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Chapter 20 – Fierce flame beast

The magic beast mountain range, it had the same existence as a forbidden ground in the West Mist Country. Although the interior of the magic beast mountain was endless, however in the same time it possessed countless spirit medicines. As a result, frequently mercenaries form groups in order to enter to seek out spirit medicines.

Inside the central zone, even a Martial Grand Master would not dare enter. If an ordinary person dare enter, it was fundamentally a road to disaster.


This was not a small waterfall, it was more than twenty meters high. The stream dropped spraying like a thousand flowers, this was a sight to behold.

"This is it."

The voice of Old Fen came out from the ring.


Feng Hao removed his clothes and headed down to the waterfall.

Approaching it closely, a torrent fell straight down. It fell on Feng Hao's body, which due to the constant pounding caused his shoulders to turn very red. He had great difficulty to bare it. The closer he approached, the greater the strength of pressure came from the torrent. Halfway through his attempt to get under the torrent, he was directly flushed away.

"I do not believe it!"

Feng Hao climbed back up and rushed back repeatedly. A few hours later, he finally was under the waterfall with a firm footing.


The torrent never stopped falling, heavily hitting the body of Feng Hao. Smashing on him causing a burst of shakiness, his figure became unsteady.

Persist on!

Feng Hao clenched his teeth, it was as if under his feet grew roots. He used all his strength in order to stabilize his figure, however he did not relax at the slightest.

Having a large amount of spirit medicine as a support, Feng Hao was not afraid of squandering it. As such, three days has passed and he could finally do a set of longfist under the waterfall.

In the past three days, Feng Hao finally felt the benefits of the external pressure, doing an ordinary set of longfist unexpectedly can be compared to the cultivation of the second posture of the Tiger Movement Chapter.

If he was hungry, he would it fish. At the beginning, he was unaccustomed to it. However, currently, as long as it would replenish his stamina, Feng Hao would eat it.

Five days have passed, Feng Hao at once broke through the boundary of the 4th level, he reached the 5th level Martial Apprentice which naturally multiplied his strength.

"It is not enough!"

The voice of Old Fen came from the ring, "Never experiencing the edge of life and death, that cannot inspire the limit of one’s own potential."

As a result, Feng Hao's daily cultivation has added one more thing, fighting magic beasts.


Appearing in front of Feng Hao was a fierce flame beast. It had the body of a leopard, blazing red fur making it look like fire, therefore it was appropriately named. It did not have a rank, so its strength was roughly that of a 6th level Martial Apprentice.

This was already the lowest ranked existence in the central zone!

His body slowly creeped, the entirety of his figure moved up and down. A pair of bright eyes shined, the imposing manner was not that far of from the fierce flame beast.


Encircling twice, the fierce flame beast cast its gaze and ran towards Feng Hao's direction. A fishy stench came from its mouth,  its sharp teeth appeared in front of Feng Hao's face.


Feng Hao made his move, he was not silly enough to confront the collision head on. Both his hands supported his balance as he soared into the air. He fell behind the fierce flame beast, both of his legs together ruthlessly aimed at the hind legs of the beast.


The strength of a 5th level Martial Apprentice broke out, suddenly causing the fierce flame beast to stagger. When it turned around, Feng Hao once again appeared behind its back.

One leg after the other, the speed of the fierce flame beast took a large hit. Trying to stand up it slightly tumbled. It felt that the current situation was unfavorable, so it gave an unwilling roar as it advance towards the depths running away.

"Wanting to run!"

Considering the food he had the past few days, Feng Hao naturally was not going to allow this beast to escape. Jumping a few times, he soared chasing after it.

Shua!… Shua!…

The whole way, it was like they were racing each other. Whenever there was a time Feng Hao was about to take the lead, wanting to stop the fierce flame beast, what confronted his was sharp claws. He had no choice but to slow down.

"This magic beast's wisdom seems to be high!"

While running, Feng Hao's eyebrows clustered.

In the past the fierce flaming beast facing death would be ready to risk it all, even if it could run away it shouldn't be this quick-witted.

In a little while, The fierce flame beast entered a small canyon, there was no more trace of it.

"Where are you hiding?"

Feng Hao's body stopped at the edge of the canyon, looking carefully at the surroundings.

The inside looked lush and vibrant, Feng Hao discovered a few clues on where the beast went.. Old Fen did not give any warning, so he believed that there is supposed to be nothing inside that can threaten him. His nerves was at an all time high, he was on guard as he slowly entered.

Following the traces, it was not long before Feng Hao saw a small cave. After observing it for a bit, he was certain that this was the den of the fierce flame beast.

"Should I go in?"

This made Feng Hao feel awkward, this entry point of the cave was narrow. Once someone entered, he or she will be limited in making moves. If the fierce flame beast ambushed him, it would be almost impossible to escape death.


The voice of Old Fen came out from the ring, it seems that he was surprised, "Tsk tsk, I did not expect to find such a good thing in this place."

"Good thing?"

Feng Hao replied.


The transparent figure of Old Fen appeared, the tip of his nose slightly moved, "Spirit medicines are divided into different ranks, common, rare treasure and medicine king. Out of this three kinds, inside the cave is a rare treasure spirit medicine!"

"Rare treasure spirit medicine."

Feng Hao's eyes became bright, the Shen Nong Medicine Canon mentioned the ranks of spirit medicines. To condense a dan, there were several hundred kinds of rare treasure spirit medicines recorded. Not only that, furthermore there in depth descriptions.

"A rare treasure is hard to find, unexpectedly you can encounter such a plant here."

Thinking of this, Feng Hao had a desire to jump. He walked towards the entrance and stopped.

The problem is that there is a fierce flame beast inside.

He could only wait for it to come out!

Feng Hao carefully hid, his eyes did not blink as he stared at the hole of the cave waiting for the fierce flame beast to come out.

However, the fierce flame beast appeared to be aware of the existence of a strange smell. A whole day has passed, and within the cave there wasn't the slightest movement. So all Feng Hao can do was retreat further.

Sure enough, when Feng Hao retreated away from the scope of the canyon, half a day later the fierce flame beast showed at the entrance of the cave. Hidden in the dark, Feng Hao did not dare make the slightest of movement.This continued on for longer until the fierce flame beast finally had the guts to exit the cave.

With no sharp weapon on hand, all Feng Hao possessed was a polished wooden spear. In the span of time the fierce flame beast was passing, he suddenly rose and ran the spear right through the abdomen. The beast fell, along with it blood spurted out, It died very quickly and made no more sounds.


Having done all this, Feng Hao did not pay attention to the already dead fierce flame beast. He quickly faced the cave and walked over.

He was eager to know what king of rare treasure spirit medicine was present within the cave.

As he entered the hole, a medicine fragrance directly hit his face causing the somewhat exhausted Feng Hao to be filled with vigor. His pace naturally quickened by a bit.

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