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Martial Inverse Chapter 28

Hi guys, this is my first translation, maybe Zer0 have many errors, so don't bully Zer0   :v

Chapter 28 Opening Void Wu

The silver moon hung like a mirror, and the silver moonlight wrapped the entire Magic Beast Mountain Range with a layer of silver makeup.  "Boom!Boom!Boom!" The high waterfall dropped the water and made an ear-splitting sound. Under the waterfall, a juvenile sat there and closed his eyes. In the late night, Feng Hao opened his eyes, his gaze was pitch-black and abstruse, like stars. "Teacher!" He called softly. On the left hand, the quaint ring radiated a sparkling light, which passed through a waterfall and encloses a leather at sleeping young girl on the riverside. "Shua!" Old Fen's figure emerged, stroked the long beard, and looked at the juvenile, then he revealed some satisfaction. Within a few months, Old Fen pondered about Feng Hao who should suffer much pain and hardship until reached 10th level of Martial Apprentice. After a bit delayed, Old Fen's expression became a little stiff, asked seriously: "Do you understand? At once you choose it, there is no turning back!" "En!" Feng Hao did not hesitate and nodded severely. He would rather die than be an ordinary person! "Excellent!" Old Fen was also looking like a convinced person, "Come on!" Then, the old man turned up and came up with a secret technique that revealed the plain yellowing. "Yan Jue!" The two characters revealed inexplicable meanings, like a whirlpool inhaling people's minds, making them unable to extricate themselves. “Practicing Yan Jue, at once you can open ‘Void Wu’ in your body!” "Old Fen, what's the grade of the secret technique of 'Yan Jue'?" Feng Hao's face was a full expectation and wanted to see it. "No grade!" Old Fen said and looked at Feng Hao straight down. Old Fen's mouth showed a strange smile. "How could it be no grade? Is it wrong?" Feng Hao did not give up. "No mistake, no grade." "How could this be?" Feng Hao's face was full of bleakness and looked a little listless. He naturally didn't want to hear this answer, but this ‘Yan Jue’ is just the no grade of a secret technique. Who would cultivate it? “Is there a difference on ‘Yan Jue’?” He looked up again at the old man. "Hey, didn't I say to you? 'Yan Jue' can evolve." Old Fen blinked and looked at him jokingly. "Evolution?" Feng Hao's mouth had a widener and looked at the old man with an unbelievable gaze. The secret technique could evolute was unheard before. "Of course." Old Fen nodded and slowly said: "Rehabilitation of 'Martial Crystal' is fine, although the arc of promotion is not big, it can also evolve. If you want to evolve it higher, then you need to refine 'Unusual crystal'. “Unusual crystal?" What is that? Feng Hao didn't understand it. It was the second time when the old man mentioned it. "Oh, it also has another name, Variant Martial Crystal." Old Fen said: "Variant Martial Crystal is indeed a good thing to Martial Practitioner. When you cultivate the same attribute of 'unusual crystal', you can transform 'Wu Yuan' into 'Unusual yuan'. You should know that the strongest person of 'Unusual yuan' is also the strongest person who stands on the peak mainland. However, it is also very terrible. It has the extremely violent energy which if the peak Martial Ancestor realm doesn't have preparation, his body absolutely will explode and die!" "Peak Martial Ancestor cannot withstand?" Feng Hao gave a glimpse of his heart and couldn't help but tremble. Martial Ancestor, what is that concept? It is West Mist Country, the Martial Ancestor level strong hands can count over. "Martial Ancestor is nothing. You will know later, got it!" Old Fen snorted disdainfully. "Uh..." Feng Hao looked at him silently. It seems the old man is a terrible monster-level. "Normal people can only practice the 'unusual crystal' of the same attribute. When it isn't his/her attribute, he/she will burst his/her life. However, 'Yan Jue' can fuse with different 'unusual crystal' to enhance its level! ” Old Fen's face was solemn and respect, and his voice was extremely proud. After accepted Yan Jue, Feng Hao’s mood calmed down and looked at the two dark characters. His pupil's darkness turned out to be shine. "Take out Martial Crystal!" Old Fen's voice sounded like thunder and awakened Feng Hao. "These Martial Crystal?" When his palm turned, that nail-sized Martial Crystal appears at Feng Hao's palm. "Remember, running Yan Jue to control Void Wu, you must do the best to control it!" "En." Feng Hao nodded and took a deep breath. He held Martial Crystal at his right hand while Yan Jue at his another hand. When the Yan Jue opened, many words and sentences appeared in front of Feng Hao and were printed in the depth of his mind until the entire book entered into his body. He slowly closed his eyes, and everything recorded on Yan Jue was replayed in his mind as he flew again and again. Static movement! At the moment, the first and most important matter. Feng Hao put down his mind and shipped Yan Jue silently. At the moment, his face became red, his body covered with green veins, like old trees, and his body was also somewhat inflated. It was terrible. "What!!!" Feng Hao roared, he seemed very awful, his body also had been shaking. In this world, to reach a good position, he needed an effort and sacrifice! "Strengthen!" Since running Yan Jue, Feng Hao had no way out. The only matter he could do was persistent. Otherwise, his body would turn to ash. His skin was also splitting like a dry land, and blood spread passing the cracked opening. "No!" Feeling that forces were leaving, Feng Hao slowly weakened. Just as Feng Hao was about to give up, a warm current spread out from all parts of his body. The blood no longer flowed out, The heat flowed past. He felt his vitality was full. A few minutes later, his body restored to the peak condition. "This energy!" Feng Hao's heart was happy, this heat energy, it was the energy which sourced from the beast meat! "Open!" Following this heat, he transported his strength and shouted. "Oh!" From Feng Hao's body, a sound like glass shattered. ‘Void Wu’ is opened! At this time, Old Fen was also very meticulous, and the light was scattered, covering Feng Hao, in the case of unexpected accidents. When Void Wu was opening, it was the most dangerous moment. Feng Hao must run Yan Jue to Void Wu before he succeeded! "Hey!..." Something seemed resurrection. A gas field burst from Feng Hao's body. Everything around him swept away and the waterfall was cut off. "Creak... Bang... Bang!" It was a pitch-black whirlpool. It slowly operated. Between the rotations, a powerful suction broke out. It took all energy from Feng Hao's body. He was shocked by his cold sweat. He hastily operated Yan Jue to control it.

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