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Chapter 44 – Feng Clan surrounded

Because there were no high level rare books, Feng Hao did not go the the Elegant Auction Pavilion to take the spirit medicines. The first thing he focused on was naturally cultivating the Racing Boxing Fist. He then also refined a piece of wu crystal for Yan Jue. Although it did have an improvement, it was still not enough to reach the yellow level. The least, due to the effects of the wu crystal he was able to reach the middle step Martial Practitioner.

Reaching such a stage, he was already satisfied.

On the third day, Feng Chen was also done refining the wu crystal which allowed him to enter the middle step Martial Grand Master.

Now with the high level rare books, Feng Cheng and the clan's situation was heading into a good direction.

At this current day, the gray sky gradually turned red spreading to the heavens and earth.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

In the streets if Magnolia City, around the Feng residence there were many movements from different figures creating a strange atmosphere. This has been happening the whole day.

"We are being so provocative and the Feng Clan is still silent. It seems that the black robed person is indeed not inside."

Yang Chong was grinning from ear to ear, "Hu Clan Head, this Yang admires your thinking ah!"

"No need, no need."

Hu Li put on a fake smile as his face was brimming with pride.

"Hu Clan Head, since the black robed man is not present, how should we eliminate them?"

Thinking of the current matter of Feng Hao, Yang Chong's heart could not calm down. He does not dare allow such a talent to grow, one day he will face nightmares.

"They must be all removed, and the quicker the better!"

Hu Li naturally had the same mentality as him.

"Then we shall begin today!"

In the courtyard, Feng Hao stood there straight as he smelled the air. In front of him was a basin sized rock.


His left and right fist had strangely turned red and Wu Yuan burst out.

He has condensed the second gravity of the Racing Thunder Fist!

Tide after tide, the layers of strength were combined and soon his fists were brimming with power. It already reached the peak of Martial Practitioner.

In the second gravity, he needed twenty tidal forces. With Feng Hao's current physique, he can only reach it with much difficulty.


When the twentieth tide was condensed, Feng Hao directly raised his fist and hit the stone in front of his body.


With a light sound, the twenty tides of force rushed out of his fist sharply which caused the stone to be smashed sending debri everywhere.

"Your martial skill is not too bad."

Dressed in white clothing, Yan Qing walked over without praising too much.


Feng Hao smiled with a little complacency.

The Racing Thunder Fist at the fifth gravity can be compared with an earth level martial skill, naturally it was a hard to come by martial skill.

"I truly don’t understand where you got such a martial skill."

Yan Qing muttered a few words.

At this time, a younger generation member of the Feng Clan staggered towards the courtyard. Soon, Feng Chen came out the study room with a gloomy face.

"Father, what's wrong?"

Feng Hao knitted his brows, his heart had a faint bad feeling.

"The Hu and Yang Clan has begun their attack!"

After speaking, Feng Chen went straight out of the courtyard.

"Already moved?"

Feng Hao squinted his eyes tilting his head, "Qing er, it's time for me to see you make a move."

"Don't worry, as long as you stay behind me, not only an ordinary Martial Grand Master, even a middle step one I can handle!"

Yan Qing seemed to be full of confidence."

Of course, her confidence came from her own strength!


To two walked side by side and went out.

On the doorway of the Feng residence, Hu Li, Yang Chong and the two clan's eight elders at the Martial Master stage appeared. In addition, there were two Martial Master level instructors, which in total reached the number of ten who block the gate of the Feng residence.

There were five to six hundred elite younger generation from the two clans as well, who were holding on to swords ready to besiege the whole Feng residence.

This attitude, they clearly wasted to eliminate the Feng Clan!

The other forces of Magnolia City can only look from a distance earing they might get dragged in. Wan Shuo also walked out to see the situation. His eyebrows were clustered and he did not say anything, this meant that he won't help.

He was secured with his backing with Wan Xin, no one would dare make a move towards the Wan Clan.

In the Elegant Auction Pavilion, Ouyang Peng also received the news in his study and he stamped down his feet.

Last time, he made an exception for the Feng Clan as he stepped in to speak. Currently, with the Hu and Yang Clan gathering all their strength, it was obvious that they were determined. If he came forward, nothing would change.


He sighed and collapsed on his seat.

"Has he really left already?"

In the past few days, the black robed man did not appear. This also caused Ouyang Peng to suspect something.

Also, how can such person stay in one place the whole time?


The gate of the Feng residence was opened. Feng Lie took the lead with the four elders, Feng Chen and Feng Ren behind. Behind them, hundreds of the elite from the Feng Clan also formed ranks and went out.

"You two clans, what does this mean?"

Feng Lie with a gloomy face shouted aloud.

'What meaning?'

Hu Li pretended to be surprised, "Last time your Feng Clan went to my clan to bully us, did you forget that?"

His gaze was grim, like a poisonous snake anyone who come in contact will suffer.

"Why are you saying so much? Allow me, you do not need to move!"

Yang Chong directly shouted as he rose towards the sky fiercely throwing an attack to Feng Lie.


Feng Chen stomped his feet causing him to soar.

Racing Thunder Fist!"

The Wu Yuan on his fist was bright, bursting out it let out an oppressive force directly smashing towards yang Chong's skull.


The two fists collided together echoing out a sound. Whirlwind came from the engagement and a body was bloodily thrown back to the ground.

Suddenly, both sides stopped for a moment.

In just one encounter, yang Chong was defeated with little suspense. He stood up, his facial expression was morbid as his body was shaking.

"You leveled up?"

His eyes went wide as he looked strangely at Feng Chen.


All eyes went to Feng Chen, gasps of air came from the surroundings. The people from the Feng Clan were pleasantly surprised, especially Feng Lie and the four elders causing their bodies to shiver.

No one knew that Feng Chen advanced, this was a variable!

Then the Hu and Yang Clan younger generation members at the opposite side stopped their footsteps hesitating. They looked at Feng Chen with fear in their eyes.

An early stage Martial Grand Master was already a peak existence in Magnolia City. Feng Chen has no doubt surpassed the peak, he was the first person!


Hu Li cursed in his heart.

"Stand by the side!"

The way things are now, they cannot retreat, they can only risk everything. Moreover, they still had a great advantage. At least, the number of Martial Masters they had outnumbered what the Feng Clan had.

Facing two Martial Grand Masters, Feng Chen had no time to worry as he would have his own worries.

At this time, the younger generation from the two clans charged and fought the Feng Clan younger generation. Immediately flesh started to flutter about and blood curdling screams sprang everywhere.


A silver thunder whip rushed over and a high level Martial master from the Hu Clan was thrown away. His body trembled for a long time and not being able to get up.

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