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Chapter 26 – I'll Help You

Medicine King, the thought of this caused Feng Hao’s mind to surge. He looked at the line below.

"Magic Beast Mountain Range?"

After he looked his surging mood gradually calmed down.

The girl was pleased to see Feng Hao emotionally moved.

"I came here to find the Medicine king!"

At this moment she was proud like a small rooster. She raised her fair pointed chin which was an ambiguous appearance.

"You’re alone?"

Feng Hao looked at her with astonishment.

This leather roll read that the red lotus medicine king was in the Magic Beast Mountain Range. In such a place, even a Martial Grand Master would not dare venture to deep. This Martial Practitioner girl unexpectedly said that she wanted him to also go, was this not asking for death?

While thinking, he looked at the girl with an odd look.

"What's that look in your eyes?!"

The girl jumped directly. “You don’t believe in the strength of this young lady?”

Her originally big eyes were even bigger. Her eyes filled with anger at Feng Hao. Both her cheeks started to puffed up and she seemed to be extremely angry.


Feng Hao nodded and then threw the scroll back to her, “Well, you can go, I will continue to practice.”

The girls face looked directly stiff as she was looking at Feng Hao.

"This is the red lotus medicine king."

When she lifted the leather scroll in her hand, she almost went crazy. How can he treat the red lotus medicine king so lightly?"

"I know!"

Feng Hao as before was still indifferent.

"You don't want it?"

“Miss you!”

"You're not going then?"

“Oh! I still have the ability to think for myself.”

Red Lotus Medicine king was not fake indeed. However, Feng Hao will still choose his life.

His ability as a Martial Apprentice, the only way would lead to death.


The girl’s mouth closed for several times, and eventually she didn’t say anything. She looked a little gloomy and licked her mouth with stubborn reluctance in her eyes.

"I must rely on my own strength to get this Red Lotus medicine king".

She made up her mind. She looked at the waterfall and Feng Hao already began practicing Tiger Movement Chapter.

“What conditions do you have for you to help me?”

"Hu… Hu…"

Feng Hao's movements did not stop because of this.

"I can give you wu crystal as a reward!"

After hearing ‘wu crystal’, Feng Hao's movements slowed down.

"Two pieces, after the matter I'll give you two pieces of wu crystal as a reward."

One piece can attract many strong Martial Grand Masters. This young girl has two to offer, her family is completely profound.


Feng Hao stood up and raised his eyebrows. “There is a Martial Grand Master level magic beast inside. How will you deal with it?”

Don’t worry about this, I have my own way. The most important thing is that you,  a Medicine Master, will follow me! "

The young girl waved and did not seem to care.


Feng Hao’s eyelid raised and after a slight silence, he said, “I also want three red lotus seeds!”


The young girl directly refused. “A red lotus seed is worth more than a hundred pieces of wu crystal. Moreover, I must return with the complete red lotus medicine king!”

"There is nothing to talk about."

Feng Hao waved his hand.

He naturally knew the presence of medicine essence present inside a lotus seed, and it coming from a medicine king its value would not be small. He also knew that in condensing the medicine dan, using a something of the value of a medicine king is crucial and irreplaceable.


The girl’s eyelids were filled with water mist as they gradually turn red.

Finally she had a chance to prove herself, she really doesn't want to give up halfway.

"Wu wu…"

Thinking of her sadness, the girl actually bent down and wept.


The unruly girl changed so quickly. Feng Hao's brows clustered, "At least a lotus seed, otherwise, no discussion!"

"Wu wu…"

The girl cried louder.

“You’re free, cry when you want to cry.”

Wu crystal may be available at any time later. However, the Red Lotus medicine king is not the same. It will only mature for a few thousand years. How could it be good to wait that long?

"Wu wu…"

Crying for a long time, Feng Hao really ignored it. He also begun to practice. The young girl with ferocious heart clenched her lower lip, trying to control her anger.

"Is this boy's heart made of stone?"

The young girl sneaked a look at the stumbling youth, and she was stunned in her heart.

"Hu… hu…"

Blocks of muscles regularly shake, pull, sweat overflow, directly washed away by the falls. Feng Hao is a 6th level Martial Apprentice under the waterfall, the second posture of the Tiger Movement Chapter was not very difficult.

“Don’t you possess any charm at all?”

The girl could not help but be upset. She slowly stood up and frowned.

“Alright, just a lotus seed!”

At this time, she was alone, it is absolutely impossible to find another person. The problem of one lotus seed was not a big problem.


Feng Hao jumped and his face looked happy.


The girl snorted loudly. “Let’s go!”

"Hold on!"

"What's going on?"

The girl was irritated, and she thought that Feng Hao had to request something..

"My martial ability must be promoted."

Feng Hao groaned.

The girl can resist a high level magic beast by herself. However if two high level magic beasts pop out, with his Martial Apprentice strength he would be powerless to resist.

"No problem!"

To his surprise, the girl readily agreed.

“I have a quick way to upgrade the body. Do you want to try it?”

After uttering those words, her eyes flashed ineffably.

"Fast upgrade?"

Feng Hao frowned.

In forging the body, there are definitely no shortcuts. For it to be quick, it was absolutely necessary to withstand great pain.

"Yes, I guarantee to promote your martial ability in half a month!"

As he spoke, the little face of the young girl was even more happy with an unpleasant smile.

"Half a month?"

In Feng Hao's heart, what he needs most right now is to improve quickly. As far as suffering is concerned, there is Shen Nong Medicine Canon in his body, and there is no mistake about its ability.

“Hey, do you want it?”

The girl raised her eyebrows.

"I want it!"

Feng Hao bit his lower lip, his eyes flashed a trace of determination.

Even if he is allowed to delay, the Feng Clan cannot delay. The primary purpose is to enhance his strength.

"Hei hei."

The girl finally smiled with satisfaction. When she turned her palm, she took out a piece of wu crystal once again. “In fact, you earned it. This would waste a lot of Wu Crystal energy.”

"Is it…?"

Feng Hao's eyelids palpitated, suddenly trembling.

As expected…

"Chi chi!…"

On the other hand of the girl, a silvery lightning flashed. She showed her two small tiger teeth and slowly walks towards Feng Hao with a demon-like smile. "Come on, let's enjoy it! !"

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