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Chapter 39 – Succeeding

Clearly looking at the figure of the young girl in front of him, a small exquisite face appeared in the mind of Feng Hao.

With her breaking down dress, a butterfly like figure can be seen.


He seemingly heard a melodious laughter, as if there was a stream causing the corners of his mouth to unconsciously make an arc.

"One mediocre man, and you want to climb?!"

"A toad wanting to eat a swan's meat!"

"The weak, naturally have a weak mindset!"

Cynical voiced appeared on his head like invading demons, causing Feng Hao to sober up.

"Strength! Only with strength will there be respect!"

Tightening his fist, Feng Hao's eye became extremely resolute.

"I shall see, who truly is weak!"

The thought of the Feng Chen violently spraying out blood, Feng Hao's heart was tugged.

Pain, this was not physical pain, this was the pain of the spirit. This kind of pain caused Feng Hao to choose the road of martial inverse.

A few thoughts flashed over, but Feng Hao's mood finally settled down.

The more they are inside, the less moss there was. Instead, it was replaced by somewhat reddish rocks with high temperature.


Into the deepest part, the sea of flames in front of the two was shown. Inside, there was burning lava having the color of red purple. Occasionally, a bubble would pop releasing hot air visible to the naked eye.

In the entirety of the cave, there was lava everywhere painting a very red scene.

"Red lotus medicine king!"

In the midst of the fiery flames, a plant that look like a red lotus which was the red lotus medicine king was seen. Being placed on the lava, it was practically unharmed. It instead showed an even more pretty and enticing look.

Six petals, each petal shaped like a flame filled with thick fire yuan. In the center of the petals, there appeared a red lotus core. There were dozens of very red lotus seeds, like pearls adorning the plant.

This is exactly what was recorded in the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, the red lotus medicine king.

After which the two were extremely excited, looking at the scene they immediately became dumbfounded.

"How are we supposed to pick it?"

Yan Qing's small face stiffened, appearing sluggish.

The red lotus medicine king was growing the in midst of the lava and flames. From this place to its location, there was a distance of more than 20 meters. Tragically, in the middle of the lava there was no land to stand on.

Facing the sight of the sea of fire, Feng Hao's eyebrows deeply wrinkled.

This was a really difficult problem, the two were directly stumped. Although Feng Hao was agile that jumping 20 meters was no problem, but there was no place to land on.

If he fell on the lava, it's easy to imagine that even the skeleton would not be saved.

Glancing around, Feng Hao bent to pick up a stone and threw it on the lava.


Just like a small bubble, the stone was swallowed by the fire and no ripples appeared.

"It seems that it is deep and goes straight down?"

Seeing this scene, Feng Hao's heart once again shivered. He originally wanted to see the feasibility of using a stone as a cushion.

The area surrounding it was a bottomless pit!

Across the flames, the two could only look at the red lotus medicine king stunned.

"Is there really no way?"

Yan Qing lowered her head.

In order to get here, she went a long way and suffered a lot. Now that she was one step away from the target, this one step she could not take.

"No way!"

Feng Hao shook his head and had a wry smile.

How can it be that he did not want to get it? Afterwards, many years later such an opportunity will not appear again.

"How could this be."

The young girl directly fell on the ground and her eyes were filled with a dim color. Her hands fell beside her dropping her sword.

"That's right!"

Seeing the sword, Feng Hao's heart lit up. "Can your thunder whip stretch to there?"

"It should be possible."

Yan Qing raised her head and looked at him with some doubt.

"You will put to full use your thunder whip!"

There was no other way aside from this, at this moment this was the only method.

Yan Qing seemed to have understood something and her spirit rose up. Picking up the sword, she turned over her hand and took out a piece of wu crystal on her palms.

"Wait, I shall tell you what’s the plan!"

Feng Hao explained the process.

"Be rest assured!"

Yan Qing nodded, answering with a tone of confidence.

"Thunder Art!"

As the words fell, her body was surrounded by lightning and covered her several times.

"Thunder whip!"

Waving the sword, a silver colored whip made up of lightning burt out the tip of the sword. Straight away, with the supplement of Wu Yuan the thunder whip extended until it reach the position of the red lotus medicine king.

"Quickly, i can't hold on for long!"

If this continued for a long time, Yan Qing would face a heavy burden. In just a bit, her originally red face directly turned pale.


Taking a deep breath, Feng Hao did not hesitate. Pulling up his body and at the same time mobilizing the essence dan, the amount of Wu Yuan multiplied thrice. The medicine essence on the Shen Nong Medicine Canon also was mobilized as he jumped towards the red lotus medicine king.

With his palm approaching the red lotus medicine king, an extremely hot feeling passed over. Feng hao directly pulled up, both of his hands putto use and his body was extremely close to the lava.


The thunder whip promptly swung and wrapped around his waist, forcefully pulling him back.

Falling on the ground, Feng Hao's body was still shaking. Yan Qing timely took out a jade adornment which received the red lotus medicine king; It then entered the ring.

This medicine king was extremely hot. Picking it up empty handed, without a doubt it would feel like touching red hot iron. Although Feng Hao did not touch it for long, Feng Hao's flesh was burnt into a crisp and blood flowed out.

Fortunately he was a Medicine Master, otherwise what kind of punishment would he have received.

"Is everything all right?"

"Nothing’s wrong, let quickly go!"

Feng Hao was unable to heal. Sweeping their gave around, the two hurriedly rushed out the cave.

Plucking the red lotus medicine king, there was no longer medicine fragrance. As time passed, the earth dragon and red fiery wild tiger will certainly be aware. They had the ability to fly and arrive quick.




Both were Martial Spirit level magic beasts, they were fighting already the whole day and no clear sign of a winner and loser was seen. However, hundreds of mountains were already destroyed by them and in there places everything was crushed.

Shua! Shua!

Two figure flew out of the crater and directly headed into the jungle disappearing.

After a while, the red fiery wild tiger stopped. It turned its body and its big nostrils mercilessly breathed in a few times.


A thunderous roar came out from its jaws, it did not head towards the dragon. It directly went to the crater and all the trees along the way were spontaneously combusted.

Not long after, another bigger roar rang across thousands of miles. Hearing this roar, the two figures ran even faster and did not even look back.

However, Feng Hao still wanted to thank the roar. Without the roar, it would have not been so easy to run without obstructions.

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