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Chapter 41 – 12 year old Martial Practitioner

The color of the sky indicated that evening was approaching. The red sky appeared like it was dyed with blood which appeared enticing.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Three figures suddenly shot out and arrived in front of a pair of male and female.

Merely taking a look, a man took lead raising his blade carrying it with momentum towards the head of Feng Hao.

With the sudden attack, Feng Hao reacted quickly raising his fist to directly meet the blade.


The sharp blade directly hit the fist. However, the bloody picture that they were expecting did not appear. The impact was like a blade hitting an iron fist, unexpectedly there was a splash of sparks.


Quickly with vigor, Feng Hao appeared in front of the man and his fist instantly connected with the chest. The sound of breaking bones was immediately heard, throwing the man back with blood flying everywhere.

The three men had the cultivation of Martial Practitioner, and in front of Feng Hao they basically did not pose any resistance. Even without the use of the Racing Thunder Fist, the three were directly beaten to the ground.


Feng Hao lifted his feet and stomped the man on the chest letting him to once again gush out a mouthful of blood.

"Speak! Who sent you here!"

His face was extremely gloomy as the pair of cold eyes stared at him.

"You beast, with my Hu Clan you dare kill me! Tomorrow the Hu Clan will destroy you Feng Clan!"

Not only was the robust man not sacred, he even threatened with a grim complexion. Staring straight at Feng Hao, his eyes were vicious.

"Hu Clan!"

Feng Hao did not know what was happening. After the robust man directly admitted it, he felt lost.

"The Hu and Ye Clan have already made an alliance, no wonder he was not afraid. This is bad, did something happen at home?"

Not wanting to think much more about it, he directly stomped down with his foot. Once again breaking sounds were emitted and the robust man immediately died.

Then he did the same with the other two. Feng Hao hurriedly entered the city with Yan Qing knitting her eyebrows as she followed.

A little Martial Practitioner dare threaten a future heaven ranked Medicine Master. She began to feel even more confused and her interest with Feng Hao's family increased.

Finally entering the city, Feng Hao felt that there was a strange atmosphere. On the street, there were very little people walking and they assumed guarded positions.

Seeing Feng Hao come in, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

A group of people immediately rushed towards him and the expressions of those around him changed.

Yan Qing Pulled out her sword, however Feng Hao stopped her movements.

"Young master Hao, you are finally back!"

The leading man was wearing green clothing who appeared to be about 40 years old. Arriving in front of Feng Hao, he directly went down.

He was Feng Clan's third housekeeper, Feng Ping.

Looking at Feng Hao being intact, his eyes started to get a bit teary.

This mediocre boy, is now Feng Clan's only hope. The fact that he is alive, this means that somebody must be behind him!

"Uncle Ping please rise!"

Feng Hao stretched his arms out and supported Feng Ping up, "Everyone please rise."

"Thank you young master Hao!"

All the servants stood up.

"Young master Hao, let's go!"

Feng Ping led led the way making space as they headed to the Feng Clan residence.

Seeing this scene, a lot of people saw what happened. Not long after, all of a sudden all the pedestrians disappeared.


Their actions naturally fell on the sight of Feng Hao, his eyes gradually became cold and his eyebrows clustered.

With the Hu and Yang Clan together, the current strength of the Feng Clan was simply not enough to contend which he was worried about.

"Hao er!"

Before reaching the Feng Clan residence, Feng Chen looked over and saw Feng Hao. His eyes directly brightened.


Feng Hao walked a few steps and came before Feng Chen and knelt down, "Hao er has let father worry."

"Get up, get up!"

Feng Chen supported Feng Hao with his hands, "This…"

Suddenly the complexion on Feng Chen's face changed as he grabbed Feng Hao's wrist.

"What's the matter father?"

Feng Hao was confused.

"You …cultivated Wu Yuan?"

Feng Chen looked at him with shock, his arms and body trembled.

At this time, the four clan elders, Feng Lie, Feng Ren and the others came and heard what Feng Chen said. They all trembled, everyone looked at Feng Hao waiting for an answer.


In the eyes of everyone was shock, Feng Hao heavily nodded.


"Martial Practitioner, how could it be?"

"God, it has only been some time ah. Even if he was at the 5th level Martial Apprentice, should it not take a few more years before reaching Martial Practitioner?"

All over the place was gasps, they looked at the young man dressed with hides as if he was a monster.

"Is he really mediocre?"

The four elder, Feng Lie, Feng Ren, all looked emotionally moved.

12 year old Martial Practitioner!

If this person was put out there to be compared, he would be a genius level character. This represents that the Feng Clen will strongly rise!


The sound of laughter came from Feng Chen spreading throughout Magnolia City.

"Good! Good! Good!"

Looking at this son, the eyes of Feng Chen was agitated causing them to be slightly red.

If in the last New Blood competition Feng Hao merely broke off his identity as a mediocre person, now he had an unquestionable halo of genius above his head.

Seeing the state of the members of the Feng Clan, Yan Qing even became more puzzled.

"Is this monster really born from such a small family?"

She really did not want to believe it, but everything in her sight was the truth.

The strongest in the family was a Martial Grand Master. Unexpectedly, a future heaven ranked Medicine Master came from this family. If this was spread out to the various forces in the continent, they would go crazy.

How crazy? They would fawn over them!

With a heaven level medicine canon having its own intent, it was very difficult to find a suitable physique to fit it. So even if some super forces had a heaven level medicine canon, they may not be able to cultivate a heaven ranked Medicine Master.

The medicine canon was easy to have, but hard to be put to use.

The search for a heaven level Medicine Master was a lifelong process, they wanted to pass down their mantle. It truly was difficult.

"And this is?"

With the trembling calming down, Feng Chen saw yan Qing behind Feng Hao.

"Oh, this is a person a met in the magic beast mountain range, Yan Qing."

With Feng Hao's introduction, yan Qing came forward with a smile.

"Yan Qing greets uncle!"

"Hehe, no need!"

With the young girl just standing, she already exuded a temperament. This kind of temperament, everyone understood. This girl was not simple!

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