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Chapter 38 – Dive in




The hissing roars spread thousands of miles, the whole curvature of earth shook. The two hegemony straight up stirred the whole area upside down causing the wind to roll.

"Are they fighting for the red lotus medicine king?"

Hearing what Yan Qing has said, Feng Hao was stumped.

"It should not be wrong. The medicine king has matured and medicine fragrance certainly was spread out. With the medicine fragrance, it surely attracted a lot of attention in the magic beat mountain range."

Yan Qing knitted her brows, with those words here eyes started to be filled with panic.

She only was a Martial Practitioner, how can she dream of fighting those two Martial Spirit level magic beasts?

"If the red lotus medicine king’s affected in their fight, everything will be over!"

Her pretty little face became pale as if it was whitewashed.

"No, I must stop them!"

Yan Qing stood straight up and went out the cave entrance.

"Oh no!"

Clenching his teeth, Feng Hao also followed up.

The red lotus medicine took several thousands of years to reach it state, now that it was right in front of her eyes how can she give it up.

"Don't go there!"

Feng Hao pulled at Yan Qing and dragged her back to the cave entrance, "you want to die?"

"What then? I can't watch them destroy the medicine king!"

The young girl's eyes started to redden, she was being very stubborn.

"Let me take a look first!"

Feng Hao stretched out his hand.

This time the girl did not hesitate, directly taking out the leather roll and handed it to Feng Hao.

Carefully looking at the direction, Feng Hao understood the location of the red lotus medicine king. Listening to the noise outside, both sides seem to have stopped. Their location was somewhat offset from the place of the red lotus medicine king.

"Come with me!"

Thinking of something, Feng Hao's heart brightened and rushed outside the entrance of the cave.

Yan Qing look distracted then followed as well.


Ahead of them, the sky has already turned dusty and dirt flew everywhere. The wind was howling which caused the two of them to be inconvenienced.

However, because of the fight between the two, the surrounding thousands of beasts laid down allowing for a safer passage. Avoiding the dangerous things in front, they took a big detour towards the location of the red lotus medicine king.

The earth dragon and the red fiery wild tiger weren’t stupid, they avoided the location of the red lotus medicine king. If the medicine was destroyed, then all the fighting would have been useless.

Along the way, Feng Hao caught sight of the two hegemony. Both were several meters tall and when they impacted each other, it would send out noise so loud that it destroys everything around them. When they were fighting, it was unknown how many innocent monsters died as a result.

As the two tyrants fought, they did not know that two ants were sneaking close to the fruits of their victory.

Due to the fact that there was nothing to obstruct the way, the two people traveled very quickly. On the journey, they used all their strength to go fast and in half a day they already entered the area marked on the map.

As they entered, they were met by a strong medicine fragrance which caused the two figures to slow down.

"It really is the red lotus medicine king medicine fragrance, there really is a red lotus medicine king!"

Her fine nose wrinkled as the open eyes of Yan Qing was emotionally moved.


Feng Hao also started to feel that his heartbeat was getting faster.

The legendary medicine king, how many people in this world has seen such thing? He had a hard time quelling his excitement because he wanted the medicine king.

Here the trees were distinctively short compared to the surroundings. Under their feet, there was an incline that appeared to have been burned forming a circle appearing in Feng Hao's eyes.

"Don't tell me it's a volcano!"

Feng Hao had some understanding.

The red lotus medicine king itself would grow in an extremely hot place, the volcano was naturally a good place to grow.

However, this volcano was not the same to the usual. Aside from the hot air, there was not much difference in the surroundings. The whole mountain was lush, sweeping around, Feng Hao knew that this volcano had not erupted in a long time. This volcano has died.

"With strong vitality and a volcano, it's no wonder the king of medicine kings, the red lotus medicine king emerged."

There being a volcano would not automatically grow a medicine king.

Evading their whole way here, the two quickly entered close towards the volcano. It was just at the ride side not to be seen by the fighting dragon and tiger.

Around the volcano, there were also not magic beasts hanging about. With the two entrenched in a fight, no magic beast dare to approach. However, due to the red lotus medicine king fragrance, some may be attracted leading into to fights.

"It's within this volcano!"

At this time, Yan Qing appeared to be excited. The two quickly climbed up and a crater more than ten meters wide appeared in front of them.

Looking below, it was covered with ancient trees. Sweeping a glance, Feng Hao found that there were dozens of strains of spirit medicines, so much so that there was also a rare treasure spirit medicine!

Underneath all those, there was a cave present where the thick medicine fragrance was coming from. Seeing the light, the tiredness of the two instantly dispelled.


While the two tyrants were still fighting, the two quietly slipped down before the entrance of the cave. Feng Hao was able to pluck more than ten strains of spirit medicines into his ring.

Of course, the rare treasure spirit medicine needless to say was also taken.

Within the cave, there was moss everywhere. Yan Qing holding on to her sword, she walked in front as Feng Hao followed behind her. He was ready to mobilize the medicine dan at any time.

The two walked very slowly listening for a sound inside, ready to fight as no one is sure if there is a hiding existence of a magic beast.

The medicine fragrance was thick, in addition to having no noise and no strong breathing; Old Fen did not say any warning, so Feng Hao's heart started to calm down.

The more they went inside, the wider it became. However, the temperature also went straight up that they can't even calculate how hot it was. The two's face became red dueto the heat. Also, because they were too close Feng Hao could smell Yan Qing's fragrance. In an instant his face even became more red by a bit.

Maybe feeling the abnormality with Feng Hao, Yan Qing turned around and gave him a puzzled look.

"No, nothing."

Feng Hao repeatedly shook his head and did not dare to look at her, fearing of what he would see.

Although it was suspicious, Yan Qing also did not ask. Carefully walking in front, her sword emitting silver lightning ready to sweep enemies.


Taking a light breath and pressing down his throbbing heart, Feng Hao continued to follow.

He knew, that the girl right in front of him was from a different world. Regardless of her demeanor, every aspect of her, it could be seen that she came from an extraordinary place.

The most special of which is the thunder attribute, this was defying nature and she was able to skip a whole level!

He was just a passerby in her life!

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