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Chapter 24 – Unruly girl

"Hey, how can you do that. That's my only clothes!"

Feng Hao was angry and stood up from the water with a face of resentment.

"You filthy rascal, this lady should have killed you!"

The girl heard the sound in the water, she knew what happened. Her charming face contained shyness and fury, but in the same time she could not turn around. She ruthlessly stamped her foot to the ground.

"Kill me?"

Feng Hao was also angry, what did he do wrong? It is clear that the girl came here one her own destroying the clothes. Then now she also wants to kill him.

"You are not being reasonable, you unruly woman!"

"Unruly woman?":

The girl's body shook, her eyes were filled with shame and anger, "You dare say this miss is an unruly woman?"

She turned directly.


A silver lightning vaguely flickered around her body causing the surroundings to make noise. It would appear that this girl was not simple at all. She was already at the Martial Practitioner realm or higher. Not only that, she also seems to be a thunder attribute Martial Practitioner.


Lighting struck towards Feng Hao, it quickly drilled into the water. As it hit the water, water splashed everywhere and Feng Hao under the water had electricity around causing him to shiver. His muscles became numb, he hurriedly mobilized the Shen Nong Medicine Canon to spread it all over his body so he can move.

"How could this be?"

He saw that the leather girl should not be much older than him, however she was already at the Martial practitioner realm or higher. This caused him to have not a good expression.

"You think you can hide out under the water?"

The young girl brandished her sword as a lighting edge came from the sword. As it struck, Feng Hao had no choice but stay even deeper under the water to avoid the lighting causing numbness to his body.

"You turtle, show yourself to this lady!"


The young girl wielding the sword did not stop even half an hour has already passed. It was visible that the amount of Wu Yuan she possessed is amazing.

After a long time, she finally stopped. Standing there gasping for breath, sweat dropped from her small face.


Splash! A figure suddenly flew out and grabbed the bear skin to quickly wrap around his waist.

"You dare come out, you rascal!"

The girl gritted her teeth, looking at Feng Hao her eyes almost look like it's shooting fire.

"Why would I be afraid of coming out?"

Feng Hao looked straight on. Under the water there was too much electricity, if not for the Shen Nong Medicine Canon supporting it was impossible to stay that long.

"I said do you or do you not have an illness ah! Obviously I was here first then you came over, I have nothing to say to a hoodlum like you, female hoodlum, humph!"

"Female hoodlum?"

The maiden was stunned, her body shivered. Clearly her anger was not small.

"I will definitely kill you!"

She moved while staggering holding her sword towards Feng Hao.

"Kill me? Right now you do not have the ability."

Fang Hao spoke with a cold face. Even if the girl in front of him has moving beauty, people who say that they will kill him he did not have a good impression of.

"I don't have the ability?"

The maiden's mouth was slightly raised. On her palm appeared a clear wu crystal .

"Wu crystal?!"

Feng Hao's eyeballs started.

"You seem to be knowledgeable!"

The young girl saw the shock on the face of Feng Hao, causing her to show a proud face, "You rascal unexpectedly dare provoke this miss, today this lady will let you know her fierceness!"

"Not good!"

Looking at the girl refining the wu crystal, Feng Hao's heart started to shiver. Thinking about his current advantage, he rushed over.


His heel pressing on the ground, he flew up extending his hand towards the wu crystal on the small of hand of the girl.

The young girl did not expect Feng Hao's speed to be actually so fast. After being distracted for a moment, she clenched her fist

"Go to hell, you dirty rascal wants to take advantage of this lady!"

Refining some of the energy inside the wu crystal, the girl restored some Wu Yuan. With her other hand she directly struck lighting towards Feng Hao's chest.


Feeling the sensation of paralysis, Feng Hao's body suddenly became stiff. With the help of the medicine essence, he felt that he regained control of his body and began to attack the girl directly.

Feng Hao only had one thought, do not allow this girl to continue refining or else the consequences would be unimaginable.



After the screech, the water splashed as the two of them fell in.

This was the first time the young girl was so close a strange man causing her to lose balance. In the confusion both of them fell together.

Grasping with his hands, Feng Hao fought with young girl for the wu crystal and tightly held her down not letting her have the opportunity to use it.


Several time lighting hit his body, Feng Hao's whole figure was shivering as he endured. He desperately mobilized the Shen Nong Medicine Canon while both of his hands were unwilling to let go.

"Let go if this lady you bull!"

The girl twisted her body, but Feng Hao's hands were like steel clamps not wavering at the slightest.

"Do you know who this lady is? How dare you treat me so rudely?"

You are angering this lady!"


Letting the girl threaten, Feng Hao also let out a snort.

Let go, and there will be no good fruit to eat.

The water splashed as the two figures flopped. The positioning was extremely dubious, the two people almost had zero distance between the two as they were face to face sticking together.

"You smelly bastard!"

A sound was heard as five to six people came over with mercenary clothing, looking at the girl with evil eyes.

"Oh no, its them!"

The girl's body became stiff, her thin eyebrows clustered up, "Boy, quickly let go of this miss!"

"Not possible!"

Feng Hao's eyes was still cold, however he also saw the actions of those mercenaries.

Looking at the attitudes of the mercenaries, I'm afraid that they must be at the Martial Practitioner realm or higher

"Hei hei, this time we'll see where you can run!"

Standing in the middle of them was a man whose face had pimples, he had a proud look on his face, "Old Third, Old Fourth, get rid of that boy and bring the girl to me!"

When his words fell, two men came over the pool.

"Quickly let go of me!"

Looking at the approaching men, the girl was also anxious.

"Get rid of me?"

Looking at the aggressive mercenaries approaching, Feng Hao's mind went cold and directly let go of the girl.

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