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Chapter 27 – Thunder tempering body


A frightened scream sounded out filling the heavens and the earth. It spread throughout the magic beast mountain range, startling numerous birds in the mountains. Inside the mountain range, beasts started to roar everywhere creating deafening noise.


Feng Hao's body fell to the ground, causing him to vomit from his mouth.


A pretty girl wearing skintight leather looked at all of this with a carefree look.

"Hey, you can't stand it? Hurry up!"

She spoke with delight, "You are still not a man, to think during that time…"

Her words have yet to finish and Feng Hao stood up trembling.


He breathed urgently, quickly reinstating his condition.

"Come again!"

Feng Hao's voice had a hint of coarseness, clearly the lightning was unpleasant to take.

"Humph! I don't believe it!"

The young lady snorted, with her white and smooth hands surrounded by lightning, she directly hit Feng Hao on the chest. The lightning flowed across his whole body.


Although Feng Hao tried hard to endure, he could not help but scream aloud.

Those currents were like razors, fiercely cutting every muscle on his body. He felt as if his whole body was going to be torn apart. The pain was unbearable, however he could not lose consciousness.

In such a situation, Feng hao did not give up. He knew that the longer he endured his chance of ascending is much bigger. In his heart he was only thinking of one thing, that is to persist!

He did not want to be weak!

"Not bad, persevered for almost half an hour."

The pleasure in the girls face disappeared, looking at Feng hao on the ground she muttered in her heart, "Strange, how can he persist for so long?"

Originally the girl did not think it would reach such a stage.

"Perhaps he is a monster?"

This was the second time Feng Hao took it, and he persisted for half an hour. This shows that the young man's mind was very tough, his perseverance was beyond ordinary people.

Cool medicine essence coursed through his body, the muscle pain slowly being pulled away. Feng hao slowly stood up.

Pila! Bila!

The body trembling and muscles jittery, his bones emitted cracking noise.

"Broke through?"

Withstanding two shocks, Feng Hao currently has entered the Middle Step of the 6th level.

"Sure enough!'

He couldn’t help but feel joy, experiencing the washing through the lightning is indeed the fastest way to temper the body!

However… can ordinary people bear this?

Thinking of the pain he experienced just now, Feng Hao's body shivered.

"Rest for a moment!"

After speaking, Feng Hao created a fire and got a large piece of magic bear meat. He then barbecued it over the fire as the meats aroma flowed.

He needs the heat energy inside the beast's flesh!

"Do you want or not?"

Feng Hao tore a small piece and handed it to the young girl.

"I don't want to, its extremely greasy!"

The girl turned away.

"Just forget it."

Taking back his hand, Feng Hao tore a large piece of meat and chewed on it like a crazy tiger.


The young girl snorted, however she stared at him unconsciously.

"I will not, is it that delicious?"

Looking at Feng Hao gnaw at the meat, the girl could not help but have some doubts.

"I say, you should share with me!"

Touching her flat belly, unconsciously she also got an appetite.


Feng Hao once again tore a piece of meat, then placed it on a clean string then handed it over.

The wrinkled her nose and sniffed carefully. After seemingly confirming something, she tore a small piece into her mouth and lightly chewed. Feeling a bit hungry, she did not think it was greasy, it actually had a distinct flavor. So after which she also began to eat.

The piece of meat that was more than ten pounds was soon divided and was basically all inside Feng Hao's belly.

"The effect is not distinct."

Feeling the warmth spread from his stomach, Feng Hao's eyebrows clustered.

For the past few days, the effect of the bear meat has been very small.

"Have to hunt again tomorrow."

The number of magic bears in the surroundings were relatively sufficient, so he did not feel any pity.

"Come again!"

With the heat inside his body, Feng Hao's ability to bear the pain grew by a few layers.

The past few days, the young girl was convinced that the youth before her is a mad man. Compared to those so called geniuses, he was much crazier.

Every genius was a mad man!

Strength does not grow for no reason, you need to pay in order to gain something in return.


At this time, Feng Hao's body showed faint flashes of lightning around his body. All his muscles were shaking, every time it jitters there was a strong impact.

Half a month has passed, he was already at the apex of the 9th level Martial Apprentice. Only a small chance was needed and he would promote be a Martial Practitioner.

"I say, can you stop?"

The leather girl's pretty face was filled with sweat and looked very tired.

This youth was a monster, she was sure. Originally she thought it was a good chance to torture Feng Hao, who knew after a few days the roles would reverse.

The young lady wanted to cry without tears!

The first person to collapse was her!

"Tired again?"

Feng Hao's eyebrows clustered looking dissatisfied, "Another half hour, I feel I have the opportunity to breakthrough!"

"Humph! Play by yourself, I do not want to play!"

The young girl had a wu crystal in her hand as she collapsed in the ground breathing for air. Her small chest started to tremble as a result, it was beautiful sight.

Controlling the amount of output also exerted a certain amount of pressure on her. As a Martial Practitioner, how was she supposed to go on?

As there was nothing to be done, Feng Hao went towards the waterfall. Under the waterfall, he over and over again did the four postures of the Tiger Movement Chapter in a chain creating a motion.

Feng Hao is close to learning the essence of the Tiger Movement chapter, amass, raise the power, condense, then erupt!

Currently, a level 8 magic bear would be unable to take the strike of Feng Hao head on.

"He ah!"

His body leaped and he raised his fist, then he threw a blow on a hard rock.



The sound burst out with Feng Hao as the center. There was a split on the rock, then it fell apart with the waterfall washing it away.

"Insufficient! Not enough!"

He crazily smashed everything in front of him, causing rocks and gravel to fly around.

After Feng Hao's actions, the muscles all over his body became tense. It was already at the limit.

He's breaking through!


The young lady muttered, carefully avoiding the flying debris.

After a succession of crisp snaps, Feng Hao's movements finally stopped.

10th level.

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