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Chapter 30 – Seizing treasure

Inside the verdant and lush magic beast mountain range, there is an ancient tree that is shading countless skeletons of strong warriors. With its fearsome reputation, it was considered a forbidden area.

However, within the magic beast mountain range there are always people willing to risk it for good things.

Spirit medicine!

Moreover, there were many strong warriors from ancient times that have left high level secret books. This has attracted many adventurers and mercenaries.

Approaching the surrounding zone, a pair of young man and woman were slowly walking in the forest. These two are Feng Hao and the leather girl.

These past few days, these two have already killed dozens of magic beasts, some of which already reached the Martial Master level. However, with young girl's thunder secret art, they were both able to finish them off.

Cultivating and killing Martial Master level magic beasts, one can see how strong the secret art of this girl is.

Naturally, walking in the middle zone, there is a sizable amount of harvests. The past few days, Feng Hao picked dozens of strains of spirit medicine.

Eating spirit medicine was normal to Feng Hao. Everytime he got a spirit medicine, he would eat it to replenish the dan above the Shen Nong Medicine Canon.

As for those tragic monsters that died under the thunder of the young girl, naturally the both split it as food. Exceedingly strong magic beasts allowed for extremely dense heat energy, this made Feng Hao very happy. However, he did not know how to exploit it. Every time he exhausts his strength, the heat energy would appear.

"What kind of energy is it?"

Feng Hao's eyebrows clustered, while chewing the spirit medicine in his mouth he was thinking.

It can complement the strength of the whole body, however it cannot do so for Wu Yuan. But, Feng Hao did not think the heat energy was below that of Wu Yuan, he even thought it was superior!

Unfortunately, he did not know how to utilize it!

"Hold on!"

Feng Hao stopped his footsteps lightly speaking. He pulled the girl finding a place to hide, behind a rock

Not long after, a blood stained man stumbled into the sights of the two. Behind the man were also mercenaries with killing intent.


A mercenary suddenly burst out his Wu Yuan attacking the man in front of him.

In a moment, the man was surrounded by more than ten wooden soldiers.

"Hand over the treasure map, we will spare you and you will not die!"

The bearded man had an overcast face, eyes coldly locking into the man.

"Dream on!"

The man had a resolute attitude, dozens of wounds were on his body bleeding out. His breath increasingly weakened.

"Then die!"

The bearded man held a huge broadsword. With the support of Wu Yuan, he went towards the man to divide him into two.


The man pulled out his sword and faced him.


The man's sword snapped. As he was weak, he was directly split into two halves by the bearded man's full blown attack. His guts scattered everywhere.

The mercenaries came forward and searched the man for animal hide rolls.

"Boss, I found it!"

The mercenary handed the leather roll to the bearded man.

Looking at the leather roll, the bearded man's face was filled with joy. His pair of eyes were showing greed.

"Heihei, what a sequence of events!"

He smiled. With the leather roll in his hands, he began to walk away.


Feng Hao just loosened hin pam on the young girl's mouth, both heavily sighed with relief.

Just a moment ago if they were revealed, they definitely would have been involved. Feng Hao with a quick glance saw that the bearded man was absolutely at the Martial master level. In addition with the other mercenaries at the Martial Practitioner level, they would have been in big trouble.

Killing for treasures was not uncommon in the magic beast mountain range, this was not the first time the two of them saw such a thing.

"Hiding a treasure map?"

Feng Hao's eyes narrowed as he hesitated. He stood up, "Go, lets follow and see!"

"Heihei, alright."

The young girl was also not afraid of chaos,in this world treasures come with interest.

The two of them followed a trail until three days later, the team of mercenaries stopped in front of a mountain stream.

"Here it is!"

The bearded man scanned the terrain and determined a spot.

"Boss, this is a mountain stream."

The mercenary beside him spoke with suspicion.

The bearded man once again confirmed, "The treasure is under the mountain stream!"

The mountain stream was bottomless. There was a thick fog, one cannot see the end. That is to say, it was at least thousands of meters deep. Glancing at it, the mercenaries eyes became hollow.

Confronting the overhanging cliff, the mercenary hesitated.

In the distance, two heads popped out behind a rock.

"Hey, should we go over?"

The young girl looked not far from them, seemingly have the desire to jump over.


Feng Hao glared at her.

"Hey, what kind of treasure are you after all?"

Hearing that there was a treasure, the girls excited mood cannot calm down.

"How do I know."

Feng Hao looked and ignored her. He placed his eyes on the team of mercenaries, waiting for their next move.

Looking at the mountain  stream, the bearded man was also silent.

Taking the risk going down, there was absolutely no going back. He was unresigned. In order to rob this treasure, not only have they worked hard for it, they also lost many members.

"Hey? Boss, look at that place."

A mercenary who was looking at the mountain stream for a long time yelled.


The bearded man walked over a few steps.

As the mercenary pointed out, the big bearded man saw an ash grey tree growing at the side of the cliff. Beside it there was a pitch black cavern, immediately his eyes grew bright.

"Little Five, Little Six, you two go down and look!"


After the two men heard the order, they carefully jumped down towards the cave.


Peng Peng!


A severe yell was heard from inside the cave. The sudden burst of sound reverberated spreading the screams.


The yell became more distinct, it obviously carried anger. Not long after, a spirit ape jumped out of the cave. As it appeared, it was already in front of the mercenaries.

The spirit ape that appeared had two meter arms at its left and right, its brutal eyes filled with violence. As if lifting up two pillars, it immediately smashed a strike to one of the mercenaries.


Brains scattered everywhere, the mercenary was killed on the spot. Directly being smashed, there was not the slightest of resistance.


Trying to kill the other three, the arms of the spirit ape fiercely struck. Leaping high, it jumped over to the mercenaries.

"Damn it!"

The bearded man's face was livid. Taking out the big broadsword surging with Wu Yuan, he directly attempted to slice it into two.

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