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Chapter 25 – Red lotus medicine king

"I blame you, how do I deal with them now?"

The young lady rubbed her sore wrists. Feeling the emptiness of Wu Yuan in her body, her small face directly became white. Thinking of the things that will happen to her when these people get their hands on her, her body shivered.


While she was looking distracted, Feng Hao was not as foolish. He carried the young girl towards behind a rock under the waterfall.

He did not think of doing nothing, however by the fact that he was a 6th level Martial Apprentice against six Martial Practitioners or higher, he would only die. He also felt that the identity of the girl must be special, therefore if they catch her they will not leave him alone.

Silently he urged the medicine essence above the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, directing it to the body of the girl through her arm.

"You're a Medicine Master?"

Feeling the sensation of coolness, the maiden looked at him with astonishment, "No wonder!"

"They're coming!"

Feng Hao coldly reminded. Letting go of her wrist, he allowed her to use the wu crystal in her hand.

"Humph! These flocks of birds, lets see how this lady will clean them up!"

The girl started to look focused as she looked at the two mercenaries approaching. Her small moving face had a hint of coldness, a natural noble temperament poured out.


Silver lightning spread out, the maiden brandished her sword as lightning burst out from the edge towards one of the mercenaries.

Perhaps they already knew she had that skill, so they directly jumped sideways dodging the strike.

"Humph! You think this lady has no way of dealing with you?"

The young lady grunted softly.

"Thunder art!"

Two words filled with tyranny came from her mouth, her eyes were immediately filled with a layer of silver. The lightning flashing around her body also got thicker.

"Thunder Whip!"

She waved her sword and thin lightning burst out forming a whip shape lashing to one of the men.


The mercenaries obviously did not expect the young lady to have such martial skill. They were late in dodging and one of them was directly hit on the chest. His whole body was sent flying and fell into the deep pool, some moments passed and there was no movement.


The whip continued on and strangely, it did not dissipate. The young lady waved her sword and the other man was also sent flying.

Hu… Hu…

After all of those attacks, the maiden gasped for air, her face a bit pale. Obviously using that martial skill even with her Middle Step Martial Practitioner cultivation it was still a great burden. At least, as of now her current physique can not withstand such lightning energy.

"Hateful, what are you looking at?"

She turned her head and glared at Feng Hao, "Quickly treat me."

"Eh? Oh."

Feng Hao hurriedly grabbed her arm and directed the medicine essence.

"This girl is not simple!"

After what happened, Feng Hao was able to determine something. To be able to take out a wu crystal, possessing Wu Yuan multiple times greater than most people, having the Thunder Art as a martial skill; all these are not simple things.

Seeing the two not moving, the other four mercenaries did not respond.

Looking at the mighty power of the girl, the pimple faced man was also stunned. Standing in the distance he also seemed hesitant.

Clearly, there was Feng Hao who was a Medicine Master backing the girl allowing her to do what she wants without accident. Also, there seems to be a mysterious secret art.

"Heihei, you guys come here!"

"Holding the sword with silver lightning flashing, the young lady seemed incomparably proud. She spoke with provocation.

The long whip formed by lightning twisted like a snake, causing the surroundings to have noises of cracking causing the eyes of the four men to jump.

This whip, even a Martial Master would not want to eat.

"Damn it!"

The pimple faced man hatefully glared at Feng Hao, then looked at the young girl with an unwilling heart. However, in the same time he was helpless.


Even with the two people still in the pool, they disregarded them and they turned.


Seeing the few men go, the girl turned her head and looked at Feng Hao maliciously. Her pair of big bright eyes flashed with a strange light.

"What? You want to abandon your benefactor upon crossing the bridge?"

Feng Hao took a step back, all his muscles tense ready to run at any time.

"Is this lady a type of person who has no brain?"

The young lady rolled her eyes, retracting the sword to her ring, "Without you, if those guys showed up, would they have been able to harm me?"


Feng Hao snorted, in his mind he was unhappy, "You can go, I want to continue cultivating!"

He truly had no good opinion of this unruly girl.


The maiden glanced at Feng Hao, her eyes became strange, "You, a Martial Apprentice came here to practice, are you not afraid to be eaten in the magic beast mountain range?"

"That is my own business!"

Feng Hao still spoke with cold words.

"You, you rascal are very courageous."

It truly was a miracle that a Martial Apprentice could survive in the middle of the magic beast mountain range.

"Don't be angry!"

Seeing Feng Hao's eyes turn cold, the young girl who came closer and unexpectedly fawned for favor.

Smelling the sweet fragrance, Feng Hao retreated a few steps opening a distance between him and the girl.


With Feng Hao's actions, the young girl's face became stiff. Her mind started to be filled with hate.

Disregarding her charm!

"I have something to discuss with you."

"No discussion!"

Feng Hao's attitude was resolute, obviously not wanting to have any relation with her.

"Listen to me first!"

The girl bit her lower lip and tried to control her anger.

If not because this guy was a Medicine Master and he did not have enough strength, she would be lazy to even pay attention to him.

"Here, look!"

The young girl threw a leather roll to Feng Hao.

Feng Hao eyes it with suspicion, then he unfolded the leather roll looking at the drawing inside.

"Red lotus medicine king?"

His pupils expanded and he exclaimed aloud.

Like a lotus, each petal was shaped like a flame and it had a red core. In the middle, the lotus seed was very red looking like pearls. This was undoubtedly recorded in the Shen Nong Medicine Canon.

Then his gaze focused on the lines above, his complexion looked even more agitated.

This was a treasure map, it would lead to a Red Lotus Medicine King.

"One of my ancestors passed by here and accidentally saw a Red Lotus Medicine King. At that time it has yet to mature, so my ancestor painted this volume. A thousand years has passed, this string of Red Lotus Medicine King should have matured."

As the leather girl spoke about this matter, her delicate charming face was filled with pride.

"Mature medicine king!"

Looking at this leather roll, Feng Hao's breathing quickened.

The world is known to have hundreds of species of medicine, and the Red Lotus Medicine King is ranked at the apex of the top ten. The Red Lotus Medicine King is the king of medicines!

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