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Chapter 43 – All sides react

With regards the Tiger Movement Chapter and Racing Thunder Fist, the four clan elder, Feng Lie and Feng Ren were shocked speechless.

It goes to say with the Racing Thunder Fist, not only is it a high level black level martial skill, reaching the fifth gravity of it is already at the level of an earth level skill!

This kind of martial skill, in the whole West Mist Country can be counted with one's hand.

As for the Tiger Movement Chapter, the people in the hall sucked in a breath of air. Not only is it a body forging technique, it is also a black level martial skill. Such a rare book, it was basically unheard of.

"Si… Feng Hao, what kind of master do you have?"

Feng Ren put down the copy of the Tiger Movement Chapter as he sucked in a breath of cold air.

It was no wonder that Feng Hao rapidly gained strength, behind him was a super strong existence.

Black robed man!

This is the only person that they can think of.

Aside from this black robed man who can casually take out a black level martial skill, in Magnolia City and West Mist Country, no one had such boldness.

"In this case, I will leave the clan head to take charge in distributing the arts. I will take my leave first!"

Feng Chen was anxious in refining the wu crystal so he wanted to leave immediately.

"Brother Chen!"

Feng Lie stood up.

When he heard the shout, Feng Chen turned back.

"Brother Chen, the clan head, I think it should be up to you."

While speaking those words, Feng Lie's eyes showed sincerity.

The four elders also bowed their heads, indeed, without a doubt no one was more suitable to take the clan head position aside from Feng Chen. Before he lost it due to Feng Hao, but things have changed. They knew that Feng Hao will definitely be the on leading the Feng Clan to their unprecedented peak.

"No need, You are doing well. You are just lacking experience."

Feng Chen smiled and went straight out the door leaving the other six in silence.

A Martial Apprentice forced into the magic beast mountain range. Unexpectedly he came out alive, and in a few months time he reached Martial Practitioner. This explosive news rolled throughout the whole Magnolia City.

That evening, a lot off people could not sleep.

In the Wan residence, the main study's light was still lit at this time.

"Is it true?"

Wan Shuo stood up as he directly stared at a robed man kneeling on the floor.

"Clan Head, it is true. I guarantee it with my head!"

The plain clothed man answered back.

"In just three months, he was promoted from the 5th level Martial Apprentice to Martial Practitioner?"

Wan Shuo breathed in a mouthful of cold air.

Such talent, the hair on his body stood straight up feeling afraid.

Martial Spirit, he can basically conclude that Feng Hao at the minimum will reach the Martial Spirit stage. If there was another chance, he can even go higher than that.

Martial Ancestor!

In the whole West Mist Country, not many of such level existed. If they did, then they would be the pillar of the kingdom.

"Did I make a mistake?"

He had a wry smile on his face when he thought of everything he has done.

"Alas… let nature take its course."

The Elegant Auction Pavilion.

"The Feng Hao boy is back?"

Ouyang Peng raised his brow.

"Yes, I heard he reached Martial Practitioner."

The gray clothed man in front of him nodded.

"Already at Martial Practitioner?"

Ouyang Peng was stumped, "How is that possible? Just a few months ago the feng clan boy was only at the peak of the 4th level Martial Apprentice. In just three months, he surpassed six levels?"

"And the congealing of Wu Yuan?"

He was dumbstruck.

"Indeed, it was been determined.'

Looking at his gaze, the gray clothed man nodded again.


Ouyang Peng exhaled a outhful of air, "If I remember right, that kid is 12 years old? A 12 year old reaching Martial Practitioner, such a person even in the capital are few."

The Feng Clan will rise, now they will rely on the former mediocre youth to soar!

"Are the medicine ingredients ready?"

"They are ready!"

"Then let us wait for him to take it."

Thinking of the black robed man, Ouyang Peng was a little excited.

Hu residence, in the secret room , an oil lamp was flashing on the table showing the silhouette of a few gloomy faces.

Hu Li, Yang Chong and several elders were gathered together.

The message they receive about Feng hao was determined. The gathered people were silent, all across their faces looked as if they were in a funeral.

It was true, Feng Hao lived. This is representative that there was a scary figure behind his back. Moreover, that person is possibly that black robed person that appeared in the auction house.

"Hu Clan Head, do you have any ideas?"

Yang Chong was anxious, he was the first one to speak.

Hu Li who was thinking deeply, was looked upon by several people.


Hu Li sighed, "As how the matter stands, there is already no good methods."

Wisdom, it is just clever thinking nothing more. In front of real strength, it was a joke.

"What then? Do we just wait and die?"

Yang Chong's eyes stared as his temper started boiling.

The shock brought by the black robed person was too big. Although they never met, with Ouyang Peng's attitude he felt cold thinking about it.

At the same time, the mediocre boy from a few months ago has now reached Martial practitioner. In his mind it was due to the black robed person.

"The strong survive. If the Feng Clan gets help, it will be impossible for our two clans to survive.

Hu Li sighed once again.

With his poor thinking, he was muddle-headed then. At that time he did not expect that the black robed person would come again.

Day time came and a lot of people were scared, however nothing happened. The next day, the Feng Clan was still clam. The third day, it was still business as usual.

"What the hell is the Feng Clan doing?"

Yang Chong stood in his position and stomped the ground with irritation.

"This matter, perhaps it can be turned for the better!"

Hu Li's eyes flashed with coldness.

"Turn for the better?"

Yang Chong stopped and looked at him in the eye.

"Don't you think that the Feng Clan is being abnormal?"

Hu Li looked and his eyes showed disdain.

"The Feng Clan being abnormal?"

Yang Chong looked blankly, "The Feng Clan is not gathering its strength?"


"Hu Li coldly sneered, "If the Feng Clan really had the black robed man against us, would they need to prepare?"

His eyes were flickering.


Listening to what Hu Li said, Yang Chong seemed to understand something, "You mean that they're preparing to defend?"

"That's right!"

Hu Li stood up, "If I am correct, within the Feng Clan, there is no black robed man!"

"No black robed man?"

"Before he might have been, but not anymore."

Hu Li paused, "Do you think someone as strong as the black robed man would stay in a little place like Magnolia City? If I guessed right, the black robed man just sent out Feng Hao from the magic beast mountain range and left!"


The mind of the two men began to work again.

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