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Chapter 21 – Fiery dragon flower

The cave was very dark inside. Although it may look desiccated, however further in the atmosphere was damp and moist.


Feng Hao heard the sound of water. Looking ahead there was a small bend, slightly hiding the bright rays of light that was like a luster of gems that came from the spirit medicine growing inside. The trunk of the plant was like a dragon, and at the top it’s as if a dragons head appeared. In the mouth of the dragon's head, there existed a small flower bud.

This flower bud was identical to that of a flame, issuing out red rays of light. There was a dense medicine fragrance that was coming from the flower bud.

"Fiery dragon flower!"

Feng Hao exclaimed, his round eyes were opened wide.

"Tsk tsk, all that is the fiery dragon flower."

Old Fen floated out of the ring looking at the fiery dragon flower, he clicked his tongue, "It's a pity, it's only about a year old, not yet matured."

Evidently, Old Fen was aware of it since long ago.

"Not yet mature?"

Feng Hao looked at him.

"Normally, the fiery dragon flower needs a hundred years to bloom. After blossoming, it is able to bear fruit the fiery dragon spirit fruit. That is the truly good stuff, its effectiveness is comparable to that of a medicine king!"

Old Fen softly explained.

"Comparable to a medicine king?!"

Feng Hao's eyes were wide open, he knew that a medicine king was a legendary existence. It virtually has not appeared in the world for numerous years.

"It takes a hundred years to mature."

Thinking about this, he could not help but be discouraged a little.


Old Fen glanced at him, slowly moving towards the pool. Holding on to the root of the fiery dragon flower, he pulled everything up together. He placed it on the tip of his nose smelling it, "The medicine's effect should be good enough."


He casually brought out a sparkling crystal clear stone placing it at the middle of his palms.

"Wu crystal!"

Feng Hao exclaimed, his breathing accelerated.

A sparkly appearance and crystal clear, it possessed Wu Yuan that was circulating. If it was not a Wu crystal, was else would it be.

"Boy, you are lucky."

After speaking, Old Fen threw tossed the wu crystal to Feng Hao. Carrying the fiery dragon flower he slowly disappeared.

"It really is a wu crystal!"

Taking this small thing, feeling its fluctuations, Feng Hao's mood surged.

He could have not imagined that he can get such treasure so easily. Also thinking of the function of the wu crystal, Feng Hao was unable to calm down his state of mind.

However, he also knew that the wu crystal can only be used by a Martial Practitioner and above. It allowed for the ability to amplify the accumulation of Wu Yuan, If he used it, his body would explode leaving nothing.

Glancing around the cave, he explored it for some more time. After he was contented, he walked away going out.

Dragging the fierce flame beast and returning to the edge of the waterfall, he washed up for a bit. He created a fire and started to barbecue the beast.

"Damn it!"

Within a short while, the meat turned golden brown and the tempting smell started to diffuse. Feng Hao couldn't wait any longer and tore away one piece and threw it in his mouth. All of a sudden, he already ate a fourth of the food.


He fell to the ground with great satisfaction.

In a few moments, from his stomach a warm flow was emitted that started to spread throughout his body causing it to feel warm. Suddenly, his strength was filled up.

"What's going on?"

Feng Hao set up, moving his hands and feet, he felt a little strange.

Eating fish, there was no such feeling. However, ever since he hunted the fierce flame beast and ate it; his love for meat and eating it allowed for him to gain strength.

"It has not occurred to me to eat beast meat, furthermore especially at this rank."

He shook his head and stood up. Tearing away his tattered clothes, he headed down towards the waterfall.

Hong hong hong!…

More than twenty meters of waterfall striking down, the youth's physique like a solid rock did not show any signs of wavering. Carrying out a set of longfist, everything was normal and there was no change in form due to gravity.

"Would it be possible to cultivate the Tiger Movement Chapter?"

Doing freestyle long fist, he was very relaxed. Thinking of his knew idea, Feng Hao began to crouch and crawl under the waterfall.

This way, the impact was naturally larger by several times. The waterfall smashed at his back causing it to be red. His whole body started to shake, but he persisted on. He used all his strength until he felt he had no more.

When that time came, he would use the efficacy of the Shen Nong Medicine Canon. Heat coursed through his veins throughout his body, allowing his strength to be filled up.

"It happened again!"

This was not the first time. Ever since he ate the fierce flame beast for food, every time he was tired a sense of heat would flow out. Regarding this, Feng Hao had no clue for the reason.

Merely, this was a good thing so Feng Hao did not put much thought to it. As long as he ate beast meat, he would regained his strength.

With his renewed strength, Feng Hao naturally would not waste it. According to the first movement of the Tiger Movement Chapter, he slowly move his body.

Under the waterfall, these actions were undoubtedly very difficult. Compared to doing it normally, this was much harder. However with the heat in his body, Feng Hao persisted on. Until half an hour later, the heat disappeared without a trace, he fell from the waterfall towards the pool.

Then Feng Hao climbed ashore just to take another bite of the meat. After his stomach was filled again, he would once again go back to the waterfall.

It was the truth, the more hardships you eat, the more harvests there are to reap.

Feng Hao has been living the past few days in the magic beast mountain range, eating so much bitterness. However, the harvest was also considerably good, in half a month he broke through the 6th level of Martial Apprentice. Under the waterfall he would practice the second movement of the Tiger Movement Chapter. As for the fierce flame beasts, it has become his daily meal the past few days. But due to this, his constant hunting caused the presence of the fierce flame beasts to rapidly decrease.

Shua!… Shua!…

Inside the forest, Feng Hao was slowly moving with a sharpened wooden spear in his hand. Poking at the bushes around him, his eyes were sweeping all around.

"There is something big in front!"

Old Fen's voice sounded out in his mind, causing Feng Hao to stop his footsteps.

Whenever there was a power in the scope of the magic beast mountain range was close, Old Fen would always give a reminder. Due to this, Feng Hao was able to continue surviving.

"What is it?"

Feng Hao started to retreat with small steps.

"It is the magic bear that last chased you!"

"The level 8 magic bear?"

Feng Hao stopped his footsteps. This magic bear he remembers clearly. Last time it chased him at a long distance until he was able to flee under the waterfall. He swam deep under the pool, that was the only way he got rid of it.

"It's not that fast!"

At that time, Feng Hao was at the 5th level middle step, the magic bear failed to catch up to him. Now, needless to say it would be even easier.

"I'll give it a try, I won't run again!"

Feng Hao slowly moved forward.

Now that it was not easy to find a fierce flame beast and he wanted to eat meat, he had no choice but try something else.

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