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Chapter 19 – You Can't Afford to Offend


The Hu Clan gate was under Feng Chen's foot, it was directly shattered into small pieces causing sawdust to fly in all directions.

"Hu Li you old dog, come out!"

The roar spread throughout the whole city, startling many peoples attention. Some were standing some distance away, watching the development from the side.

"Feng Chen, you are pushing it!"

Hu Li strode out from the inner courtyard, and by his side the Hu Clan members followed.

"Pay with your life!"

The Wu Yuan of a Martial Grand Master broke out, the dust from the surroundings rose. Feng Chen's eyes were red, he suddenly jumped towards Hu Li with a strike.


Hu li grunted, with a stomp his figure was planted on the ground welcoming the attack.


Two arms were concentrated with Wu Yuan as the fists collided, the imposing collision raised the vigor. All the plants were overturned and blasted away.

After landing, Feng Chen once again leaped high.

"Shaking Fist!"

He raised his clenched fist, Wu Yuan was dazzling as it smashed towards Hu Li.

"Not good!"

Hu Li's face turned white, he yelled at the dire situation.

Black rank martial skill, it is not something he can resist and live.


A figure from the inner courtyard sprang out, with a fierce momentum he attacked the side of Feng Chen.

It was Yang Chong!

He couldn’t just helplessly watch Hu Li lose, as it would not be good for him as well.


Feng Chen did not stop. Two fists raised at the same time, respectively smashing towards the two people.

Peng! Peng!

The three figures dispersed after the impact.

"Good! Good! The two of you are truly good!"

The figure stood straight, looking at the two Feng Chen's complexion lightly twisted. He was truly angered.

"Give me your life!"

Even if knew that the two in front were Martial Grand Masters, Feng Chen's mind did not waver at the slightest. Wu Yuan vibrated out of his fist, immediately expanding emitting a powerful sound. This was close to a middle step Martial Grand Master!

Both sides attacked each other, immediately causing many casualties. The entirety of the feng Clan younger generation sank into a bitter struggle, however they continued to persevere because they cannot abandon Feng Chen.

The crowd increased more and more. Wan Shuo and Ouyang Peng also came to the entrance, both looking at the fight inside their thoughts unknown.


Another collision, Feng Chen was being pressured by the full force of the two figures. He was directly knocked back to the perimeter wall, his complexion turning white.

Even with a black rank martial skill, he is still not the opponent of the two combined. After all, a yellow rank secret art supporting a black rank martial skill simply was not enough. Dragging it for a longer period of time, he only had the strength to hit back.

However, seeing the situation of the Feng Clan younger generation, his heart could not help but regret.

Hearing that Feng Hao was forced into the magic beast mountain range, he immediately lost his mind causing it to heat up. This led to the current result of the situation.

"Stay your hand!"

Speaking those three words, Ouyang Peng stepped out.

He could not bare see Feng Chen get killed, because he was the only one who had a connection with the senior. He was convinced that the senior, was unconditionally linked with the Feng Clan.

As he intervened, the two sides gradually stopped.

"Ouyang Peng take control of the matter!"

Hu Li and Yang Chong cupped their hands to indicate respect. With regards Ouyang Peng, the do not dare show any disrespect.

What kind of power was the Elegant Auction Pavilion, they did not truly understand. All they knew is that within Magnolia City, the Elegant Auction Pavilion's strength was above that of the four big families. Others do not dare dispute this.

"Ouyang Peng take control of the matter!"

Feng Lie wiped the blood off his mouth as he also walked over. The sound of his voice was a little weak, it seems that he has taken a light injury.

"What are you people doing?"

Ouyang Peng spoke with scrunched eyebrows.

He clearly knew that there was an alliance between the two clans of Yang and Hu, trying to kill the Hu Clan, is that not just courting death?

"This two sent a person to kill a junior from my clan, forcing him to enter the magic beast mountain range. Until now his whereabouts are unknown, that is why my elder brother elder brother Feng Chen came to get justice!"

Feng Lie spoke with an even more bleak face.

A young Martial Apprentice entering the magic beast mountain range, it is basically impossible to survive.


Ouyang Peng glanced at Feng Chen, "Could it be him?"

He thought about the figure on top of the stage from two days ago, it must be that youngster.

Unconsciously, his heart moved. He always felt that the youth had something to do with the black robed man, because the vigor of the two possessed some similarities.

"Could it be that…"

His heart shook, he thought about the scene of the black robed man giving the rare books to Feng Chen.

With so many people on that scene, why did he pick the old clan master Feng Chen?

There is only one possibility, the black robed man knew the man beside Feng Chen. In addition, their relationship must be good, it even ay be that of master and disciple!

"He was forced into the magic beast mountain range?"

Ouyang Peng was startled.

If that was the case, why did the black robed man did not appear?"

This mystery puzzled him, but he still had to take care of the matter in front of him.

Regardless of the attitude of the black robed man, in short he wanted to preserve Feng Chen!

"This matter at this point should be dropped."

He gave a very profound glance to Feng CHen, then he turned to Hu Li and Yang Chong, "Do not blame for not reminding you, the Feng Clan, you must not touch!"

His tone was very clear, reminding them that the black robed man was not someone they could provoke!

The Elegant Auction Pavilion, in principle, could not intervene with the disputes of local influences. However, in order to curry favor to the black rank Medicine Master, Ouyang Peng still came forward.

The Feng Clan retreated, the two families also did not block them.

Regardless of anything, their purpose has already been achieved, the trouble was removed!

In the chaotic fight, six people from the younger generation of the Feng Clan were killed. Hundreds more were affected by different degrees of injury.

On the way back to their residence, the head of Feng Chen dropped low his sight flickering with light.

"Good ah, Hao er is very capable. How can something happen to him, to can be considered good experience."

With the appearance of Ouyang Peng, he remembered the existence of the black robed man. Who had the ability to casually take out a black rank martial skill, he must be an amazing character. Also, Feng Hao himself admitted that there was a relationship between the two.

There is such an expert beside Feng Hao, there should be no accidents.

Figuring out these things, Feng Chen's mood started to relax. Lifting his head, he saw the current situation of everyone else, he did not know what to feel.

All of this happened because of him!

Sure enough, his recklessness was a bad thing. If not for Ouyang Peng coming forward, he could hardly imagine what would have happened after.

"Hu Clan, Yang Clan, no matter what I'll destroy you!"

His fists tightened, the pupils of Feng Chen slowly turned red.

Another incident because of that youth, Magnolia City began to talk about the junior who was forced into the magic beast mountain range. What was the possibility of him surviving?

If he was still alive, then the Hu and Yang Clan raised another conflict with the youngster.

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