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Chapter 36 – Yan Qing's astonishment

Within the Racing Thunder Fist, there are five gravity’s. Each layer corresponded to one realm. The main source of power and strength is the superposition, like a tidal wave layer after layer pile up causing the power to double each layer. Naturally this numerous folds of strength came with a cost. When one attacked with a thousand force, oneself will take harm of eight hundred force. It was not good to use it without preparation else one will just mutilate oneself.

"I'll try out the first gravity."

Reading the introduction in the scroll, Feng Hao naturally did not dare do the last part. Shifting through the scroll on his hand, he decided to see what the first gravity can do.

Stepping across, Feng Hao began to operate the Wu Yuan inside his body in accordance to the scroll.


Wu Yuan began to boil, it was as if a tide came and it arrived at the end of the fist. Then it once again came back, tide after tide Wu Yuan began to gather. Soon, it reached the strength of an apex level Martial Practitioner and Feng Hao's arm started to tremble. His clenched fist started to emit a light like a cluster of gems.

"This won't do, it has yet to arrive at the strength of the first gravity!"

He already condensed his Wu Yuan on his fist, however it was written down on the scroll that to reach the first gravity one needed to condense ten tides. Currently, he has only condensed three tides, nothing more.

"Persist on!"

Feng Hao carefully controlled the Wu Yuan he has condensed in his fist. In the same time, he was also mobilizing the Wu Yuan in his body. His face was already beet red and bean sized sweat started to drip.

He continued to persevere till the tenth tide. Finally, he was unable to hold on any longer and his fist had a feeling like it was going to explode.


Feng Hao raised his fist and let out a shout striking the huge boulder beside him.



After the noise, the boulder was crushed sending rubble in all directions.


Looking at the scene in front and taking back his trembling fist, Feng Hao spit out heavy air.

Each layer needed strenuous effort. Five layers, multiple hundred tides of strength, Feng Hao could not imagine how strong would that be.

"It seems that, there is still a need to strengthen and temper the body."

With no Wu Yuan before, there was only one method, forging the body. However, after reaching the Martial Practitioner stage, things are different. That is because one would now possess Wu Yuan.

The human body was like a treasury. In Martial Apprentice, there is only the flesh and nothing more. However after that the body has to bare the Wu Yuan's existence.

Wu Yuan in fact was a double edged sword. It can injure, but also it can cause one to harm oneself. If the body was not firm and substantial enough, there is no advance.

Naturally, with Wu Yuan, it can be used to temper and cultivate the body which is the best method!

There is a saying – Martial Practitioner cultivated the flesh, Martial Master cultivated the muscle, Martial Grand Master cultivated the skin, Martial Spirit cultivated the bone, Martial Ancestor cultivated the organ, Martial King cultivated the blood, Martial Emperor cultivated the aperture and when it came to Martial Saint things start to change. The Wu Yuan is transformed into the Wu Source. As to how it is done, no one really knows.

Therefore, on the road of cultivation, the human body is crucial. Only when the body is polished enough to be solid, can it support great strength.

The use of Wu Yuan to cultivate the flesh is in fact very simple. As long as Wu Yuan is circulated in the body, it will naturally stimulate the flesh in order to achieve flesh training.

That is why, there are a lot of warriors who choose to fight because of this. Wu Yuan's circulation is sped up, thus increasing the speed of tempering the body.

This fact was already proven, the strongest warriors were basically fighting lunatics causing one to have an headache.

"Hu… it's time to get started!"

Walking a distance away, Feng Hao put his hands and feet to use. This caused the surrounding trees and rocks to face a calamity.

The essence dan must also not be used. This thing was difficult to replenish. Also, using it is a waste as it was connected to the vitality and one's life depended on it.

Soon one night passed and the sky gradually turned blue. Feng Hao halted as his body was sweaty and wet. He untied the hides on his body and went towards a clear spring to wash up. He then returned to the cave.

The next day, continuing on the path they finally reached the inner zone of the magic beast mountain. Only, it looked too ordinary as the two started to slow down.

Fortunately there was Old Fen, who allowed them to bypass some powerful magic beasts. Otherwise, the two of them would have been inside a magic beasts mouth already.

"How much farther is it?"

Taking a magic beast carcass at the Martial Master level into his ring, Feng Hao turned his head to Yan Qing to ask.

With the amount of spirit medicine in his ring, if the destination was much father he was afraid that it was insufficient to make a round trip.

"It's still early."

Yan Qing took out a leather roll and gestures, "We have gone halfway. With our current speed, it would take around ten days or so to arrive."

"Ten days?"

Feng Hao's eye brow's deeply clustered.

That is to say, if they want to come out again and return it would take a minimum of roughly a month's time. His spirit medicines were not enough.

"What's the matter?"

Seeing Feng Hao's strange look, Yan Qing asked puzzled.

"I'm afraid it's troublesome."

Thus, Feng Hao spoke about the current situation between the two of them.

"No way? You don't have enough spirit medicine?"

Yan Qing looked at him with a startled look, "It does not make sense, looking at you the level of your medicine dan should be at the black level. How could you not withstand a month's time?"

"Mine is at simply the void dan, nothing more."

Feng Hao's corner of the mouth tightened showing bitterness.

If it was a true dan, he would be able to rely on the spirit medicines he had for half a year. However in reality, he had the void dan. Thus he can only squander a large amount, this was the weakness of the void dan. Furthermore, due to the lack of medicine essence, and having the ability to cure almost all illness and poison it naturally has down sides.

"Void dan?"

Yan Qing's small mouth was opened wide, looking at him with an unimaginable look, " A void dan having the result of a black level dan, how can that be?"

Evidently, she could not believe Feng Hao's claim.

For a long time she has received the medicine essence from his medicine dan, she judged that the thick medicine essence  was absolutely at the black level. So much so that the medicine dan should have been at an extremely high level.

However with what Feng Hao said, the high grade black level medicine essence from the medicine dan actually was a void dan. How can the young girl accept this.

Earth level Medicine Master?!

With the thought of this, Yan Qing's heart began to shake.

Such a Medicine Master, in her clan would possess an impressive position.

"Don't tell me he's a younger generation from some big influence?"

Thinking of this, the girl could not help but cluster her brows. Sweeping her eyes on Feng Hao, she did not see any signs of temperament coming from the big power.

Awfully ordinary, so much so that he did not have a weapon.

"What a strange person!"

Yan Qing muttered with a low voice.

Earth grade Medicine Master, to attain the best quality of essence qi, such a person will never be ordinary.

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