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Chapter 34 – You can't let off even one


A voice resounded filled with energy, as if they faced the world's most violent person. It caused one’s mind to tremble. Even the Martial Master bearded man also could not help but take a few steps back.

"This guy finally woke up!"

The young girl was a little relieved to hear the sound.

If the bearded man along with his mercenaries attacked, and she alone would not be able to block them. After all, she was only a Martial Practitioner. The use of the thunder art and whip was too big of a burden on her body.

"No way, don't tell me it's of a transcendent grade?"

Listening to the sound, the girl could not help but be a little suspicious. With light footsteps she went towards the end of the cave.

In reality it was not of a transcendent quality. The purity of Feng Hao's essence qi was not good enough to make the best dan. However, his body had the strange and special heat energy. By relying on the heat energy washing the purity of the essence dan, it increased the quality.

Essence qi, it was present within the flesh, bones, and bone marrow. This was the product of Feng Hao eating magic beasts, he absorbed the essence qi present in the meat.

This matter, Feng hao could not fully grasp. However, at every key moment it appeared on its own, bringing him unexpected surprises. In condensing the essence dan, it did not disappoint.


The body jumping, Feng Hao stood up and shook his body allowing all his bones to create cracking sounds that spread.

Feeling his body becoming numb, Feng Hao could not help but clench his fist.

A force was surging between the muscles, this was an unprecedented feeling. He could not help but want to try it out.

Amassing power, condense yuan, concentrate, erupt, all the four movements of the Tiger Movement chapter was done smoothly. The essence dan swayed, allowing a burst of power and Wu Yuan to erupt. Feng Hao's clenched fist directly smashed forward to the wall.


A loud bang, gravel scattered as his fist was deeply embedded into the hard rock wall. With the fist at the center, all directions around it showed a terrible crack, causing the earth to have jitters.


Taking back his fist, looking at the damage it has done, Feng Hao's heart gave birth to a grand feeling.

Black level martial skill, plus the refined essence dan. Such power, this way he can compete with higher ranks.

"Hei, who are you showing off to?"

Looking at Feng Hao's puffed up appearance, the young girl grumpily uttered a sentence.


Feng Hao's expression immediately changed, he smiled wit guilt.

"We're in trouble!"

Thinking of this, the young girl even became more angry.

What so called treasure, the result in the end was that they were now trapped in a cave.

"There's trouble?"

Feng Hao looked distracted. Seeing the girl's expression, his heart also became tense.

"Take a look!"

The young girl pointed to the dead mercenary.

"It's them!"

That clothing, Feng Hao naturally did not forget. He thought of the bearded Martial Master. His eyebrows clustered.

"What a useless thing, they also shouted something called the Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps, Humph!"

The young girl crossed her arms snorting, looking indignant.

"The Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps?"

Hearing this name, Feng Hao's heart shivered.

This is a bad turn of events!

Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps, the young girl seemed to have not heard of it. Nevertheless to Feng Hao it was like thunder piercing the ear. The Feng Clan's power in Magnolia City is not even a strand comparable to the corps.

Contemplating it for a while, there was a flash of light on Feng Hao's eyes.

"I'll go out first, then you'll follow behind. Remember, not one must be let off!"

Regarding their speed and agility, Feng Hao was very confident.

After the two reinstated their conditions, Feng Hao took a long blade from the dead mercenaries body. Then both of them walked out the cave mouth.


Taking a deep breath, Feng Hao's gaze did not move. He rushed out the cave opening with a great leap surpassing the height of the ancient tree. He rolled in the air several times dodging the bearded man's attempt to kill, landing behind the mercenaries.

Seeing the youth, the mercenaries were stunned. Even the bearded man looked with surprise.

They looked blankly, but feng Hao was not distracted.


With power rising within his body, he operated his essence dan expanding his Wu Yuan three times. The four movements of the Tiger Movement Chapter broke out smoothly showing vigor. Standing straight like a pole with black hair flying about, he looked like a violent god. His hands on the blade, he looked at the direction of the mercenaries and attacked.

Looking so imposing, a mercenary looked a little flustered as he frantically tried to raise his blade to obstruct the strike.



The blade broke and the man died.

The mercenary was split into two halves, blood sprayed and entrails fell on the ground. He died with no resistance.

"You have guts!"

The bearded man harrumphed. Holding his blade, he leapt carrying thick Wu Yuan he chopped at Feng Hao.

It was too late to dodge. Feng Hao can only once again mobilize his dan and welcome the incoming blade.



The two blades collided and Wu Yuan broke out. Immediately on the dust scene, Feng Hao was thrown back leaving the blade behind to stabilize his body.

His chest boiled and he spouted a mouthful of blood.

"So weak?"

The big bearded man looked at Feng Hao and himself, he thought they were of the same rank or strength but he was weaker than he thought.


A whip of silver lightning like a serpent came with a sound of broken air, going towards the back of the bearded man.

It was the thunder whip!

Feeling the threat behind him, the bearded man took his attention away from Feng Hao in front of him to turn and attack with his blade.


Although the whip was blocked, the current of electricity caused the bearded man to be stiff and his body was thrown to the ground.

Seeing the opportunity, Feng Hao utilized the Shen Nong Medicine Canon and a cool feeling spread throughout his body. As the feeling spread, he once again leapt towards the bearded man hacking onto him with the blade.


Because he had to face the thunder whip, the bearded man could not turn in time and only moved sideways. He already could not feel his left arm as blood started to spurt from his body.


Letting out a startling scream to the sky, he pulled his body up in order to escape.


Feng hao with a sneer followed the figure and pursued.

When it comes to speed, who could contend with Feng Hao?

With a few steps, the blade slashed across and the bearded man fell to the ground. Blood sprayed up high to the sky.

All of these things happened too quickly, all the other mercenaries were directly stunned silly. Their Martial Master Captain unexpectedly died in such a way!


There was only one thing in their hearts, they had no courage to resist.

"No one must get away!"

Feng hao shouted as he chased towards two mercenaries. The girl naturally did not idle around, with her hand on the thunder whip, people started to fall.

One by one they fell to the blade, Feng Hao laid this in his mind.

These people can not leave. If they try to be benevolent, these people will bring hidden trouble to the Feng Clan!

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