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Chapter 31 – Spirit Ape


The broadsword and the arm of the ape directly collided, a spark bursted out as the spirit ape was forced to retreat. However, the bearded man was also directly blown back as he staggeringly almost fell to the ground.


The distant Feng Hao sucked in a breath of cold air, "It is worthy of being called the Iron arm spirit ape!"

The spirit ape before their eyes has the strength of an almost Middle Step Martial Master. With its pair of iron arms as if it was cast, it was also quick giving it an advantage.


After the clash, not only did they fail to make the spirit ape retreat, they instead aroused its fierce nature. Its beat its own chest, facing the sky it let out a long roar jumping towards the mercenaries.


A mercenary was immediately torn into two halves, blood and guts falling on the ground.


With a twist, a head was turned around with its eyes staring with panic. With a pinch, it was like tofu that was cracked open.

In front of the squadron of Martial Practitioner mercenaries, the Martial Master level Iron arm spirit ape was a killing machine. Without being able to do much, they all tragically died under its iron arms.

"Good bastard!"

The bearded man glared with hate. Wu Yuan burst all over, with his weapon over his head he shouted.

"Mountain Splitting Blade!"

A fierce Wu Yuan appeared at the tip of the blade, heading directly to the arms of the spirit ape.


Most of the blow was blocked by the spirit ape's arms, but its waist was cut and blood immediately gushed out.


It screamed, with its whole body it maniacally rushed over to the bearded man.


The big bearded man turned around and hurriedly retreated. However, how could he be faster than the spirit ape?"


The Spirit ape raised its stout arms and with the sound of breaking air smashed downwards.


The sky was filled with blood as the bearded man issued a sad roar, "Go!"

Ji! Ji! Ji!

The remaining few mercenaries did not hesitate and followed, they did not stop at all.

The spirit ape was too vicious, it killed all of them without resistance.

Leaving the bodies of six mercenaries on the ground, all the mercenaries eventually fell miserably.


The spirit ape did not go try to catch the others. On the edge of the cliff, it hammered its chest howling at the sky madly.

"Do you have the confidence?"

Seeing the mercenaries leave, Feng Hao turned his to the young girl and asked.

"Humph! Are you looking down on me?"

The young girl stood up directly, stretching out her hands a sword appears and she walked over to the spirit ape.

Feng Hao's mouth slightly upturned, with no hesitation he stood up as well and followed.

The young girl did not really fear Martial Master magic beasts, on the way Feng Hao has already seen this.


Seeing someone come up again, the eyes of the spirit ape became red. It pounded the ground, its large stature leaped hurriedly rushing over.

"Thunder art!"

The young girl's expression became profound. With her small mouth she shouted two fierce words and instantly her body was filled with lightning.

"Thunder Whip!"

Brandishing the sword, a silver lightning appeared that took the shape of a whip.


Raising the sword, the young girl quickly flicked the long whip over to the spirit ape. A sound burst out from the middle of the empty sky.


The lightning whip swinging at the spirit ape, it directly caused the body to become stiff and heavily fall on the ground. The young girl gained confidence, wielding the sword she constantly whipped the spirit ape which let out unceasing screams.

Clearly, the power of the lightning could not be blocked by its iron arms.

"Sure enough!"

Feng Hao standing behind the girl took a glance, then looked at the miserable roaring spirit ape, his mind became at ease.

"Thunder Attribute!"

He basically has never heard of it, however after seeing its power his heart was filled with envy.

If one can have thunder attributes, how good is that!"

"Yi crystal!"

Old Fen has said that, the Void Wu physique can refine any attribute of yi crystal. At this time, Feng Hao can understand the benefits of the Void Wu physique.

"It seems the Void Wu physique is not at all useless!"

He smiled at himself.

Yi crystal, currently that was too far from him. For now, what they need to do is ensure their lives.


The screams of the spirit ape was extremely mournful. It wanted to leave, however every time the lightning whip comes down, its body freezes. Adding to the wound it had on its waist, it gradually weakened.


The lightning whip directly coiled around the arms and throat of the spirit ape, it tried to flop around. However, it could not do anything about its wound. After awhile, it stopped moving and lied in place.


Taking back the sword and wiping the sweat on her forehead, the girl turned around a faced Feng Hao with a proud look.

"Good, I know you're powerful!"

After time has passed spending time with this girl, Feng Hao knew her temper. If he did not say any compliments, then it would get noisy.

The young girl's nature was not bad, it just seemed that she wanted to be recognized by others.

"Humph humph!"

The young girl cocked her small head, looking like a proud rooster.

Feng Hao shook his head and walked over to the corpse of the spirit ape.

This cannot be wasted. After observing, Feng Hao looked at its dominating arms, iron arm!

If he can have such a pair of iron arms, it would definitely give a lot of people a surprise.

Thinking of this, his mouth slightly raised as he loaded the spirit ape in the ring.

"Try to find the treasure, do you want to go?'

He turned and shouted towards the still faced young girl.

"I definitely want to go, don't tell me you want to hog it all for yourself?'

The young girl's expression became vigilant, looking at Feng Hao it was as if she was looking at a thief.

The two of them came over to the edge of the mountain stream. Seeing the location, both of them jumped inside the dark cave.

The cave did not seem to be natural, the walls were sharp and one can easily be cut.

"A great expert definitely took refuge in this place!"

Feng Hao squinted his eyes looking around. He raised his palm, Wu Yuan bursted out illuminating the surrounding darkness with a light.

"Too weak, look at me!'

After speaking, the young girl took out a wu crystal. Activating her Wu Yuan, the wu crystal issued out a bright light immediately making the whole cave brightly lit.

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