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Chapter 35 – Racing Thunder Fist

"Let's go!"

Sweeping their glance once again, the two started to walk towards the inner area of the magic beast mountain range.

These past few days, the two have come to a tacit understanding. Whether it was wealth, robbing mercenaries and facing beasts in the magic beast mountain range, they paired up perfectly.

"Thunder Attribute, it really does defy natural order!"

As a matter of fact, this is the first time Feng Hao sighed being deeply moved when it came to the girl's thunder attribute. Within the magic beast mountain range, the two were stuck together.

Thinking about the Martial Master level magic beasts and the bearded man a while ago, Feng Hao's heart rose with a touch of fiery passion.

It was a kill bypassing ranks!

"At any rate, I must find a thunder attribute Yi crystal!"

He secretly made up his mind.

With that being said, Feng Hao's current strength is extremely considerable. The four movements of the Tiger Movement Chapter, plus the best quality of essence dan, his strength was at the apex of his level. If he were to fight a Martial Master, he at least had the strength to resist.

A mediocre youth, now has set his foot on the road to change his fate!

Although, this is just the beginning!

Martial Inverse, there is seemingly no end, but he must find that end!

At this moment, Feng Hao was still lacking in having the ability to upgrade the no level Yan Jue. This led to him having little Wu Yuan causing him to not be able to sustain a martial skill for too long. So far, Feng Hao only had the black level body forging technique the Tiger Movement Chapter.

The Tiger Movement Chapter in fact could not be considered a black level martial skill, it is used mainly to forge control over strength. To put it simply, it is used cultivate before using a martial skill as a foundation. It did not match the other martial skills that provided great Wu Yuan as power.

If he was in battle, lacking a martial skill will undoubtedly became Feng Hao's weakness.

"Where do I find high level martial skills?"

As he was walking, Feng Hao was thinking with his brows crowded.

"Oh right, Master!"

Soon enough, he thought of the existence of Old Fen. Immediately his heart was filled with joy, showing in his complexion causing the girl watching him to have suspicion.

Night fell and the stars dotted the sky. In front of a cave entrance, the two stopped walking.

Walking in the night was extremely disadvantageous for the two. Here close to the inner area, Martial Master level beasts were extremely common. For the sake of safety, they generally do not travel at night.

When the bonfire rose, the frame of the spirit ape was placed above.

Regarding Feng Hao, he ate crazily with no manners at all, the girl looking was already used to this sight.

Maybe it’s because people who are developing need to eat a little more.

As he was eating, his belly could not contain any more, Feng Hao finally stopped gnawing at the food. Lying there, he was not moving much as the heat started to spread from his stomach.

"The meat of a high level beast, it really is incomparable ah."

With what Feng Hao has said, the taste of the meat was merely secondary. What he needed was the heat energy contained within the beast's flesh.

"Only I do not know if my pair of arms can be as hard as the spirit ape's?"

He shook his arms around and was looking forward to it.

Eating magic beasts, Feng Hao can absorb its strength. This time, he also confirmed that his recovery of endurance, speed and agility has surpassed what it was before.

The last time he saw the pair of iron arms of the spirit ape against the Martial Master bearded man and the beast took the upper hand. He was full of anticipation for this pair of iron arms.

"Hey, what is your name.'

Looking at the changing Feng Hao, the young girl who kept opening and closing her mouth finally asked the question.

Although the two have been together the past few days and they did not only have a simple understanding of each other, they never told each other’s name. Once again, the distance between the two became a little closer.

"Feng Hao!"

Feng Hao opened his eyes and turned his head looking at the young girls across the bonfire. Looking at her face, he asked, "What about you?"

"Yan Qing!"

After that, the young girl Yan Qing stood up and entered the cave.

"Yan Qing?"

Facing the bonfire, Feng Hao struck his own head.

"Yan Clan? Is there a family like that in the kingdom?'

The young girl showed high qualifications and uncommon skills. In Feng Hao's eyes, he knew in his heart that the girl's identity must be extremely exceptional that's why he never asked for a name.

Shaking his head, he stopped thinking too much and laid next to the bonfire until it was late at night.

"What do you need from me?"

Specks of light started to build up until Old Fen appeared. Sweeping his eyes across, he saw Feng Hao. he could see everything, Feng Hao has condensed the best quality of dan, he did not show much surprise.

"Heihei, master, do you have any martial skills?"

Feng Hao rubbed his hands together and showed a tricky face.

"Martial skill? Naturally there is."

Old Fen grinned, in Feng Hao's eyes he looked grim causing his heart to have a bad feeling.

"Do you want it to be high or low level?'

Old Fen was like an old wolf, luring the confused Feng Hao like little red riding hood.

Of course, the higher the better!"

Feng Hao did not think much and answered right away.


Old Fen let out a laugh, "Boy, do you think high level martial skills can be found randomly on the roadside? How much do you want? Moreover, genuine high level martial skills requires a high personal understanding. One must have a genuine capability to exert its full strength, otherwise you are better off just using a yellow level martial skill."


Feng hao scratched his head and smiled guiltily.

"En, I see, you can use this to cultivate."

Old Fen naturally knew that this guy had no martial skill to learn. Thinking for a bit, he threw out a martial skill.

"High grade black level martial skill, Racing Thunder Fist."

Looking at the high level martial skill, Feng Hao immediately gained spirit, his eyes were full of light.

Earth level martial skill, he did not even think about it.

"Heihei, when you are done cultivating, I will pass on to you an earth level martial skill."

With great laughter, Old Fen's figure of light started to disperse.

"Earth level martial skill?!"

Hearing this, Feng Hao could not help but have short breath. He tightly held onto the scroll in his hands.

Not too long his excitement died down. He unfurled the paper scroll and became familiar with the Racing Thunder Fist.

Looking at the thin object, Feng Hao let out a cold breath.

"Is this really a black level martial skill?"

From top to bottom, the Racing Thunder Fist was divided into five layers. Each layer increased multiple folds. For the fifth layer everything overlapped, Feng Hao could not imagine how it would go down.

"As it turns out, this is a really high level martial skill."

Feng Hao's corner of the mouth could not help but reveal a wry smile.

No wonder the people of  Yan Qing did not look at the Mad transformation Art. First, it was dangerous to gain a lot of strength immediately. Second, her clan held more precious things.

"If one had the Mad Transformation Art in addition with this martial skill…"

His state of mind was boiling.

A high grade essence dan from the Mad Transformation Art does not meet what Feng Hao needs, what he needed was a transcendent grade dan!

As for the strength of reaching the highest level, it was unimaginable, it left space for unlimited imagination.

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