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Chapter 37 – Upheaval

In the case that Feng Hao did not have his medicine dan, Yan Qing knew that if she only relied on herself, it would be impossible to accomplish the task regarding the red lotus medicine king.

For a moment, she could not help but regret when she excessively showed off trying to act like a hero.


Yan Qing could not help but exclaim a sigh.

If this continued, the two of them will only they if they go on.

"Regarding a method, there is one."

Feng Hao thought for a long while before opening his mouth.

"Eh, what method?"

Yan Qing looked at him with some anticipation.

"After taking the red lotus medicine king, you have to give me one more from the many lotus seeds. I can find a way to resolve the problem."

"What?! You want me to give you one more?!"

Yan Qing directly jumped, her pair of big bright eyes almost released sparks as she angrily looked at Feng Hao.

This guy kept giving himself more and more face. The red lotus medicine king, one lotus seed can already be compared to a normal medicine king. Unexpectedly, he asked for two, how can one tolerate that; she directly became madon the spot.

"Hold on."

Thinking of a possibility, the anger in Yan Qing started to die down, "Could it be that, you have a method to refine the medicine king in your medicine canon?"

This huge possibility also caused her heart to have a huge tremor.

Red Lotus Medicine King is the king of medicine kings. If it was written down in the medicine canon, then Feng Hao's medicine canon should not be so simple!


Following her gaze, Feng Hao slowly nodded his head.

"What a guy!"

In a split second, Yan Qing suddenly had the in her heart to dissect Feng Hao open to finally see what made this guy such a monster.

A king medicine canon was needed for medicine kings, in the whole Heaven Martial Continent there was very little ah!

"This guy was hiding too deeply!"

Thinking about it, Yan Qing's eyes narrowed carefully scanning as if trying to figure out something.

"I can give you another lotus seed, that is no problem."

She paused, then the young girl talked again, "But you have to promise me to fulfill one condition. If you agree, I will give you another lotus seed."

Her small tiger like teeth was revealed. That kind of smile, caused Feng Hao to get goosebumps.

"You have to say the condition first!"

His eyebrows started to crowd together.

In any case, so long as there is the lotus seed, he would be ready to fight for it.

"Become a devoted Medicine Master of my Yan Clan!"


Feng Hao's eyebrows clustered.

"Be at ease, all you have to do is hang up your name and my Yan Clan will not force you to work!

Seeing the tense appearance of Feng Hao, Yan Qing was not happy as she explained.


Feng Hao was still skeptical, "Just nominal, then there is no problem."

The two finally reached a consensus and they were both happy.

A devoted just in name, getting two lotus seeds of a medicine king was basically a bargain for Feng Hao. For Yan Qing this was a long time investment, she felt that this branch of medicine canon was definitely not simple.

A king medicine canon able to use a medicine king, in the whole Heaven Martial Continent there were only little inheritances. This guy, where did he come from?

Yan Qing once again swept her gaze at Feng Hao with suspicion. She always felt that a person who was able to condense an essence dan in one day would not only reach the high grade, things are definitely not so simple.

She guessed right. After condensing the essence dan, every time he finished eating a magic beast's flesh, the heat energy would automatically purify the essence dan. This caused Feng Hao to feel that there is a mystery.

"Don't tell me it can reach transcendent essence dan?"

Feng Hao began to think so.

If this continues, it was not entirely impossible. Due to the continued purification of the essence dan, he observed it was improving.

The progress was visible with the naked eye.

Reaching an agreement, it was natural that they started to move forward. As before Yan Qing walked ahead while Feng Hao stayed behind to serve as a lookout


The ground was deeply covered by leaves, each step causing a sound of snapping. The two had their eyes sweeping everywhere as they slowly moved forward.

Being in the inner area, there was fatal danger everywhere. Although they had hidden cards up their sleeves, Yan Qing did not dare to be too arrogant.

There was silence in the mountain range, there was no sound at all. Even the noise of insects could not be heard.

"Hold on!"

Feng Hao's footsteps stopped. Surrounded by the silence, it was too strange. This caused the hairs on his body to stand up.

"Quickly get out of here!"

Old Fen's impatient voice rang in Feng Hao's mind.


Hearing the voice of Old Fen, Feng Hao did not hesitate. Directly pulling the girls arm he quickly ran away.

"What's the matter?"

Yan Qing failed to understand what was happening, she struggled from Feng Hao's grasp.

"If you don't want to die, follow me!"

Feng Hao had an ugly expression as sweat started to fall on his cheeks. He felt that danger was starting to get close by their side.

"Is it that exaggerated?"

Yan Qing somewhat did not trust him. But seeing that Feng Hao did not have the slightest intent to joke, every time on the way he was very accurate in sensing danger so she still followed him.


Not long after, a loud noise came from the inner area of the magic beast mountain range, the whole place was startled.


The roar enveloped the sky and shook the earth. It reached thousands of miles and caused all of the magic beast mountain range to shiver.

Once again the loud howl came. Facing the strong roar, it felt like the dooms day of the magic beast mountain range has come, everything laid down and did not dare to move.

Tong! Tong! Tong!


The whole area was shaken, the heaven and earth was turned upside down like a block. An oppressive breath rolled up causing the winds to blow making rocks and ancient trees get uprooted to be blown away. Finally, the two were able to run away and hide in the cave they hid on earlier.



The tremendous roar did not stop, the sound was violent and it shook the skies.

"Don't tell me there is a fight?"

The faces of the two people did not look so good.

To be able to make such a sound, the magic beast was definitely not simple. For a small Martial practitioner like Feng Hao, just by the repercussions he would not be able to resist.

"Don't tell me it’s an earth dragon and a red flaming wild tiger?"

Listening to the roars, Yan Qing's face became livid.

"Earth dragon? Red flaming wild tiger?"

Feng Hao's body directly shook.

The magic beasts that came from Yan Qing's mouth were the hegemony of the magic beast mountain range ah, they were Martial Spirit level magic beasts!

"There's trouble now."

When it came to these things, they were the ones who are powerless to resist. They can only pray that they do not attract attention, otherwise things will not be so fun.

"It's coming from that direction."

Listening to the direction of the sounds, Yan Qing's face became pale.

"It is indeed in the area of the red lotus medicine king!"

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