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Chapter 32 – Mad Transformation Art

The cave was not deep, it was only about a hundred meters or so. The first thing that the two came upon was the broken bodies of two mercenaries. Then they noticed the blood stained the walls of the cave, the internal organs, and some of the wreckage that originally existed fell to the ground. To the dark cave it added some horror.


The girl was trembling as she looked at the person beside her. The corner of Feng Hao mouth raised as he pointed to the abyss.

"Who is frightened? Who’s afraid of who?"

Hearing those words, the girl immediately jumped, "Hey, wait for me!"

They skipped over the two bodies and the young girl chased Feng Hao. Apparently she was afraid that Feng Hao would keep the so-called treasure for himself.

Deep into the abyss, there was a stone platform wherein a corpse was sitting on top of it. The clothing on the corpse has already started to decay, it seems that it has been a long time since it died.

Beside the stone platform were scattered bones, the spirit ape evidently gnawed at the dead bodies.

"Where's the treasure? Where's the treasure?"

The girl looked and sweeped everywhere, but she did not find the existence of the best treasures in the legend. She suddenly became interested.


After sweeping over the stone platform, Feng Hao lifted his foot and saw a dark-colored book he walked past.

"Mad Transformation Art!"

Three words appeared in the mind of Feng Hao.

"What is this? A heaven level rare book?"

The young girl quickly came and approached with a look over fervor, "Mad Transformation Art ah." Her small face rapidly became down, it quickly changed to as if she was smacked on the lips.

"What's this thing?"

Feng Hao asked doubtfully.

"Mad Transformation Art, you don't know it?"

The girl can't stand his look, "See for yourself."

She flung her arms and carefully looked around. Apparently, she wanted to find out the most important treasure.


Feng Hao emitted a noise and quickly turned a page over.

"A magic crystal from a beast condensed into one’s essence dan, tempering the body into a mad variant!"

Looking at the introduction, Feng Hao quickly moved his sight down towards the remaining words.

"Mad Transformation Martial Practitioner."

Feng Hao suddenly understood what the Mad Transformation Art is. In condensing the essence dan , there were three grades/levels. The three levels are the following, ordinary, high grade and the legendary transcendent. In the ordinary essence dan, you can explode with twice the strength. In the high grade essence dan, one can issue out triple the usual strength. And as for the transcendent grade essence dan, the strength is tripled of the previous levels exceeding a whole grade. With regards the transcendent grade, the Mad Transformation Art makes it possible to reach that level.

Naturally, the Mad Transformation is not so simple. First of all, one should have condensed an essence dan, else everything is just all talk!

"Si… there is such a rare book!"

Feng Hao inhaled cool air. As mentioned in the Mad Transformation Art, the transcendent grade was possible. Feng Hao was incomparably tempted, however he saw the reaction of the young girl.

"No wonder she did not even put it in her eyes."

Feng Hao suddenly had a realization.

"Can it be done?"

After seeing the introduction, he became excited. Turning over his hand, the body of the spirit ape appeared from the ring. Breaking the skull of the ape, a magic beast crystal appeared on his eyes.

“Sure enough, the higher the level of the magic beast, the higher the chance of having a magic crystal in the body!”

Feeling the heat, Feng Hao felt the tyrannical energy present inside the magic crystal.

"Try it!"

Although it is known that there is danger of explosion of energy of the Magic Crystals, Feng Hao doesn't want to give up such an opportunity.

Although he knew the dangers of the tyrannical energy inside the magic crystal exploding, Feng Hao did not let go of the opportunity.

A trace of devastating energy flowed into his body along the arm.

This is incredible, and these brutal magic crystal energy is wild and beastly. Feng Hao's body was full of energy.


Feng Hao clenched his teeth, all his veins protruded, and his face was somewhat fierce. He was really sweaty.. The droplets of sweat on his forehead were like the size of beans.

"This kid, as a Martial Practitioner he dares to condense essence dan, her truly is not afraid to die."

The girl’s eyes were placed on Feng Hao. She was looking at his appearance and was also whispering. She wasn't aware that she looked concerned.

The most painful process of the Mad Transformation Art is the condensing the essence dan, and using the catastrophic energy of a magic crystal to arouse one's essence qi to condense an essence dan.

Receiving such an attack, Feng Hao's essence qi started to mobilize to resist the invading energy.


When he saw it was the right opportunity, he began to condense the qi inside his body into a dan.

The essence was congealed and gradually condensed.

"This monster, probably won't succeed?"

Looking at the catastrophic energy that was driven out, the little girl was shocked.

Essence qi, it was located at the foundation of the human body. Generally, the higher the level, the more relaxed the essence qi. So when condensing it would smooth and gentle, however, how can a Martial practitioner have so much essence qi?


After groaning for a long time, the essence qi was finally condensed and a white colored essence dan was slowly taking shape.

After a while, Feng Hao thought it was finally over as within his body changes started to happen.

The heat energy from his blood vessels appeared once again!

The heat energy was like a stream, which went towards the essence dan, washing it over and over  making it more pure.

The purity of essence qi inside a human's body can not be altered, however this heat energy was able to increase the purity of essence qi. This was simply defying natural order.


The heat energy flowed and repeatedly washed the essence dan causing it to be sparkling and translucent.

"Don't tell me that it's promoting the level?"

Feng Hao was happy.

Although he never knew how to control the dynamics of the heat energy, at least at critical moments the heat energy always appears bringing unexpected benefits.


For a second time another burst of sound came, even the girl outside heard it.

"High grade Mad Transformation?"

The girl was completely aroused, then her small face appeared serious..

The maiden was emotionally moved, her small face finally appeared serious.

Although the purity of essence is natural, the ancestors also play a major factor. This is also one of the factors that have always good for strong descendants.

However, in a remote area, it is impossible to contain such a strong power. Therefore, the young girl is somewhat puzzled.

"Also, this guy is a monster himself."

The girl pouted and her eyes didn't move, because Feng Hao unexpectedly didn't open his eyes.

"No way?"

The thought of a certain possibility, the girl's eyes grew big and small hands covered her mouth. Doing this action, her chest quickly moved up and down.

“This is impossible, absolutely impossible!”

She shook her head and didn't believe the truth.


The heat continued to flow without stopping

All was carried out silently. Feng Hao had no power to control, he can only watch.

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