cold and arrogant tone.

Hearing Peng Shan's words, the facial expressions of the Feng Clan turned white.

This was a genuine murderous grudge, it could not be solved with another end. The Feng Clan did not anticipate that the Hu and Yang Clan would be able to invite people from the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps.

"Does the heavens plan my Feng Clan to die today?'

Feng Lie staggered and fell on the ground. Facing the dozen of people from the Wild Wolf Mercenary, the hundreds of people from the Feng Clan did not have the urge to rebel.

They did not think of the Feng Clan surviving. Against the Wild WOlf Mercenary Corps, how can the Feng Clan go against them?

"To want to destroy my feng Clan, your Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps is not enough!"

A cold voice spread out. In the quiet scene, the voice was loud and clear that people from far away could hear it.


Everyone looked at the figure of a youth walking out, their hearts shook.

It was Feng Hao!

"Oh, a Martial Practitioner."

Looking at Feng Hao, Peng Shan's eyelid also could not help but jump.

Such a young Martial Practitioner!

“I can't let him leave!"

His eyes were cold, a murderous expression came out without even the attempt to hide it.

Now that he has offended the Feng Clan, with such a gifted youth, if he escaped then the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps will surely face fatal danger.

Without thinking much, Peng Shan did not hesitate and directly attacked Feng Hao. His palm lifted, dense Wu Yuan stirred as if possessing the power of a mountain attacked.


A silver thunder whip quickly arrived like a living snake biting his palm.

Looking at the flashing thunder ship, Peng Shan's scalp turned numb. His heart started beating as he retreated looking at the white clothed girl with shock.

"Thunder attribute!"

The dozen people from the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps all looked at Yan Qing with a stunned expression.

"Go, or else your Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps will certainly be destroyed!"

Yan Qing spoke with a very light tone. The strong name of the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps in the West Mist Country sounded insignificant in her mouth. She felt that they were not worth her time at all.

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