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Chapter 40 – Returning to Magnolia City



The roars on the mountain reached thousands of miles and the beasts within the scope of the anger all fell on the ground not daring to get up.

These were the roars of the tyrants!

When a tyrant was angry, the beasts suffer!

The medicine king was stolen, both of their eyes were red. They once again started to fight, the sky and the earth turned upside down. Regarding the result, Feng Hao did not know. This was because at this time, they already returned to the inner area.


Here they could not hear the roars of the two beasts. The two finally slowed down and panted heavily, however their faces had a color of joy.

"Got it!"

In the tiger's den, the two were Martial Practitioners who accomplished their goal against a pair of Martial Spirit level beasts.

"Hu… I did it!"

Yan Qing's eyebrows unfolded and the corner of her mouth bent showing a radiant smile.

Turning her hand over, a jade ornament appeared and the red lotus medicine king was presented before them.

King of medicine king’s, it being derived from fire essence; its medicine attribute had the ability to scorch the land. Naturally, for it to assimilate in a medicine canon would be very difficult. In all the medicine canons in the world, only few had the ability to contain a medicine king, let alone the ruler which is the red lotus medicine king.

Smelling the medicine fragrance, Yan Qing took out a small jade box and in it was placed three lotus seeds. She then handed it over to Feng Hao.

"Many thanks!"

Retrieving the medicine king, Feng Hao's heart was also very excited.

"This is for all the losses you took to help, otherwise the red lotus medicine king would have been destroyed by the two monsters."

Regarding the youth, Yan Qing was also very grateful in her heart.

"Right, go eat it for me to see."

With that being said, she looked at Feng Hao with anticipation.

If he could really contain the king of medicine king's, the red lotus medicine king, that represents that the grade of Feng Hao's medicine canon should at the minimum be at the heaven level!

Heaven level medicine canon, also known as the Spiritual Medicine Canon, it had the ability to choose it master itself. Not everyone can grasp it. In the whole continent, the amount of heaven level medicine canon is an extremely minute amount.

Heaven ranked Medicine Master, this is already the apex of Medicine Masters on the continent. Their identity and status were extremely majestic, no influence would dare offend a heaven ranked Medicine Master.

Moreover, a high level Medicine Master only cures people after all!

In possessing a medicine canon, one would have a great advantage that is why high level Medicine Masters usually were extremely strong warriors. They were an apex existence.


Opening the jade box, the medicine fragrance blew and the pearl like lotus seed was seen. A red mist started to curl up. Feng Hao with desire directly wanted to consume the seeds, so much so that he even felt the Shen Nong Medicine Canon stirring with desire as well.

With no hesitation, Feng Hao took out a lotus seed and directly swallowed it.

The red lotus seed, it was like red flaming roll that went down the throat. Feng Hao's body immediately became burning hot, luckily as it reached the stomach, the Shen Nong Medicine Canon started to absorb it.


The Shen Nong Medicine Canon issued a cheerful hum. It automatically turned to the page where the red lotus medicine king was encoded and it looked like it came alive. A life form appeared, petals seemingly sprouted out of nowhere gently swaying.

The medicine essence of the red lotus seed was finally attracted by the Shen Nong Medicine Canon as it integrated to the void dan. However, after a while, a clump of fire suddenly appeared from the void dan.

"Two void dans?"

Feng Hao stared blankly, he did not understand what was happening.

Now on top of the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, there appeared a thick concentration of hundreds of spirit medicines. All the mixtured spirit medicines entered the void dan. Then, the red lotus seeds essence combined and condensed into a fire dan. The fire dan was placed right beside the void dan, fortunately the fire dan was not overbearing and left space for the void dan.

"It really integrated!"

Looking at redness of Feng Hao's face subsiding, Yan Qing's face fell.

The matter of giving the three red lotus seeds, she confessed that she did it to rope in a future heaven ranked Medicine Master. Thinking about it, she felt an indescribable feeling.


Opening his mouth, Feng Hao spit out turbid air and slowly opened his eyes.

Although he did not understand why there were two dans, he felt that it was due to the red lotus seeds medicine essence being too overbearing. With regards the hundreds of spirit medicines, they all did not have sufficient strength to assimilate the same way.

"Where are we going now?"

Yan Qing exhibited a smile and asked.

"Go home!"

Feng Hao's complexion changed, instantly his pair of eyes became cold as light flashed on them.

With his current strength, inside the walls of Magnolia City not many people can hurt him. Also, he wanted to know who dared to get him killed!

"Go home?"

Looking at the appearance of Feng Hao, Yan Qing suddenly became distracted.

Does this guy have a grudge with someone?

There were people who dare offend a future heaven ranked Medicine Master…

Yan Qing began to mourn for those unknown people.

"How about you?"

Looking at the exquisite face of the young girl, Feng Hao asked in a low voice.

He did not know why, but the thought of Yan Qing leaving caused him to feel something he did not understand. It seemed like he did not want to give up.

"Me? Of course I have to go home."

With thought of them picking up the red lotus medicine king, Yan Qing's pair of eyes narrowed and her jade like face exposed two moving dimples. Sweeping her glance on Feng Hao, her mood inexplicably cooled down. She did not know why she was being like this.

"But before I go back, I want to see your family first. I don't know if you will welcome it ah?"

Before speaking, Yan Qing wanted to give herself a justification.

Yes, i just want to see what kind of family this heaven ranked Medicine Master has, that is all to it, no other purpose.

"Of course you are welcome!"

Feng Hao would like to believe that he thought about it before answering. With the girl joining him, in his mind he was delighted. So much so that his happiness was directly shown on his face.

Due to Feng Hao being anxious to go home, the two did not stay any longer and directly headed over one direction.

Along the way, with Yan Qing's thunder attribute, there were not many beasts that posed a threat. With The thunder whip. Which beasts can bare it? Those that did not fled, died at the hands of the two.

Regarding no level beasts, Feng Hao did not pay much attention. Only beasts at the Martial Practitioner level did he place them on his ring.

Because they rushed, in no more than a day two people came out from the magic beast mountain range.

Looking at the distant Magnolia City, Feng Hao's mood finally calmed down. He anticipated what kind of sensation he would make coming back in town.

"What? You're family is not in this city right?"

Seeing the face of Feng Hao, Yan Qing could not help but ask.


Feng Hao lightly nodded. His mouth had a hint of sneer as they moved towards Magnolia City.

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