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Chapter 42 – Feng Chen's astonishment
Feng Hao came back safe. In a period of three months, from the peak 4th level Martial Apprentice he reached Martial Practitioner. Due to this, the Feng residence became festive.

12 year old Martial Practitioner, reaching the Martial Spirit level is now absolutely possible.

In West Mist Country, the big clans only possessed one Martial Spirit nothing more. In the case that the Feng Clan also gets one, then the family will be strong enough to enter a big city.

Inside the hall, Feng Hao learned the things that happened after he was "forced" into the magic beast mountain range.

"Hu Clan, Yang Clan!"

Feng Hao's fist tightened, both of his eyes were spitting fire.

He did not know that in Feng Chen's rage, more than ten from the younger generation had to be sacrificed. Fortunately. The Elegant Auction Pavilion's ouyang Peng appeared. Else, the Feng Clan would have certainly been exterminated.

Sadly with his current strength , he did not have the strength to resist a Martial Grand Master.

The Elegant Auction Pavilion could only defend the Feng Clan on the outside surface, nothing more. This is due to the auction house only conducting business. If they crossed the line and intervened any longer, then the prestige of the Elegant Auction Pavilion would have taken a big hit.

Therefore, to get rid of the Hu and Yang Clan, he could not rely on the Elegant Auction Pavilion. The only thing Feng Hao can rely on is his himself.

Thinking of this, Feng Hao knitted his eyebrows. Although he was angry, he was still helpless.

At present he can only defend himself against a Martial Master. In the war between the three big clan, he can only play a small role.

Nightfall, the cool breeze swept as Feng Hao was standing on a courtyard with thin clothes. He was looking at the moon in the sky, both of his eyebrows has still unfurled.

The black robed person was non existent. If he came back and the black robed person does not make a move, then this certainly will cause suspicion between the two families which is bad.

"Hey, what are you thinking about?'

Yan Qing walked over with small steps.

"Nothing, hehe."

Feng Hao was filled with sadness until he turned his head to look at the girl. Suddenly, he looked slightly sluggish.

The young girl under the moon was wearing a white dress. It was not unruly and wild like usual, it was more light and elegant. Under the cool moonlight, she looked like a moon fairy that would bewilder any man.

Changing her clothes, the girl looked like another person.

"Still not saying anything."

Yan Qing rolled her big bright eyes and gently held her small mouth, "I, an outsider can just go anywhere in your clan, what else are you trying to hide?"

"Yes, even you can see it."

Feng Hao lightly sighed and his face looked solemn, "You said, whether or not I am a useless person? Regarding my clan, I would protect my people with no end."

"You're only 12 years old!"

Yan Qing once again rolled her eyes.

In this clan, for a 12 year old to reach Martial Practitioner already exceeds their expectation by a lot. However also trying to take this on, he already ate enough hardships!

"Hey, how do they dare bully a Medicine Master of a clan?"

Yan Qing had a really hard time figuring this out.

The status of a Medicine Master, wherever the place is extremely noble. After all, who can say that they never had a disease?

"No one knows I am a Medicine Master."


Yan Qing looked at him with no words.

This guy, he really is a freak. Both in talent and in acting.

"Then what are you going to do? They are twice as powerful as your clan."

"I do not know."

Feng Hao with distress shook his head and grabbed it.

"This fellow."

Yan Qing glared at him, "If it's just an ordinary Martial Grand Master, I can handle it. However, the other people, can you handle them?"

"You can cope with a Martial Grand Master?"

Feng Hao's eyes grew big and gave the girl an impressed look.

She was only three months older than himself!

Feng Hao's heart shook.

This was due to the girls physique, not something he can imagine to do.

"What is so strange about that?"

Yan Qing suppressed her disdain with her small mouth.

It seems as if a strong Martial Grand Master to her was just paper that she can poke to destroy.


This time it was Feng Hao's turn to be silent.

"Right, I came here mainly to give you this thing. I almost forgot."

Turning over her hand, Yan Qing took out two pieces of crystal clear wu crystals.

"Here, two pieces."

She stretched out her hand to Feng Hao.


He already received three red lotus seeds, logically this was exceeding the original agreement.

"I told you to take it, why is a boy like you being such a little girl."

Yan Qing directly stuffed the wu crystals into Feng Hao's hand looking at him with contempt.

"If that is the case, many thanks!"

Turning over his hand, Feng Hao placed the wu crystals into his ring.

This is exactly what he was lacking. Depending just on his present ability, getting wu crystals was not an easy thing.

"That's pretty much all."

Yan Qing's eyebrow raised up and she turned around, "I will go to my room to rest. In the past few months I have not slept well, today I can finally have a good night sleep." For some reason, her mouth was raised high smiling and she was delighted.

Looking at the back of the girl, Feng Hao sighed and turned around. Seeing that the light in Feng Chen's study was still lit, he knitted his brows thinking and started walking.


"Come in!"

The voice of Feng Chen came out and Feng Hao pushed open the door.

"Oh, it's you Hao er."

Feng Chen raised his head, seeing Feng Hao he dropped the things on his hand asking, "Is there something you need?"

"Father, both the Hu and Yang Clan cultivated a Martial Grand Master right?"

Looking at the face of his father whose hair already started turning white, Feng Hao was unable to say anything.

His middle-aged father, now had white hair.

"That's right."

Feng Chen nodded, looking at him confused.

"If there was a wu crystal, can father break through to the middle step Martial Grand Master?"

Feng Hao asked with a purpose in mind.

"Wu crystal?!"

The heart of Feng Chen fluttered and his pupils bulged.


Feng Hao lightly nodded. Turning over his hand, he took out a piece of wu crystal.

Glittering and translucent with light shining inside, the wu crystal looked dazzling.


The breathing of Feng Chen immediately became faster.

Wu crystal, with regards the Feng Clan they never imagined to acquire such a thing. Right now, facing in front of him one was present. How could he not be excited?

"If it's with the wu crystal, breaking through the middle step is easy!"


Feng Hao's eye became bright as he walked a few steps forward. He then placed the wu crystal on the desk.

"Hao er, it's not needed, you should use it for yourself."

Looking at the slightly excited Feng Chen, Feng Hao smiled and turned his hand over showing another wu crystal.

"Father use it, the Feng Clan needs father to rely on."

"Alright, I will refine this!"

Considering the Feng Clan's situation, Feng Chen no longer hesitated.


"What is it?"

Feng Chen turned his head over.

Feng Hao took out the Tiger Movement Chapter and Racing Thunder Fist handing it over to Feng Chen.

"These are!"

Feng Chen looked at him dumbfounded.

"This is compensation for the last incident."

Feng Hao knew, although he did not say anything, Feng Chen believes that those more than ten that died was due to him. His father's heart was feeling very guilty. For it to be removed, he had to do something else it will affect Feng Chen in the future.

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