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Chapter 33 – Trouble

The heat energy, as said by Old Fen, should be present in his bloodstream. Regarding this, Feng Hao was helpless.


The heat energy was like a wave, wave after wave overlapping each other purifying the dan's purity. It became more flawless and transparent.

Although it was the same heat energy, Feng Hao felt that the heat energy was somewhat different. It appeared that the heat energy had some uses, however the specificity of it Feng Hao did not know.

Time flowed, in an instant a day passed.

Feng Hao was still sitting there, with closed eyes within his body there was something regularly circulating.

As for the the young girl in the cave, she did not find her ideal treasure. So she was discouraged and dejectedly sat beside Feng Hao. Not too long has passed, as she settled down all of a sudden silver lightning flashed around her body.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes because a noise appeared in the cave mouth.


She mumbled softly, and the man beside her stayed sitting. Her hand stretched out and a sword appeared on it.

"Somebody's there!"

The person outside also looked surprised and rushed inside torch on hand.

"Its you."

Seeing the bearer, the young girl's eyebrows clustered.

The man who came seemed to be one of the mercenaries who fought with the spirit ape yesterday.

Glancing at the cave, not finding anything and looking at the girl armed with a sword with Feng Hao sitting at the side, the man's face sank.

"Take out the treasure and you will not die!"

His tone was grim with threat, his hand also took out a blade. With Wu Yuan surging, it seemed that at any time he was ready to split the girl in half.


The young girls eyes narrowed. With her hand she waved the sword as lightning burst out, directly hitting the person who arrived causing him to fly out.

"Acting recklessly!"

The young girl coldly glanced at him, waving the sword several times thoroughly causing him to die.

"This guy, how can he be no good?"

Looking at Feng Hao still in a trance, her eyebrows scrunched several times.

Condensing a refined dan, as long as one endured, it should actually be very fast. However Feng Hao for a long time did not wake up, this caused the girl to feel inexplicable.

Now with the sudden incident, with her alone it is impossible to take the team of mercenaries by herself. Moreover, there was also the Martial Master level bearded man.

Not thinking about it too much, she walked towards the mouth of the cave. Inside the cave, it was extremely quiet and calm.

On the edge of the mountain stream above, the bearded man stood there. For a long time the person she sent down did not follow up, his eyebrows wrinkled up.

"Boss, could it be that Old Eight swallowed the treasure?"

A man turned to the bearded man and spoke.

His words immediately caused the other mercenaries look at the bearded man, obviously they had their doubts.

The iron arm spirit ape was badly wounded, its bleeding could not stop. So a day later, they once again turned back. Now, the mercenary Old Eight has been down there for almost half an hour. No screams, no spirit ape's hissing, no wonder they suspected something.

"Old Three, go take a look!"

The bearded man pondered for a little, then turned towards a man and commanded with a sentence, "If Old Eight really dare do such a thing to his brothers, do not show mercy!"

His tone was murderous.

"Boss be rest assured!"

Pulling a long blade from his waist, the man jumped down towards the tree.


A silver lightning erupted from the cave, hitting the man that was falling causing his body to be stiff. He directly dropped into the mountain stream, only falling without making a sound. Thinking about it, how deep could this mountain stream be.

"There's someone down there?!"

The bearded man's face changed. His Wu Yuan poured out of his body, giving him a look of might.

"Who? Who's down there?"

He cried out loudly, but no one answered.

"Damn it!"

The thought of the treasure, the bearded man became upset. Since there was a person, then the treasure must have already been taken. It looks like that Old Eight was already dead.

"Who are you? To think you actually dare rob my Wild Wolf Corps!"

Not having much information on the other party, the bearded man issued the name of his own mercenary group to pressure the person.

Wild Wolf Mercenary Corps, in West Mist Country it’s one of the three biggest mercenary groups. The leader Han Lang, had a cultivation of Martial Spirit!

As for the team of the bearded man, it is only one of the branches. One branch, possesses at least one Martial Master and ten Martial Practitioners. In the same time, the Wild Wolf Mercenaries were all strong, they truly were strong and solid.

For long time, seeing that there was no response, the bearded man was livid.

He spent so much strength, lost dozens of members to grab the treasure map. They also lost many members once again fighting the spirit ape, they took a lot of damage. To find out that the result was that someone else took the dowry, who would still be calm.

"Old Two, Old Four, both of you go down!"

He turned his head and yelled.

Hearing the command, the two looked at each other and jumped at the same time. On their hands were blades that directly released Wu Yuan straight to the dark cave.

Peng! Peng!

Two impact sounds reverberated as the two saw a girl dressed in leather who had grim expression holding a silver-white sword.


A thunder whip swept out. The two tried to resist with their blades, however their bodies where unable to handle it, Ultimately, they let out a blood-curdling screech as they fell into the abyss.

The two high level Martial Practitioners both failed in the same time which caused the other mercenaries to gasp cold air.

Only one thing could be said, the person below must be a Martial Master!

If it was a Martial Master, the  it was trouble. The big bearded man did not want to act blindly.

Glancing at the six remaining people behind him, the bearded man's mouth was drawn out.

The loss was serious. If there was no merit, then his squad will be considered done.

"I don't believe that you will not show yourself!"

He drew his blade and stood above the cliff. His eyes not blinking, he looked at the cave for movement.

"This time there will be trouble."

Listening to what was said, the young girls eyebrows clustered.

With the attribute of thunder and lightning, and this terrain, she alone can hold out. However, if she were to go up, then that would be trouble. She knew that above was a Martial Master and some Martial Practitioner mercenaries.

"Why hasn't this guy finished yet?"

She glanced with little annoyance inside the cave.

To congeal a refined dan, how could it take so long?

However, what she did not know was that Feng Hao's essence qi was actually not very pure. With his body absorbing heat energy from beast meat, the result was a very slow speed.

Until the last trace of heat energy disappeared, Feng Hao finally opened his eyes. His mouthed roared out, "Ha!!!"

The roar resounded throughout the whole mountain stream. Its echo kept continuing on and for a long time it did not stop.

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